A witch frog, is the remains of a witch after she has been exposed by a human. They have also been refereed to as plushies, witch-puddings, green blobs, and manjuu.

The transformation is very quick, involving the witch "deflating" then momentarily turning into a green ball of glowing goo before she reforms.

In the Witch World, there is a village dedicated to witch who have transformed into Magic Frogs and are without their original apprentice - meaning they are forever stuck in this form.



In general, a witch frog resembles a featureless frog. They come in many varieties of green (with very few appearing blue or brown) and have very small black button eyes. They have puffy red lips and depending on the witch, may have scarce hair that slightly resembles their original hairstyle. Around their neck, each magic frog wears her crystal ball.

It has been shown that they actually do possess hands and feet.


For most cases, the witch frogs come in two varieties; most of them become embittered and spend their time drinking or complaining over their misfortune, while others seem generally not to mind at all.

All Witch Frogs seem to enjoy dancing, playing, drinking, visiting hot springs, and exploring various things in the human world if given the chance.


While a witch frog maintains her abilities as a witch, in some cases they are severely weakened. In order to make a potion they must use a strand of their own hair.

To get around, a witch frog usually must rely on her own transportation with the use of magic to make it float. The most commonly seen objects used are dust pans or buckets.


Witch Frog Curse

To keep witches from interacting with humans after suffering a terrible heartbreak, the previous Witch Queen put a spell on them. Whenever a witch was found by a human, she would be punished by changing into this weaker, smaller form.

Known Witch Frogs


  • Witch frogs texture is described as a gooey, stretchy substance.
  • When punished, a Wizard will become something resembling a witch frog. But they turn yellow with small hands and feet, resembling Toads. The King of Wizards, however, resembled a red lizard rather than a yellow toad.
  • In Magical DoReMi, witch frogs are renamed "greenlings". 
  • In the manga, all the witch frogs have visible arms and legs.