The Transfer student is a Witch Apprentice?!
Japanese Title 転校生は魔女見習い!?

Tenkōsei wa Majo Minarai!?

Dub Title The Lyin' Witch and her Wardrobe
Season Season 1
Episode № 35
Air Date October 3, 1999 (JP)

January 8, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Junichi Sato

Takao Iwai

Episode Direction Junichi Sato

Takao Iwai

Animation Direction Akira Inagami
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Previous Episode I want to see my Mother!


A vehicle is being driven through Misora as a woman speaks to someone on the phone. In the seat next her is a young girl staring out of the opened window next to her; a witch frog is on her lap.


A famous child idol becomes the classmate of Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko, and at first they are quick to try to befriend her. But is there more to her then meets the eye?


One morning at the Maho-do, Majorika and Lala are discussing the mysterious witch apprentice that is very talented. So talented in fact that she was able to skip three exams. Majorika can't help but feel very envious over this, and she thinks about how she got suck with someone like Doremi.

At school, Tamaki is telling everyone about the sponsorship her fathers company is doing for a brand new movie, and she is going to be the heroine in it. She offers to give everyone an autograph while they are still cheap, but nobody seems to be at all interested; especially the male students, who would rather see a girl named Onpu as the lead. They begin to argue until Seki-sensei comes in to announce that the class has a new student. They walk in, and to everyones surprise, it is Onpu Segawa. She gives an introduction as instructed before being seated next to Aiko. She is introduced to Doremi and Hazuki, then informs them that she has already heard of them; along with the fact they work at the Maho-dou. 

During break, Onpu has been signing some autographs for the millions of students flooding the room and hallway just to be near her. The ojamajo critisize the others by telling them they should be treating Onpu just like a normal student, as instructed by the teacher. Onpu claims it to be fine though and just continues. 

Eventually the girls ask where Onpu lives, and they ask to come by and play on Sunday when she tells them it happens to be near Misora Park. She mentions that she has an audition though, so it conflicts with her busy schedule. Tamaki happens to overhear this and asks Onpu if it will be the same one she's trying out for, and when it turns out it is, she claims she will win because her dad will be sponsoring it. Onpu then proceeds to burst the balloon by commenting that relationships have nothing to do with it, especially when her fathers role in the movie is so little. He wont be deciding who will be in the movie, and with those words, Tamaki storms off. 

Onpu gets up to leave when the girls point out she has cleaning duty that day. Onpu has an interview and can't stay though, and while pondering what to do, the SOS Trio come by and offer to do the cleaning for her. She thanks them and leaves after saying farewell, causing the trio of boys to swoon as the ojamajo compliment Onpu for being able to do that. 

At the Maho-do, a very angry Oyajide yells at the girls and he demands that they take him to that audition so that he can support Onpu. The girls have no idea why he would want to come, but after he reveals himself to be an Onpu fan, they find his behavior a bit uncomfortable and just shut off the computer before he says much more. They also ask Pop to watch the shop for them on Sunday.

As Sunday strolls by, the girls arrive to the Audition Hall. Aiko points out how many viewers have shown up just to support Onpu and it reminds her of Oyajide. Doremi leaves to visit the restroom, but after she leaves she decides to try to find Onpu but gets lost instead. She manages to find the room where the girls are, but is mistaken for one of the contestants trying out. Doremi makes an attempt to try to get out of it, but is unable to. She then runs into Tamaki, who claims that despite being forced to try out she is still so sure that she will be given the role automatically. 

The auditions begin as Aiko and Hazuki begin to grow concerned over Doremi, since she is not back yet. They are surprised when they suddenly gets on stage right after, and watch as Doremi nervously begins to roll with the idea to make the audience laugh; after one of the judges gives her a suggestion on how to calm down. She is then asked her name and why she would be trying out, so she attempts to answer and soon Tamaki takes her turn. She has dressed up in her tennis outfit and makes glamorous poses with her tennis rack and reveals that she already saw part of the script and found out that the main heroine plays tennis at one point in the film. When Onpu's turn comes up, she plays her flute for everyone; which they all enjoy. 

With the first round ended, they announce that a handful of girls; including Onpu, Doremi, and Tamaki will be continuing onto the next round. For the second and third round the girls are asked to sing and dance on stage, then it is announced that Doremi, Onpu, and Tamaki will be moving onto the fourth and last round. But they have a break first and are told to change into the costume they plan to wear for the last performance, which will be acting. Doremi makes an attempt to ask Onpu about this, but Onpu gets up and asks to be given a seperate room to change in because this one is too noisy; although she claims that she didn't mean any offense to Doremi while leaving. 

After Tamaki reveals that she plans to act like Juliet from Romeo and Juliet she leaves. Doremi transforms after realizing nobody else is in the room and she decides to transform into Princess Kaguya after she reunites with Hazuki and Aiko. But by the time she finishes they realize she's late and they hurry to get her back in time before going to sit back down. Doremi ends up doing pretty well, but Aiko and Hazuki are kind of worn out from helping her with the heavy robe she put on. 

