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 "To Hokkaido" is chapter 3 of the very first light novel of Ojamajo Doremi 16.


The ojamajo have finally managed to locate Onpu. But after their initial plan fails, it seems a little magic may be in order... 


Currently the girls are on their way to the Shin-Chitose Airport while Doremi recaps the horrible nightmare she had, involving her stomach exploding from being too swollen and full. She apologizes to everyone for making such a commotion before they resume their normal business and Hazuki begins to question her strange dream. But out of embarrassment Doremi refuses to say anything more, explaining to the Readers why they are heading to the Airport to begin with.

As the girls stood outside of the Segawa Household a reporter from a woman's magazine came by to chat the girls up. There was a big article in it analyzing the fall of Onpu's popularity and shifting blame onto the commercial failure of "Zagaidon", a remake series of "Gazamadon". At some point Onpu had spoken to the others regarding her concern over this, as she also noticed the decline. The magazine had some decent articles but a lot of them were pure slander and rumors, such as the Family selling their home and Onpu going into hiding after she took the job of a Gravure Model. The girls hadn't believed any of this and Majorika encouraged them to become witch apprentices again.

However the girls refused the offer. In exchange they asked for an earlier payment date so that they could purchase tickets to fly out to Hokkaido. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Around 9:35 am, the girls arrived at the Shin-Chitose Airport. They board the JR Hokkaido airport express and eventually reached Sapporo around 11:00 am. At this point in time Doremi believes a lunch break would be in order, but Aiko and Hazuki believe they shouldn't yet since the main goal is to locate Onpu, not sightsee and eat. As Doremi tries to reason with her friends, neither girl is in the mood and Aiko suggests that they try to find Onpu's fathers office. 

Before the girls start to leave, they happen to spot a strange man before them, one Doremi recognizes due to his exaggerated walk and curly purple hair. She then takes a moment to describe Oyajide to the readers and mentions his love of children and Onpu, as well as the fact that he started off as an enemy but became a friend of the witch over time.

The trio confront Oyajide and he explains how worried over Onpu he got, showing them the magazine. He had heard the girls discussing their plans and came to try to find Onpu as well, which makes them happy and Doremi points out that he can use his magic. Unfortunetly, he is unable to because his magic can only go a specific distance and Onpu is outside of it. While lamenting this, Hazuki reminds everyone of their initial plans to try to locate Onpu's dad and they rush to Sapporo's branch office of the Railroad Company. 

Upon arrival two security guards happen to question Oyajide since they deem him suspicious. After they try to capture him, deciding not to risk letting him in, he uses his magic to summon Pachinko Balls to make the guards trip and fall.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The foursome retreat to a nearby Cafe after they manage to lose the security guards. It overlooks the railway company main entrance and they observe it while trying to think of a new plan. After they were found with Oyajide, just asking to speak to Tsuyoshi is out of the question. Aiko suddenly gets an idea and points to an elderly man getting into a luxurious car and Oyajide realizes her idea and transforms into the man after he takes off.

As it turns out, the man happened to be the vice president of the railway company. With this disguise Oyajide was easily able to enter the building and found out that Tsuyoshi would be driving the sleeper express train that evening. He returns to the girls to inform them of this and he decides to treat them to some Genghis Khan nabe with relish.

As evening arrives the girls go to meet with Tsuyoshi at the parking lot. He shows up within twenty minutes before the train departs and the girls call to him while Oyajide just watches from a distance in order to avoid any more incident. Tsuyoshi is able to recognize the girls and after they explain why they came, he hesitantly reveals that Onpu has been pretending to be fine with everything. But because of how bad things have been for her, he has a hard time trusting her anymore. Hazuki asks for an elaborate answer but he instead comments on how regretful Onpu was over not being able to speak to everyone before she had to move. She felt bad over not being able to give them the phone number or her email address. 

Before the trains departure is announced, Tsuyoshi asks them to give Onpu some time to handle things since he believes she doesn't wish to bother them with her problems at the time. He then leaves, just to stop and reveal that Onpu is living with Miho, her mother and his wife, in Wakkanai. WIth that the girls thank him and run back to Oyajide to tell him what they learned. They ask him to use magic now that they have an answer but he has to return to his job back at the Wizard World, tending to the Preschool. Due to the recent lively activity coming from the Wizard Penpen Grass, a bunch of wizard babies are being born. 

