Witch Queen

Dub Name Queen Lumina
Gender Female
Theme Color White
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuka Imai
English Carol Jacobanis

The Witch Queen is an important figure in the witch world.

She once disguised herself as a nurse named Yuki-Sensei.


She has light blonde hair and a gray dress. She always wears a veil that obscures her true face. Her tiara is gold with some dark mauve accents.

Her crystal ball is a silvery sphere. It gets a chipped fault in it during Dokkan.


She is the queen so she's a bit serious most of the time. However, she does have her moments when she's a bit childish (especially when she's in the human world as Yuki). She's also kind and selfless.


  • She is never refereed to by her full name (Although she was called Queen Lumina in the english dub).
  • However, we did find out what her actual name is in the novel.
  • Her true face is only seen once in the anime, and even then it was partially hidden by glasses.
  • She and Mirai Sakura (Majoavenir) are twin sisters.


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