There's a lot of Witch Frogs!
Autumn Witch World
Japanese Title 魔女ガエルがいっぱい!

Majo Gaeru ga Ippai!

Dub Title The Lost Greenlings
Season Season 1
Episode № 37
Air Date October 17, 1999 (JP)

January 22, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Atsushi Maekawa
Storyboard Akinori Yabe
Episode Direction Akinori Yabe
Animation Direction Chuuji Nakajima
Next Episode Ryota and the Midnight Monster
Previous Episode Level four exam is Dododododo!


A few unknown voices are discussing amongst themselves, related to how Majorika and Majoruka are now witch frogs. But they're still living back at the human world. The voices aren't very happy and they claim the witch frogs should live there, with them, where it's fun...


When a bunch of witch frogs suddenly show up inside the Maho-do it's up to the Ojamajo to keep an eye on them until they can get home.


As a terrible storm rages on, a witch worlds door is struck by lightning; causing items and witch frogs to be sucked from it and into the human world. Majorin quickly informs the Witch Queen about this problem upon finding out, but at the moment they cannot do anything about it.

One of the witch frogs, very drunk from the alchohol it was drinking earlier stumbles into the Maho-do. She happens to come across Majorika, but they don't recognize her and happen to spot some markers nearby and decide to draw on her face. 

That morning, Doremi is quickly eating breakfast after realizing she overslept, when Pop calls for her to come into their living room. On television a woman announces that someone has broken into the office Onpu uses. Which causes them some concern. 

Later on, Oyajide believes it to be because of a cursed item and Hazuki mentions that the report also said the place was messed up but the robber didn't steal anything. Pop wonders if a fan is responsible, but Doremi believes Oyajide just wants to go and visit Onpu, instead of doing any real work. Majorika suddenly appears and reveals the mustache that has been drawn onto her face. Lala reveals that it was from an oil-based pen, so it cant be wiped off. Hazuki suggests that Majorika use some grease to clean her face, but the girls remain doubtful over Oyajide until he claims something bad might happen to Onpu. With nothing else, the girls decide to trust him and bring him with them. Majorika stays behind though, because Onpu happens to be a rival, but since the girls do not listen she males Lala stay with her. Which causes them to argue until they hear someone from the nearby closet, and upon inspection, they find a drunk, beaten-up witch frong still clinging to her alchohol bottle. 

At Onpu's office, the ojamajo go inside to find Onpu. She quickly spots Oyajide and the computer and begins to play with it, laughing at Oyajide's behaviour until the girls start to talk to her. The others explain cursed items to her, but Onpu claims it could not be the result of a cursed item and she takes them to Majoruka's office, where the criminal are. Inside they see many witch frogs and it's explained that they call came through the magic world door last night and had a wild party. The witch frog are amazed to see Doremi and the girls and quickly take a lot of pictures of the five. After the girls see Majoruka's face, the witch frog mention that one of them, MajoUme has wound up seperated and they are able to deduce that she must still be at the Maho-do.

The witch frog really want to go and visit their friend, so the girls are forced to gather a few items that will fit all of the witch frog and prepare to leave. They struggle to lift the weight but Pop refuses to help since she is too busy talking with Onpu. While they fly to the Maho-do, one frog also asks that for them to slow down, since MahoTake-san is beginning to feel ill. 

Eventually they arrive and Majorika goes over what has happened and she points out that the storm ended. But the frogs do not wish to return yet, because they want to do some sight-seeing, since they rarely ever get to come to the Human World. The ojamajo refuse at first, and Onpu takes her leave, bringing Pop with her. In the end though, the trio is left with the witch frogs and have no choice but to agree. But before they go out into public they dress the witch frogs up first and go out for some fun. They get to eat crepes, do some shopping, watch a play, hang out at the beach, get some photographs taken, play with some cows on the farm, and even fly around in the sky. 

