"The Pureleine can extract the cursed cards from the cursed items."

We are the pureleine
Witch Queen
Japanese Title わたしたち、ピュアレーヌ!

Watashi-tachi, Pyuarēnu!

Dub Title That Darn Evil Cat
Season Season 1
Episode № 26
Air Date August 1, 1999 (JP)

March 11, 2006 (US)

Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Naoyuki Itou
Episode Direction Naoyuki Itou
Animation Direction Chuuji Nakajima
Next Episode Oyajide arrives?!
Previous Episode Ojamajo Poppu appears!


The ojamajo are standing at the main hallway awaiting the queen's arrival. It's announced she's come and everyone bows out of respect as she approaches her seat. Doremi takes a moment to spy on her so that she can see what she looks like.


The ojamajo think everything is fine and dandy now that they finally got the Maho-do back, as well as a new apprentice witch. But suddenly things begin to act strangely again...


One summer day, Doremi is working at the shop, annoyed by the heat and the fact that she is by herself, since Hazuki or Aiko didn't show up. She begs Majorika for air conditioning but she refuses until Dela shows up with a package for the apprentice; consisting of a certificate for each girl and a single sphere of achievement for them. It is explained that as an apprentice levels up and completes more tasks, they gain more for the certificate, and once it is filled they will become a real witch and gain their own crystal ball.

With an excuse to leave, Doremi quickly takes off to give Hazuki and Aiko their own Certificates. She checks at the Fujiwara household first, and Baya informs her that Hazuki is swimming at the school pool, which reminds Doremi that they had swimming today there. She rushes to school with her swim items to find Aiko and Hazuki with Kanae Ilda. Aiko was trying to help them exercise on the chin up bars but neither of them are doing very well, and they inform her that swimming ended ten minutes ago. Doremi explains why she is late, but when Kanae accidentally falls and hurts her foot they are forced to quit discussion. She goes to get Yuki-sensei for help, and after a few minutes she deduces that Kanae's ankle is sprained. She called the IIda household, but when nobody answers, Kanae explains that her mother is at the Hospital at the time. So the ojamajo offer to help her home instead.

On their way over, Kanae explains that her mother had been in a car accident the previous week. While she has been healing up, she was trying to fill in for her mom by doing her work at the restraunt. The moment Doremi is told of this, she offers to help Kanae, after she reveals it to be a steakhouse...

Upon arrival Doremi hears a strange sound and asks if Kanae has a cat. She is told that they don't, and they happen to spot Kanae's father in the nearby room. He reveals that he accidentally burned his hand, but just a little and claims to be fine. He thanks the girls for their help and Aiko brings up how odd it is to have so many accidents in such a short time. Kanae's father adds in that the business has been doing poorly as of late too, and someone tried to rob them about ten days ago. Hazuki is unable to understand why things have been so bad lately, since the food is usually really good, and Mr. llda points out that nobody has really came since the theft attempt. Now that Kaede is hurt, chances are the restraunt wont be open for too much longer. 


In Kaede and her mothers place, Doremi offers her help; along with Aiko and Hazuki. They head back to the Maho-do to inform the irrate Majorika. Doremi claims that it is for the sake of a friend, to help Kanae, but everyone struggles to believe her.

It's then Pop comes inside to claim that her boyfriends are rich, so they'll come in and buy a lot of charms from the shop. Doremi gets mad but Majorika seems quite happy with the idea. Which also means the ojamajo will indeed have some free time to help Kanae's family, though Doremi is a bit depressed by how better liked Poppu is...

Back at the steakhouse, the ojamajo finally thought a customer had come but the moment the woman walks by the strange cat statue, she changes her mind and quickly leaves. They follow the woman, who explains that something just felt wrong when she walked inside. Doremi mentions to Aiko and Hazuki that she thought she had heard a cat when they went inside earlier, but Kanae doesn't have a pet cat. They also think it may connect to the strange chill and bad luck, so they head back to try to locate this mysterious sound, which Hazuki locates and they realize it belongs to the strange beckoning cat statue. 

Aiko tries to convince Hazuki it's just a random statue, but when it slips out of her hands it suddenly starts to float, inches from the ground. Hazuki also points out it didn't make any noises when it fell, as well as its general creepiness. It's not very cute, or welcoming. So they ask Kanae about it when she informs them they got it about ten days ago when someone gave it to her dad. They ask him about it and he mentions getting from an old antique shop that's now out of business called "Limelight". Getting an idea, the ojamajo leave work for a bit and transform in hopes of locating this shop.

