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Name さくら ゆめ Sakura Yume
Gender Female
Birthday March 25th, 2000
Voice Actors

Yume is a new character who appears in Ojamajo Doremi 16/17. She is Hana-chan's younger twin sister that was sent to live in the human world, as is tradition when twins or siblings are born from the rose garden. She is the same age as Hana-chan, but she has not aged up because she is unaware of her magical abilities.

Not much is known about her other then the fact she lives in Paris France and is being raised by a witch, known in the human world as Mirai Sakura.



Not much is known about Yume just yet, but it's said she is aware that there's something different about herself. She is often teased for her short hair at one point, so she may have a sensitive side. 


In one photo, Yume is shown to have very long hair and spiked bangs she keeps at her eyes. She wore a top with a jacket and ruffle skirt, along with flats and a pair of below the knee socks.

In another appearance she makes, possibly as an older girl now, Yume is shown to have chest length hair with curls. She wore a loose sleeved top with fuzzy pom-poms over a long sleeved shirt and a short ruffle lined skirt. She also had on stockings and a pair of platform maryjane-like shoes with small bows on the toe.


A witch named Majo Lebourg encountered Yume being born from the witch queen rose. Due to her old age and signs of mental related problems, she and Yume moved to a nursing home in Cannes. About two months before Doremi and Hana-chan went to paris, Majo Avenir visited Cannes and met Majo Lebourg and Yume, then offered to raise Yume since she's been in the human world for much longer. And so, Yume left with her new mother and they went to Paris, France.

Another witch, Majo Colette (friend of Majo Lebourg and teacher of Majo Rika) went to visit her friend and learned about Yume and what went down. Currently, Yume is being raised in Venice, Italy.

Doremi and Hana-chan were told to wait until Yume was twelve because she thought it would be the best time to reveal everything to her. However, unable to wait any longer, they transformed themselves into dogs in order to see her in private.


  • Yume translates as "Dream".'
  • One of Yume's appearances makes her resemble Fami-chan.