As it begins to grow late, Majorika comes by to ask the witch frog to leave since it will get dark soon, but they refuse until one last final demand is met: they want to visit the Hot Springs. There isn't any nearby though, so Majorika is forced to reveal her own secret hot spring she visits. Doremi takes this opportunity to ask them where their Apprentice's are, only to be told they do not have any apprentice, because they got scared and ran away from them. Now they are forced to live at the Village of Witch Frogs; a village for any Witch Frog that has been abandoned by the one who has changed them and as a result, they cannot return to normal. 

At first everyone is saddened, but when one frog asks to be taken to an Amusement Park as she has never gotten to go to one before. The girls do not think it is possible, especially with how late it is. But they refuse to leave otherwise, so the girls try to cast Magical Stage in order to give them something. Instead of being transported to an Amusement Park though, they are instead given a wind-up toy Amusement Park! 

Amusement Park

They are unable to understand how to use this until the Witch Frogs use their own magic to shrink themselves and play. But nothing happens until the girls find a small wind-up crank and begin to turn it. The toy amusement park suddenly springs to life and allows the witch frogs to play on it's many features; like a ferris wheel, a teacup spinner, and a train. 

Eventually Doremi arrives home, but because of how late it is, she recieves a scolding from her mom. She notices that Pop is in the nearby room and questions how she got home faster then she did. Pop explains that when Onpu saw what time it was, she sent Pop home to make sure she would not arrive too late. 

Later, after they are able to sneak out again, the ojamajo return the witch frog home that evening, after Majorika invites them to come by and visit again sometime; as they do the same for her. Everyone exchanges their goodbyes and to their surprise the Witch Queen pays everyone a visit. She thanks the girls for their help and she gives them their next Certification Sphere; explaining how dangerous it could have been for the witch frogs had they not returned to the Magical World. She then leaves after telling them to keep doing their best, then the episode ends as Doremi thanks the Witch Queen. 


  • Take us to the amusement park

Major Events

  • Onpu meets Oyajide and Pop for the first time. 

Dub Changes

  • Majorika says Crabs are good, and in the dub she says Keep your hands off my pie
  • Paint Edit: The drunk witch frogs bottle is changed into a thick sharpie marker. The bumps on it's head are also gone.
  • After meeting Pop, Onpu says she is a lot better then Doremi. In the dub, Ellie giggles and questions something.
  • Paint Edit: Oyajide's nosebleed after Onpu touched the computer screen.
  • Added/Paint Edit: The flashback shown gains a white border in the dub.
  • Paint Edit: During the party, all of the bottles laying around were erased in the dub.
  • Poppu explains "Plush-chan" to Onpu. While in the dub, Caitlin said she has learned moves from watching her videos, then Ellie says she will have to show her sometime.
  • Hazuki said Onpu and Pop may get along due to having simular personalities. In the dub, Reanne said Ellie liked to meet fans.
  • Hazuki asks if they would work in the shop forever since the witch frogs refuse to leave. In the dub, Reanne just says they can't open it if the Greenlings don't leave.
  • Onpu says she has to go to the TV station to work, in the dub she claims to have magazine work to do.
  • Scene Skip: After the ojamajo freak out a sign is shown hanging above the shopping area and people look at them.
  • Doremi points out they are being stared at and Hazuki says they look suspicious. In the dub Reanne just says she doesn't blame the people for staring and Mirabelle says she hates this.
  • Originally the food was crepes. In the dub it's a ice cream waffle sandwich shop.
  • Scene Skip: Doremi cries after she runs out of money and a building is shown with kanji wrote on it, having been for a play. The dub just cuts to when Dorie takes the picture.
  • Scene Skip: When Majorika suggests that Majoruka wanted to live there as a witch frog, a nearby witch frog sneezes. In the dub this is skipped after Patina's line, all the way to the Greenlings now swimming.
  • Pop said Onpu sent her home after seeing how late it got and Pop calls Doremi clueless. In the dub, Caitlin said Ellie let her take the limo home.
  • The Witch Queen states that if the witch frogs didn't return then it could have endangered all of the witches, then Doremi thanks her. In the dub, she just says the two worlds musn't meet and Dorie claims it had been a cool day.


  • When the hot spring is first shown, there are 12 witch frogs. But throughout the episode there was only 10 in total.