Yukari Umeno

Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Umi Tenjin
Yukari Umeno is a classmate of HazukiAiko and Onpu. In 3rd and 4th grade, she was in the former class 1.

She is the character of the day during "Father Becomes Honest!?".


Yukari is the daughter of a family who runs a public bath. She is a very good friend of Aya Matsushita. Yukari is very hard-working and helps her family with the public bath.


Yukari has darkbrown, short hair which she wears in two buns. Her hair is shoulder-length. Her eyes are brown. She has two turquoise hair-bands.

She wears a long, turquoise shirt with yellow numbers on it. Above that, she wears a reddish shimmy. Her skirt is light-grey. Her socks are turquoise and her shoes are reddish and white.


  • She and Aya Matsushita are childhood friends


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