Tamaki then takes her time, but everyone is somewhat repelled with the heavy makeup she applied. Her acting is very dramatic, and after she takes forever to die, she is eventually yelled off the stage.

The Reveal!

It is then Onpu's turn and she surprises everyone after showing up as a witch. Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki are able to realize that Onpu is a witch apprentice, while elsewhere, Majorika has been able to recognize the witch frog Onpu was holding on the Magazine Cover. 

She is asked why she chose to dress like this, and Onpu explains that she has always had an interest in the idea of being able to perform magic and pretends to cast a spell on them, only going on to say that Magic isn't real. Her cute and charming behaviour, along with the real spell she casts quickly lures everyone to pick her.  Onpu is announced the winner as Hazuki and Aiko try to determine what the heck is going on. Tamaki is devastated and leaves while claiming not to feel good, and Doremi feels a bit sad but gets over it pretty quickly. They happen to see Lala in cat form and she points them out to the roof, where they find Majorika. Who has come to inform them of her discovery. 

They begin to mention the witch frog she was with, but they also state that they have no idea who it is until hearing a very familiar laugh. To their shock they find Onpu holding Majoruka while HeHe floats next to her. The girls aren't surprised to see Majoruka as a witch frog now, but she claims to have done it on purpose. Onpu then takes over to explain that Majoruka is her Company's President. Majorika mentions that because of Onpu's popularity and charm, she will always the money she needs to fund whatever she may need. Which will help guarantee that she wins the role of the next Witch Queen. 

WIth that said, Onpu teases the girls before she picks up Majorika and they leave. 


  • Turn Into Princess Kaguya
  • Everyone, vote for me

Major Events

  • Introduced: Onpu Segawa, Miho Segawa
  • Majoruka and Hehe return in this episode, and it is announced that she has become Onpu's manager. 
  • The second arc of the season begins in this episode, which also introduces the second and final antagonist. 

Dub Changes

  • Paint Edit: On Majorika's blow dryer is the word MAHO, in the dub it's erased.
  • Onpu had passed three consecutive exams with perfect scores and was allowed to skip due to this. In the dub Laralie just mentions she skipped a level.
  • Onpu Segawa has been renamed Ellie Craft.
  • Paint Edit: Tamaki's signature on her photo was edited to spell JOSIE, her dub name.
  • Tamaki was compared to a ghost, in the dub it's zombie.
  • The movie was originally titled "Loves Call", in the dub it's "Whispers of rain".
  • Tamaki claimed Onpu to be out of style, in the dub she calls those who like Ellie a loser.
  • Aiko originally thought the Onpu they saw was an impersonator, in the dub Mirabelle said twin sister.
  • Paint Edit: Onpu's signature on the chalkboard was edited to her dub name. It's also the edited the second time when she was asked to write it again.
  • Onpu explains that she may be busy due to work, then Seki-sensei told her to sit by Aiko. In the dub Ellie says when she isn't busy she's at school or having fun, then Ms. Cooper said to just take a seat.
  • Doremi is happy since Onpu is an idol and therefore, has more power then Tamaki. Seki-sensei then says it's time for class. In the dub Dorie just says it was cool that Ellie knows them before Ms. Cooper just tells them "that's enough".
  • Since Doremi interrupted class Seki-sensei made her answer the first question. In the dub, she rudely asked Doremi if there was something she wished to say.
  • Seki-sensei told the boy students to stop being so clingy with Onpu. In the dub they were told not to follow her home.
  • Paint Edit: The learning book Onpu is shown holding.
  • Aiko asks to come and play at Onpu's house sometime. In the dub, Mirabelle instead invited Ellie to come over.
  • Onpu told Tamaki that show business isn't nearly as easy as she thinks it is. In the dub, she apologized for bursting her bubble in a snub tone.
  • Scene Skip: After Onpu leaves, an overly happy Oyajide is shown.
  • Paint Edit: All the film related items, including the shirts worn by people were blanked.
  • Aiko noticed a lot of Onpu's fans have shown up. In the dub, Mirabelle just says the whole town is there.
  • Hazuki comments on how nice Tamaki's tennis pose was, but Aiko claims she isn't that good of a player in real life. In the dub, they just talk about Ellie's turn.
  • In the audience, Onpu's mom says Onpu doesn't just practice like normal kids. In the dub, the woman stands up while boasting, wondering who is Ellie's mom when in fact she knows she herself is.
  • Added: Originally music played during the montage. But during the singing part, the dub had the actresses actually sing.
  • Doremi uses her magic to turn into Princess Kaguya. In the dub she asked for a multicolored coat.
  • When Onpu reveals herself as an apprentice, she claims to always have wanted to be a witch when she was little. In the dub, she made up a witch role named Gardenia.
  • Before she leaves, Onpu says to the Ojamajo "I hope you'll take care of me". In the dub, the line was changed.


  • When Oyajide is shown cheering for Onpu on the side, the coat he put on is not colored. 


  • Onpu's audition number is 35, the same as this episodes number.
    • Except for the dub, because this episode is counted as episode 34.