The Tap Disappeared at the Festival!
Japanese Title 夏祭りにタップが消えた!

Natsu Matsuri ni Tappu ga Kieta!

Dub Title To Catch A Thief
Season Season 1
Episode № 29
Air Date August 22, 1999 (JP)

November 13, 2007 (US)

Screenplay Atsushi Maekawa
Storyboard Yoshihiro Oka
Episode Direction Yoshihiro Oka
Animation Direction Akira Inagami
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Previous Episode Love is a Windy Ride over a Plateau


One evening Yuki-sensei approaches a man, and she apologizes for being late and making him wait. But the flustered male claims it's alright and he suggests they get going now and she agrees.


There's plenty of drama going on at the festival; Doremi's tap gets stole, a thief is running around, and Seki-sensei is quite jealous and suspicious over Yuki-sensei's date. Will the entire festival be ruined?



At work the ojamajo are distratced with thoughts reguarding the Summer Festival coming up. Upon hearing this Oyajide is quick to claim that a Cursed Item will be there, but the girls don't believe him and just ignore what he has to say. He ends up admitting that he really wants to go, and he is scolded by them. But Hazuki promises to bring him if they do find anything suspicious and shuts the lid on him.  They resume discussion about their plans to sale the magical goods at the festival when Doremi points out she's already got a good idea for what to do with their crafts.

While everyone is curious, they say nothing of it until that night; where Doremi reveals her ideas. They made it a dart game and depending on what spot is hit, that will determine what prize the winner can pick from. They also include default prizes as well, so that everyone at least gets something. Majorika compliments Doremi on her wonderful idea as they watch from the back, while Pop just claims Doremi got the idea from something else.

Meanwhile, the SOS are offered to try the darts game. As they play it is shown that the Yousei are spinning the dart board from behind the scene. Tamaki shows up and after taking a moment, she watches the attraction and she takes a turn to play. She manages to get the #1 prize and Kotake shows up to play too, but he ends up accidentally hitting Majorika and gets a default prize.

Tamaki suddenly recalls that a pickpocket was running around and she brings him up with him. At first, this sounds like an innocent gesture; until she uses it to mock Doremi before taking off. Doremi and Aiko take a second to ask Hazuki what spell got put onto the bracelet Tamaki took and share a laugh after she tells them. After Kotake and the SOS pick a prize, they leave also. Doremi gives chase to the strange man she happens to spot nearby, but when she does she happens to notice Yuki-sensei with a guy nearby. Seki-sensei suddenly shows up demanding to know what is going on, then she goes to look while the girls follow from a safe distance; leaving Pop in charge of the stand, who is visisted by her friends right after. She asks them if they will buy anything, but everyone gets distracted by spotting Majorika nearby.  

And so, the Ojamajo and Seki-sensei spy on Yuki-sensei and her boyfriend. They follow them, eavesdrop, and even stop to enjoy a snack. But when they happen to notice Yuki-sensei's purse is open, they decide to warn her about the pickpocket. But just when they try, someone suddenly runs into Doremi and Seki-sensei; knocking Doremi down. Unknown to her, her tap flies out of her pocket and is kicked to a nearby area, away from everyone. Seki-sensei sees her wallet has been stolen and leaves to call the police. Doremi then finds out her tap has been stolen. 

The tap rolls down a nearby hill where a cute poodle checks out the area. After she spots the tap, she pokes at if a few times and is quickly enveloped in a brick pink light. 

Angrily, Majorika scolds Doremi for losing her tap and Lala questions why Doremi would be a target since she is a child. The girls try to look overhead by using their brooms, but they are unable to find anything suspicious or see the guy. 

Meanwhile, Yuki-sensei and her date discuss the pickpocket in a discrete manner. She is worried they may not catch him but the man tries to explain that nobody would pass someone like her up; cute and innocent, with her purse left open and everything. But they just happen to spot the pickpocket at that very moment as the girls do too. 

This messes up the man's plan however, as Aiko makes an attempt to use magic in order to save Yuki-sensei's purse from being stolen. Doremi takes too long to try to find her tap and is accidentally handcuffed by the man instead. They apologize to each other and he resumes chasing after the pickpocket right after. Doremi then starts to ask who the guy is and Yuki prepares to tell her, only for Doremi's scream to startle her.

Doremi has just found her witch uniform being worn by a cute little poodle next to her!

Doremi quickly excuses herself and runs to chase after the poodle (whose name is revealed to be Mary) when Aiko and Hazuki grab ahold of her and follow her. They realize that Doremi's tap was never stolen, but it just fell out of her pocket and Mary happened to find it. Doremi is able to keep up with Mary, right until she finds a metal pipe the little dog is able to fit through but she is not. So Hazuki transorms Doremi into a little dog so that she can.

Meanwhile, Seki-sensei has been talking to the police when someone suddenly shouts about the pickpocket.  She and the police head towards the voice while Doremi tries to grab Mary and get her tap back. The woman who owns Mary calls out for her, worried that her little dog may be lost. But Mary hears the woman and runs as quickly as she can, to hop into the basket on the bike she rides. But the pickpocket grabs the bike and uses it to get away from the police. To help Doremi run faster, Hazuki casts magic again to turn her into a horse. But the man trying to catch the pickpocket spots her standing there and thinks she is just a horse someone has there, so he tries to use Doremi to capture the pickpocket.