They find it but to their shock, it isn't out of business at all. Inside, they ask the owner who informs them that the beckoning cat was brought there by a company going bankrupt. Hazuki then asks why this shop hasn't gone out of business and the man informs them that it had been the plan. But suddenly someone came in and began to purchase a lot of items, then he told all of his friends since they are also into antiques. They didn't need to close down anymore. Aiko asks if this was after he gave away the cat statue and he mentions that it was after and the ojamajo realize that this strange beckoning cat is the reason they keep having problems!

They head back to the Restaurant and inform Kanae's father that its the reason he's been having problems lately. He seems a little surprised, but he allows them to take the statue back with them to study it some more. So the ojamajo head back to the Maho-do with it. They find the Maho-do totally empty where Pop reveals she sold everything, just like she said she would. They earned so much money, Majorika had Dela bring a shaved ice machine over, for the shop. Suddenly, Dela sees the beckoning cat and she hops down for a closer look. She asks to see it, then asks if she could bring it back to the Magic World with her. Something is wrong with it but she just can't pinpoint what it is...

Queens Carriage
The Ojamajo's yousei then come in, where Hazuki informs them that Kanae's restaurant has suddenly got a huge amount of customers! So they quickly rush over to help work until it's closing time. Kanae's father thanks the ojamajo for their help and asks them to come back tomorrow to continue to help out.

It's then Hazuki notices a bunch of strange glowing petals as the Queen's Carriage comes into view. Majorin steps off to inform the ojamajo that the Witch Queen wishes to speak to them. As they arrive and the queen comes in, she asks Dela to explain what is going on. Dela starts by explaining that 1000 years ago, humans and witch could freely go between the two worlds. But then an evil wizard secretly took an evil sealed cursed card, an evil card that can be sealed into anything and cause misfortune wherever its put. Due to the problems, the witches got blame and the humans began to hate them as time went by until the two worlds were eventually split into two separates.

The witch queen interrupts by explaining that while they have caught the evil wizard, a few items still remain in the human world. Like the beckoning cat, it will grant you the opposite of whatever your wish is. The queen asks to see the ojamajo's certificates and uses her magic to upgrade the sphere of achievement, so now they have earned the title of Pureleine, which they earned because they resisted to use the magical item and they possess pure and kind hearts. Because they're Pureleine now, they can easily extract the magical card from the beckoning cat. And so, they extract it and put it into the Pureleine computer. It then shows how many others there will be to get and Doremi is given the computer.

The following day the Ojamajo meet up with Kanae, who reveals her foot is better, as well as her parents injuries. They even caught the thief and got back their items. 


  • Come out, cursed card.

Major Events

  • As they have become level 6 apprentice, the girls are given their Certificates and earn their first sphere of Achievement. 
  • The Ojamajo are upgraded to Pureleine Apprentice Witch. 
  • The Ojamajo rid of their first cursed card. 


  • Pop: I have many rich boyfriends. Once I call them, they will buy these magic goods. 
  • Doremi: You haven't even passed the level 9 exam...
  • Majorika: No, I think she's more reliable then you.

Dub Changes

  • Majorika states that after passing the level 6 exam, certificates will be given. In the dub, Patina claims it was level 4.
  • Kanae is renamed Haley.
  • Hazuki and Aiko note that Doremi is helping for selfish reasons. In the dub, Reanne simply calls Dorie obsessed.
  • Paint Edit: The steakhouses sign
  • Paint Edit: the wood sign the cat statue is holding
  • After Aiko discovers the statue didn't break she is very happy not to have to pay for it. Then comments on how weird it seems. In the dub, Mirabelle thought it landed neatly but it was creepy.
  • Kanae mentions having the statue for almost 2 weeks (10 days), in the dub it was a couple months.
  • Paint Edit: The sign in the shop said "Antique" with some kanji around it to say "Treasure Chest".
  • Majorika mentions that Dela brought a shaved ice machine, in the dub it's something else.


  • As Doremi takes out one of the certificates, notice how small Dela's crystal ball looks. Also note the size of the certificate in her hand; it looks a little bigger then it should be.
  • Notice the thickness of Lala's straw in the scene before Dela appears.


  • The background character being pulled around by his girlfriend is named "Masa-kun". This would be one of the first times a one-shot character is named on screen. 
  • In this episode Hazuki is not seen in her normal outfit for unknown reasons.
  • This episode includes the second change in a group transformation for the season. The first time, Hazuki was excluded and this time, it modified to show her in the outfit she wore in this episode. 


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