The girls also realize in this time that they will be arrive late for their flight if they don't hurry up and reach the airport, so they part from Oyajide at the Sapporo Station. While preparing to board the train that will take them home they voice their regrets over not being able to go to Wakkanai. But to their surprise, as they arrive at the Shin-Chitose airport they find the reporter from earlier.

They quickly hide, deciding that it would be bad if he spots them and they try to figure out why he showed up suddenly. Hazuki guesses that he may have found out that Onpu is somewhere in Hokkaido and they worry that he will be finding her soon, but they are unable to do anything about it now and continue to head home. 

As Akira Fujiwara drives the girls home they remain silent while thinking about things. If they had been able to spend the night for just one more day, they could have found Onpu. However their thoughts are distracted when they realize the moon is smiling. This is because they know that the links between the two worlds combine and allow entrance to the both of them whenever it smiles. They realize that now is a good time to become Apprentice again, for the sake of helping Onpu. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

While traversing through the Witch World, Doremi describes the wonderful, surreal vibes that come from it. She laments the fact that they used to be able to fly on their brooms to reach the Queen, but walking on foot, it takes much longer. But they believe this to be a good thing since it gives them time to chat and think back to when they refused to become Full-Blooded Witches three years ago. 

After an hour the girls arrive to the Palace and ask to speak with the Queen. Majorika and Lala had gone ahead to try to explain the situation beforehand and the Queen asks for Majorin to get the taps. They exchange greetings before the girls comment on the taps, then Doremi remarks that they look much smaller. She asks if they can really become Apprentice again, but the Queen is fine with the idea. The girls had saved the Witch World many times, and they were able to dissolve the witch frog curse. 

With that Hazuki asks if they can tell the Queen their requests, and when she allows it Hazuki explains that they have given themselves a single rule as Apprentice. Everyone is shocked by this, so the trio explain that they do not want to use magic again for their own benefits like they use to as children. Doremi then claims that the Queen could even put the frog curse on them should they fail to follow it, but the Queen points out she is unable to cast this type of curse. So she offers to destroy the taps should any three of them use selfish magic. After everyone agrees, she casts a spell onto the taps and has the girls take them. Majorin asks if they remember how to use the taps and the girls are able to recall well, but they are told to imagine the uniform now fitting their teenage bodies. 

However Doremi does not listen and in all of her excitement she was quick to get to transforming. She forces the very tight uniform on, only to panic after Aiko points out her underwear is showing. Hazuki then points out what Doremi did wrong and Majorika uses her own magic to rid of the small uniform. Aiko and Hazuki then transform, followed by Doremi a second time and together the trio pose and introduce a new saying. They decide to try out their wands but they are surprised that it wasn't their original Peperuto, Puwapuwa, and Poppun Porons, not the upgraded Kururu Poron. But Majorin explains to them that the Queen is sure this wand form will be more effective, especially since it casts higher leveled magic anyway. Since they knew of the girls plans, Majorika had gone ahead to summon their beloved childhood instruments from the Human World and had the Queen merge them with the wands.

The girls decide that it is time to leave and they summon their brooms, getting on them before thanking the Queen for being so kind to them. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On Sunday, the next day, the girls leave the Maho-dou work for Majorika and flew to Wakkanai with their brooms. It had been reaining in the Kanto and Tohuko regions, so the journey was a little rough but eventually the thick clouds parted and the clear blue sky appeared. 

While Aiko and Doremi race through the sky Hazuki follows them slowly while riding her broom the same way she did as a child. She comments on how nice this feels and after six hours of travel around 11:00 am, the girls find themselves in Wakkanai. They locate a safe spot to land at in order to avoid being seen by others and cast Magical Stage to locate Onpu quicker. WIth the proper amount of Magic Spheres, Aiko and Hazuki remind Doremi not to think about steak before they cast it. While she is excited, Doremi scolds them for assuming she would do this, even if it happened a few times in the past. Her top priority is to find Onpu above all else.

After the sparkling lights fade from above, a tinycalligraphy brush falls from the sky. Doremi suggests that they may have messed up since they haven't cast Magical Stage in a long time, but Hazuki points out that it is usually vague like this any other time so it will probably lead them right to her. The girls pick up the brush and each take turns holding it in the air while walking around to try to find some sort of answer. But all they are getting are a bunch of strange looks since they remained in apprentice uniforms. 

