Yuko Koyama
Yuko koyama

Gender Female
Voice Actors

Yuko Koyama is a classmate of Hazuki, Aiko and Onpu. In 3rd and 4th grade, she was in the former class 1.

She is the character of the day during "Not Suitable for Grandmothers!?".


She likes to volunteer and is able to use sign language. Yuko is a good friend of Hazuki. She is a nice girl and very helpful.


Yuko has dark purple, rather short and wavy hair and a red barrette in it. She has a Her eyes are lilac. She is light-skinned.</p>

She wears a light red shirt and a blue jean dress above. Her socks are light red and she wears white shoes.


  • She volunteered at the Misora Hope


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