Un-released Merchandise are pieces of items that never left the prototype stage or failed to be released before the series ended. On this page, you can find a list of the various items that never made it in stores. 

Ojamajo Doremi









Magical DoReMi Dolls

During the last few years when Magical DoReMi remained on air (or the 4kids website), there were display photographs of various pieces of merchandise they had been interested in releasing. These included Dolls of Onpu (Ellie) and Pop (Caitlyn) that were shown in outfits that didn't resemble the outfits they wore in the anime.

Hana Makihatayama Evolution Toy

This was planned to be released in 2011 as part of the new Ojamajo Doremi figurines. She was shown standing on a translucent yellow base with Pao next to her. 

It is currently unknown why the figure was cancelled, but it is implied that while Dokkan figures were planned - they had also been cancelled, rendering this Dokkan-only version of Hana-chan without a series.


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