Yuki Sensei
Dub Name Miss Shannon
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuka Imai
English Kayzie Rogers

Yuki is the school nurse of the Misora Elementary School. She has helped students from all across the world.

At the end of Doremi Dokkan, she is revealed to be the true identity of the Witch Queen .


Yuki is very nice and takes care of her students, whenever they have problems.


During school, she is wearing a light rosy blouse with a green brooch on it. The brooch contains two dark-red bands. She wears a black belt on her long, darkblue skirt. At work, she has a doctor's overall on and always a pen in her pocket. She wears white socks and lilac slippers.

During the Amusement park, she could be seen wearing different clothes. Shewore a blue kimono with rosy flowers on it. The kimono contained a lilac obi.

She has orange hair and wears a pageboy cut. She has bright blue eyes color and wears round-shaped glasses.

She has an average height. 


  • First Appearance: Episode 001
  • The students refer to her as Yuki-Sensei
  • Her best friend is Seki
  • Seki and Yuki promised each other, to tell each other instantly, if one of them gets a boyfriend.