A voice actress born on May 14th 1976. She voices Hazuki in Ojamajo Doremi. Out of the main cast, she is on

Tomoko Akiya- Hazuki's VA

e of the Voice Actresses with the least amount of known roles.

Originally she auditioned for the role of Poppu Harukaze

Voice roles

  • Hazuki Fugiwara - Ojamajo Doremi
  • Suzume Mizuno - Konjiki no Gash Bell!!
  • Riff - Penguin Musume Heart
  • Miss Keane (Kin-Sensei) - Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z
  • Sophita - Cassern sins
  • Yui Konagi - Dream Eater Merry
  • Miyabi (ep 9) - Oreimo


  • Hazuki Fujiwara - Ojamajo Doremi Naisho


  • Suzume Mizuno - Konjiki no Gash Bell!! (movie 2), 101 Banme no Mamono
  • Hazuki Fujiwara - Ojamajo Doremi #, Ojamajo Doremi Kaeru Seki no Himitsu

Video Games

  • Suzume Mizuno- Gash Bell!! Video Game


  • Her last name seems to be a cource of confusion by many as its been listed as Akatani, Akiya, and others. So far Akiya is the most reliable.
  • She is the third Doremi VA who has appeared in Powerpuff Girls Z. Momoko and Onpu's VA are also in that show (As Miyako/Bubbles, and Sedusa/Sakurako Respectivly.)

Character Gallery

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