In a dreary void-room, Yada is shown walking as people around him begin to talk about the rumors he is involved with. He then turns away and begins to walk in the opposite location, ignoring them.


After a bad rumor begins to spread about the anti-social Yada that threatens to get him into big trouble and possibly danger, Hazuki tries to convince everyone else that her friend is nothing like what others think.


Annoyed Seki

Shimakura talks about the recent rumors involving their classmate, Yada Masaru. Other classmates join in and try to learn more, but they quickly silence themselves upon realizing he has arrived.  as the other classmates soon join into the conversation and try to learn more.

Later as test are being given out, Seki-Sensei calls for Yada and tells him to at least try next time, considering he didn't answer anything. She then has him stand in the hallway as punishment when he refuses to sing later in the day, then he insults her by calling her an ugly woman, much to the classes shock. Later in hopes of connecting to him, she asks him to come outside with her and begins by commenting on how nice the air feels that day. Yada asks her if her plans involve scolding him, so she brings up his father instead, and comments that he will be returning the following day, yet Yada does not seem to be happy. She then begins to discuss how Yada is pretty quiet, but he only comments that he is going back to class and leaves. 

Meanwhile, the students chat among themselves while waiting for Seki-sensei to return. When Yada enters they act quietly at first, then begin to ask if she hit him or anything. He calmly states that nothing happened and they continue to ask him about it.

Later at the Maho-do, while the girls make crafts everybody begins to notice that Hazuki is distracted by something and try to ask her about it. Hazuki begins to explain that Yada is just misunderstood, and that he helped her when she got hurt in Kindergarten. She doesn't believe that he would do something like the rumors say, but Majorika dismisses it by calling Hazuki naive for thinking people can't change over the course of five years.

The following morning, Shimakura announces that Yada was arrested by the police after he was caught sneaking into the Warehouse by the Pier. A lot of the students are curious and refuse to believe that he did this, especially Hazuki who demands to know why Shimakura would say something so mean. She leaves the room and runs down the hallway until she finds the Principal, Seki-sensei, and the Vice Principal discussing the situation. Vice Principal is highly convinced that Yada is just a troublemaker but Seki-sensei tries to say that he didn't actually do anything wrong. Hazuki joins in the conversation by saying Yada isn't a delinquent and there must be a reason for why he is acting like this. Seki-sensei agrees with Hazuki but the vice principal keeps arguing with them anyway. However, they managed to convince the principal to give Yada another chance and Seki-sensei puts her career as a teacher on it. Doremi and Aiko get caught spying on the situation and the three young girls are sent away.

In the hallway, the trio try to determine what could be going on. Aiko and Doremi decide to go with Hazuki, who has decided to leave in order to check the warehouse Yada was previously caught at. Since class is on break they have time. They transform into their apprentice outfits and head over to warehouse #8, where Yada was found. After confirming that nobody is inside, they sneak in while Aiko asks how they could investigate. Doremi points out they don't have too much time before study hall ends and they decide to quickly cast Magical stage to find an answer.

A remote controller falls to the ground and Doremi picks it up, turning it on with a press of the button on it. Hazuki and Aiko happen to notice a strange sight on a nearby window and Doremi aims the remote to it. Where a flashback appears in the form of a video. They can see Yada's shadow, along with a bag, but they can't determine what it is until they play the video slower and catch a shine from it. Yada had been caught by the police and the flashback ends right on that spot. The girls just somehow see the bag that Yada had and open it to find a trumpet, which they take outside to get a better look at it. 

The three ojamajo try to figure out why Yada has a trumpet in the bag and wonder if maybe they should put it back inside of the warehouse. But before they can do anything, Yada finds them and he asks them what they had been doing with the instrument. He tries to gt it back from them, but they refuse to let Yada have it and try to convince him to just talk to Seki-sensei about his feelings. They even try to say she could be fired for not handling him better. It is then Seki-sensei shows up and Yada refuses to go with her, asking if she would be fired if he doesn't before accusing her of only coming to get him in order to keep her job. This irritates Seki-sensei however and she tells him not to assume the worst of people like that and he needs to just tell everyone he didn't do anything wrong or else this wont go away. Yada refuses to listen to her and eventually gets angry enough to hit their teacher repeatedly. Only to stop the moment she embraces him; shocking the four students there.

Seki-sensei tells Yada that she does care about each of her students, and she just wants to know what Yada has been doing and try to help him if he needs it. She knows she may not understand everything about him, but if he can tell her at least one thing she would feel better. Yada finally confesses that he comes there during the night to practice his trumpet playing in private, because it was a gift from his father before he left sometime ago.

Before everyone has to head back, Seki-sensei reveals she was the same way when she was working to become a teacher and had to learn how to play the piano for music class. Soon they all begin to realize that since Yada's father was returning the following day, he's been practicing very hard for that day. Yada then tells them he only fought with the junior high students because they would mock him and steal his trumpet away from him. Yada then ends the episode while playing his trumpet...

Spells used

  • Tell us what Yada was doing

Major Events

  • Characters introducedYada Masaru


  • Majorika: People can easily become evil...

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • When Hazukis burst into the office, she is seen clasping her hands together. A second later, not even through proper scene transition she is seen with one hand hanging down.
  • As Kotake looks at Kimura when Seki-sensei and Yada-kun leave the room, notice Kimura's vest is missing. The details are present but the coloring isn't there.
  • Before Hazuki tells Doremi and Aiko her story, notice that Mimi and Dodo have gone missing.


  • Hazuki mentions being in the same Kindergarten with Yada, but curiously Doremi was also in this Kindergarten and had nothing to mention on the subject. 
  • The girls were shown to use the same clay to make crafts; which is a rare occurance.
  • Yada's father tends to dress and walk much like Yada himself. This could imply that Yada has mostly inherited everything from him.