As the chase continues, Mary hears her owner again and hops out of the basket as the man riding it speeds down the path. She leans in a way that causes the tap to fall off, causing the outfit to vanish while she reunites with her owner. Doremi, still in horse form continues to chase, now that she sees it. But at the rate she goes, the man is knocked off of her and she slides down the hill to grab the tap. Unfortunetly she returns to normal while still going down the hill and ends up with it in her mouth and kind of dirty. But she is so thankful that she doesn't even care. 

Kotake happens to be riding on his skateboard while Doremi walks into the main area of the fair. But by the time they realize they are going to run into each other, they end up falling over while the skateboard keeps going. This causes the pickpocket to step onto it and fly into the air and fall down; allowing the man chasing him to grab ahold of him and arrest the guy. He introduces himself as Yamamoto, the neighbor of Yuki-sensei and an undercover cop. He asked Yuki-sensei to roleplay as a couple with him to lure the pickpocket yet. 

Seki-sensei, despite being a bit flustered by her missunderstanding still thinks of it as an excuse to go out on a date with Yuki also. He gets a bit embaressed, but everyone finds it amusing and share a laugh with each other as Majorika complains over how messed up that evening was. 

That following day, all of the students as Misora Elementary are lined up for the vice-principal to announce that Summer vacation is almost over. He asks if they have done their homework and after everyone is settled down, the staff ask Kotake to come up to the podium, as he did have a big hand in stopping the pickpocket. He is given a paper from the principal and claims that he didn't really do anything, but everyone just cheers and applauds him anyway. Except for Doremi, until she realizes that her charm may have helped out after all, and it will be good business for the Maho-dou. So she joins everyone in on cheering for Kotake as the episode ends.


  • Time, stop
  • Doremi-chan, turn into a dog
  • Turn into a horse

Major Events

  • Doremi temporarily loses her abilities as a witch apprentice during the episode. But by the end of it, she gets her tap back. 

Dub Changes

  • Skipped Scene: Doremi talks about the festival as everyone calls Oyajide an idiot as a closeup of Lala is shown. In the dub, the portion of Lala being shown up-close was cut. 
  • Majorika threatens the ojamajo by saying their items better sale. In the dub, Patina just said they will pay for anything that doesn't sell.
  • Majorika comments on what Doremi made, saying it looks like an eggplant. Lala says it looks like a carrot, and Aiko wasn't sure what it was. In the dub Patina says it looks like her cousin, Laralie thinks it looks like someone from a cartoon, and Mirabelle said it looked like a country singer. In both versions it is actually a Pineapple.
  • After Doremi says this, they all agree on it. In the dub everyone instead laughs.
  • Paint Edit: The small sign with kanjii on it was stretched to say Country Fair.
  • Paint Edit: A sign with kanji warning everyone to be careful of any pickpockets has been changed to simply say GAMES.
  • Paint Edit: The wheel behind Aiko was blanked.
  • Poppu claims that Doremi's idea came from tv while in the dub, she sarcastically claims to have invented cotton candy.
  • Aiko asks if the Pickpocket stole purses, while in the dub she asks where any information may have been heard from.
  • Tamaki points out which item she wants, an item with a spell to make everyone like you. To which Aiko says she needs it. In the dub, Josie just mentions she'll give the charm to her dog as Mirabelle points out the spell makes you eat a lot and maybe her dog will bite her.
  • The promise between Yuki-sensei and Seki-sensei was "when one got a boyfriend they'd introduce the boyfriend to the other". In the dub they said If they both don't have dates then neither would have a date.
  • Paint Edit: A sign with big red kanji on it was edited to say Ice Cream.
  • Scene Skip: The cute poodle that finds Doremi's tap and puts on the witch costume as Majorika calls Doremi an idiot.
  • Aiko said Hazuki did a good job using her magic to transform Doremi into a dog while Doremi thanks her. In the dub, Mirabelle just says that now Dorie is the perfect size to fit into the tubes as Dorie asks for them to wish her luck.
  • The dog was named Mary. In the dub she's renamed Charlene.
  • Majorika said she was scared when Doremi lost her tap. In the dub, Patina said she was tired and annoyed since Caitlinn's friends wouldn't leave her alone.


  • During the dancing scene, Yuki's fan was originally shown to be yellow. After a close up it's pale pink.


  • A random woman carries a paper fan labeled TOEI, a very well-known anime and merchandise company.
    • On Pop's fan there was a witch frog head. 
    • One of the toys at a game booth in this episode is of Stonston from Yume No Crayon Oukoku, the show that played in Ojamajo Doremi's timeslot the year before its' debut.
  • During the preview of this episode, they make it seem as if Doremi is being charged for the criminal activity going on in the episode. But in the actual episode, it was an accident that she was handcuffed. 
  • Pop is shown using red clay in this episode.