Name ともみ Tomomi
Gender Female
Debut Majorika goes to Kindergarten
Voice Actors
Japanese Kumiko Yokote

Tomomi is a classmate of Pop Harukaze as well as one of her close friends.



Due to Tomomi not having an episode in the spotlight, not much is known about her personality.

In Dokkan Ep. 23, Tomomi celebrated Tanabata with at Maho-dou along with Rie, this could imply that Tomomi and Rie are close friends.


In the first two seasons of the series, Tomomi had rather dark green hair worn in a single tulip-shaped pigtail with a red pearl accessory. For clothing, she wore a pink kindergarten uniform and a purple skirt along with a pair of pale yellow socks and purple shoes.

In Motto, Tomomi's hair was changed to orange and her hair accessory was changed to yellow. Tomomi now wore a yellow jumper with white buttons and a green dress. Her pale yellow socks had been changed to white and her purple shoes were changed to brown.


  • In Dokkan Ep. 23, Tomomi mentions that she has an older brother. However he has never made a physical appearance.