Using new powers to Rescue Hana-chan!
Hana cheering
Japanese Title 新たな力でハナちゃんをとりもどせ!

Arata na Ryoku de Hana-chan wo Torimodose!

Season Sharp
Episode № 23 (74)
Air Date July 17, 2000
Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Takao Iwai

Junichi Sato

Episode Direction Takao Iwai

Junichi Sato

Animation Direction Toshie Kawamura
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Previous Episode The Wizard's Trap - Oyajide Returns

Opening Clip

Oyajide and Hana-chan arrive to a very fancy, expensive hotel that he is to be staying in while he is outside of the Wizard World. He pays the man, who is confused by the money he is given, but Oyajide ignores him to observe and comment on the room!


After their depressing lose against Oyajide, the ojamajo are given brand new powers in order to take back their baby!


Concerned by how late it is, Majorika and Lala head towards the restaurant location in hopes of finding the girls to bring them home. As she berates them for having Hana out so late, Lala quickly spots them. Easily Majorika is able to transform them back, but when they inform her Oyajide kidnapped Hana from them, she explains that Oyajide is evil and a wizard. He had stole the cursed cards years back, so it's anyone's guess as to what he plans to do with Hana-chan...

Back at the Maho-do, everyone is very upset, Doremi seems to be the most saddest, since she believes it was mainly because of her they were put into that situation. Aiko claims that instead of putting the blame on herself, Oyajide should be blamed instead. She then snaps everyone out of their sadness and the ojamajo decide they don't have the time to just cry and mope, they have to take action if they want to get her back.

Doremi points out that Oyajide had taken advantage of her weakness over steak to make her agree to this trick, so they try to think of his most weakest point. Which Hazuki reveals to be Onpu!

The following morning, Oyajide is trying to occupy Hana-chan when he realizes it's about 9:00 am. Which means it's time for Onpu's Sunday Morning Report. Onpu makes an announcement that at 1:00 pm she will be holding a secret, free concert. Since the area is too small, she can only personally invite one person to attend the concert. This person is a member of her fanclub who must have the final three digits on his card: 007. Onpu then tells this person to look at her homepage for the location. With this revealed, Onpu ends the broadcast...

Later on, a huge line of fans has formed outside of the small concert's location. As they spy from a bush, Doremi uses her magic to diguise Aiko, Hazuki, and herself. As everyone watches and listens to Onpu, those three will try to find Oyajide and take back Hana-chan!

The ojamajo watch Oyajide as he comes in diguised in a kangaroo costume with Hana-chan as the baby Kangaroo. When she begins to cry, they approach to see what the commotion is and offer to watch the baby for him while he watches the concert. But when Aiko slips up and says Hana's name he grows suspicious, only to realize it is Aiko and Hazuki when Hana's magic removes Aiko's mustache!

Doremi tries to stop him but it's no use, he just hops right onto her and continues to flee. As they get closer, now transformed into witches, he casts magic to freeze time allowing for a quick getaway...

Back at the Maho-do the ojamajo angrily vent over the turn of events. After they begin to yell at Majorika, they begin hearing music from outside and go to see the Queen's Carriage. They sadly report the news, but the Queen assures them that she knows about it, as she had Majorin go into the Wizard World to get some information. She reveals their plans before going to leave, but when Doremi and the others explain that as Hana's mothers, they want to be the one's to rescue her. They refuse to back down just because they may not be strong enough and seeing their dedication, she decides that they can have the powers of the Royal Patraine, a special class of witches recognized by the Queen.

In order to give them this special upgrade, the Queen asks the ojamajo to perform magical stage. After they gain their upgraded transformations, the queen explains that with this new power the ojamajo do not have to say their full spells. They will just have to say the first part, along with their wish to cast the spell. She then tells each girl to take two royal seeds, which are needed to use the wreath poron. They are very special seeds and contain a lot of magical power in them. As they are very rare, she warns the girls they should only rely on using the royal patraine when it comes to rescuing Hana-chan.

With this in mind, Doremi casts a spell to form an arrow that will lead them to Hana. They are then forced to quickly flee while the queen and Majorin take their leave.

When the girls arrive near the hotel, Arrow-kun confirms it before he vanishes. Much to their surprise, a very giant milk bubble appears in the shape of a bubble and Hazuki quickly rids of it in order to make sure the hotel stays safe from harm. Aiko then uses her magic to take the ojamajo into the right hotel room, much to Oyajide's shock. He quickly tries to rid of them again by transforming the girls into the stone, but it proves useless and when he tries to flee, Onpu and Doremi cast magic to tickle him and retrieve Hana!

After he gets the spell gone, Oyajide swears revenge and he takes his leave. But the girls aren't worried, as long as they have royal patraine they will always stop them!


  • Turn Hazuki-chan, Ai-chan, and me into security guards
  • Let us rescue Hana-chan
  • An arrow spell Doremi casts
  • Hazuki casts a spell to rid of the giant milk object shaped like a bottle
  • Aiko uses magic to get them inside the hotel room
  • Doremi summons a bunch of gloves to tickle oyajide
  • Onpu makes small butterfly wings form on Hana-chan to make her fly over to them


  • As Doremi rubs her eyes while holding Hana, the right side of Hazuki's top is pale in color, along with the second leaf of her skirt. They should both be light orange/peach.