After realizing this they run to the nearby alleyway and change back into their normal outfits before they resume searching. An adult man asks to borrow the brush and mentions that he has a terrible sneeze that wont come out. Hazuki, understanding of this feeling allows him to borrow the brush and in return he offers the girls some chocolate he got from the convenience store and gives them back the brush before leaving. Aiko points out the familiarity of this and Hazuki becomes excited to see what they will find next. 

They come across two women with a huge age difference and try to act as if they didn't notice. They happen to hear the arguement and learn that one is a wife and the other is her mother-in-law. As she hears one say that Husbands love chocolate, Hazuki offers the chocolate they just got to them and is given some sweet bean jelly candies in return. With both women in a better mood they take their leave also. 

While they walk Doremi remarks that they will need to start showing off the candies to find out who needs them. Hazuki thinks this is a good idea, but before they can do this a strange shadow jumps up and swipes the candies. They recognize the dog as a shiba inu with a leash around it's neck and it runs as an old man, the owner asks the trio for help catching Chako, the dog. They are led to the park after Aiko loses her temper and yells at the dog, but they are distracted when Hazuki suddenly goes into shock at the sight of something. Doremi calls the mysterious figure a pretty girl and instantly they recognize the forty year old woman in the wheelchair being pushed by the girl: Onpu. 

Surprised to see her friends, Onpu quickly tries to save face by teasing them. Doremi internally regards at this moment how Onpu has transformed from a devilish, cute chidol into a beautiful young lady. Even remarking that Aiko was stunned to see Onpu and how pretty she is. Doremi quickly embraces her missing friend before demanding some answers from her, but Onpu explains that she's been busy since a lot of things have been happening lately. 

They use this moment to capture Chako as the Shiba slowly gets closer. With that, Miho offers to watch Chako until his owner returns and she lets Onpu go chat with her friends. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The four teenagers sit down and Onpu quickly apologizes for losing contact with them. They aren't angry however, since they finally found her. They tell her about becoming Apprentice again and how they no longer need to fear the witch frog curse since it was broken a while ago, and they even show her the tap. They discuss their journey to find her, which touches Onpu before Hazuki asks why Miho has been reduced to the wheelchair. Onpu explains that she suffered a mild-stroke and discusses how things have been since Graduation a few years ago.

Since Majoruka chose to return to the witch world her mother had no choice but to set up a brand new company to take over the role of CEO. But she pushed herself too hard trying to help Onpu and the stroke occured, causing her tocollasp at the end of last year. It was tough for the entire family, even if it was minor. She can still speak normally and has been attending a lot of rehab in order to learn to walk again, and can even walk with the aid of a stick now. They just chose the wheelchair since she wished to come to the park today.  

Onpu continues on by saying that she misses everyone but with all of the craziness going on, she was worried over causing everyone trouble. Doremi takes a moment to comment on how mature Onpu's thinking process is in comparison to their own, then Aiko mentions the magazine and how they wanted to protect Onpu from people like that, which was what encouraged them to become Apprentice Witch again.

Onpu feels bad knowing this but they tell her they really didn't mind since they are all best friends. After a moment of enjoying the lovely breeze, Onpu mentions that she plans to keep tending to her mother until she can walk on her own again. She has been living with her Uncle in the mean time and attends the nearby high school, and while she doesn't really know what to do about her celebrity life, she wonders if she could become a normal girl now. While she seems fine, the others can tell she isn't very happy like this but she's putting up a strong front.

The girls exchange emails and phone numbers before Onpu mentions how confusion life is at the time, so she is happy to know she can discuss things with them sometime. Doremi then asks if she would like to become an Apprentice again but Onpu quickly shoots down the idea. She has no reason for it and worries that she may succumb to the temptation of casting forbidden magic again. While understanding of this, Doremi changes the subject by asking if Hazuki and Aiko will be coming here to attend the Bon Festival, since this is the area her family tends to come by while staying with her grandparents in Hida. Aiko and Hazuki confirm this and Onpu points out that there is a chance her dad can watch her mother so that she can come along too. 

WIth that the girls share a happy cheer, just as they did as children. 


  • Doremi: it's still early, but lets have lunch.
  • Aiko: Eh?! Didn't you just eat a box of candy on the plane?
  • Doremi: I have a separate tummy for sweets.


  • Doremi, Aiko, Hazuki: Witch apprentice, version 16!


  • Onpu: I knew Ai-chan would say that. However, I'm just like Ai-chan, and do not like people pitying me.