The Wizard's Trap - Oyajide Returns
Oyajide Returns
Japanese Title 魔法使いのワナ 帰ってきたオヤジーデ!

Mahōtsukai no Wana - Kaettekita Oyajīde

Season Sharp
Episode № 22 (73)
Air Date July 9, 2000
Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Yoshihiro Oka
Episode Direction Yoshihiro Oka
Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
Next Episode Using new powers to Rescue Hana-chan!
Previous Episode The Misanthropist Majo Don and The Promise of The Herb

Opening Clip

On cloudy moonlit evening, a shadowy figure is seen running around until he lands on the top of the maho-do greenhouse. He makes a comment, then shakes his hip.


The ojamajo meet Oyajide after he fled a while back, but has he really changed for the better or should they be concerned he may not be up to any good?


A strange man is speaking to a mysterious figure while they watch the ojamajo through a crystal ball. The man informs him that this baby happens to be the one born from the witch queen rose every 100 years, and even for so young she has an exceptional magic talent. The man hidden speaks to the man before him (Filippo S. Ojijide Earl) that he wants Hana-chan so that they can get their revenge on the witch world!

Philip S. Oyajiide goes to speak to Oyajide, since he knows the ojamajo and tells him to capture Hana. Oyajide doesn't want to, since he feels close to the girls, but he doesn't have much choice. The ruler of the Wizard world wants to use Hana-chan as hostage so that they can own the bigger land. All they have now is very useless land and the declining wizard population is also at stake. Philip S. Oyijiide also promises to promote him to Baron, which makes him agree much quicker!

Meanwhile at the Flower Garden Maho-do, the ojamajo have to be on their way for a singing competition and they have Pop watch over the store for them. Majorika and Lala ask Pop if she's sure she could handle it, and she assures them she is fine, she'll also have some friends come over to help just in case.

When her two friends, Misaki and Fumio arrive, they go over the rules, which include:

  1. Keep the shop nice and tidy
  2. Be kind to all customers, even if they're just looking around.
  3. Always smile

Before she can go over any more rules, someone suddenly shows up. Someone who shares the living daylights out of the three children!

The man, Oyajide, realizes that Pop was the only one who hasn't seen his true form yet. So he asks her if the others are absent that day, and Pop explains that they had plans so she and her friends are helping out. When Oyajide asks about Hana-chan, Pop gets suspicious and demands to know who he is. But he manages to throw them off guard when he asks for some flowers.

Unfortuantly... he's forced to buy every single rose in the shop before Pop will give up any information...

At the Singing Contest, Yuki-sensei is concerned as she sees everyone is nervous. Everyone except Onpu though, but Onpu claims sometimes she gets nervous too, though she doesn't really seem any different. Onpu points out that it helps to think about funny things while waiting. So with this said everyone listens to the SOS tell some.... very bad jokes...

Luckily, the mood changes by the ojamajo and Hana-chan's reactions. Yuki-sensei watches over Hana for the girls while she asks everyone to try their best sinceSeki-sensei couldn't be there today, due to a bad fever. Oyajide happens to see Yuki-sensei and Hana go into another room as he watches from the nearby men's room. So while in there, he is quick to diguise himself as a woman!

With the disguise, Oyajide asks Yuki-sensei if he could sit next to her in the audience and begins to play and comment on Hana-chan, who recognizes him from past events. Eventually he scares Yuki-sensei off, so she changes seats just as the class the ojamajo are in begin to sing. Everyone (minus Onpu) is still nervous, but they manage to perform.

In the end, the class won! As everyone is excitely observing the trophy, Yuki-sensei informs the girls about a strange old man who was very intentive to Hana-chan. The girls can't figure out who this is and Onpu points out that it could have been a kidnapper. So with the event now done the girls quickly transform and fly back to the Maho-do.

Upon arrival the girls discuss the turn of events while Oyajide watches from a nearby window. He transforms into a fly in order to listen to them better. But this plan fails after she uses her magic to transform Oyajide back to normal right in front of them!

After he falls from the beam he was holding onto, Oyajide is quick to greet Onpu... only to remember everyone else is there a moment later. Onpu is surprised by his real form and he takes a moment to flirt with her until the others accuse him of coming by just to see Onpu. Oyajide tries to claim he came to repay them for helping him and wanted to take the girls out to dinner. For proof he shows them a card and while they are a little suspicious, they agree anyway since he hasn't done anything exactly suspicious anyway...

That and Doremi already agreed they would all go...

Oyajide takes his leave after telling the girls to meet him around 6:00 pm. Meanwhile, in the witch world, the Queen has noticed the door to the Wizard World has opened just a teensy bit, so she asks Majorin to go instead and take care of it. Majorin turns into a bird and flies into the portal to handle things...

Later in the day the ojamajo are on their way to meet with Oyajide. They struggle to find the location, but eventually do. Onpu mentions how suspicious this is, since she's come by this place a lot and there has never been a restaurant here before. Doremi claims that it's probobably just knew, but the signs begin to grow more strange as the time passes. The chef looks vaguely familiar, there is nobody else in there dining, and the chef claims Oyajide will be late.

Soon food arrives, but right before the ojamajo can start to eat, the chef sneezes and causes all of his magic to vanish!

After their painful landing, the ojamajo see Oyajide holding Hana-chan. He says he wants to "borrow" her but Aiko instead accuses him of being the strange old man at the contest. He confirms it and is quick to freeze the girls in spot by transforming them to stone!

The episode comes to an end as Oyajide watches the girls and claims he didn't want to do it, but had to for his world before he leaves... 


  • As Aiko happily comments on what the chef told her, her overalls seem to be missing.


  • This is one of the few episodes not to feature the ojamajo casting any magic.