Yoko Manda
Manda yoko

Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Akemi Okamura

Yoko Manda is a classmate of Hazuki, Aiko  and Onpu. In 3rd and 4th grade, she was in the former class 1. She has an younger twin brother, Junji Manda.

Her twin brother and her are the characters of the day during "Heartpounding! The Mysterious Magic of the Twins".


Yoko is very good in mathematics and also in natural sciences. She is a tomboy who likes to make model aircraft.


Yoko has shoulder-length brown hair, even though her hair is slightly longer than the hair of her brother. She has brown eyes.

She wears a black shirt and above that, a light blue jacket with rosy tails. Her trousers are dark rose with rosy tails. Her shoes are light blue and white.


  • She often pretends to be her brother, because she loves to play with her model aeroplane