The Search for the Herbs! Maho-dou's Bus Trip
Baby Majorika
Japanese Title ハーブを探せ!MAHO堂バスの旅

Hābu wo Sagase! Mahodō Basu no Tabi

Season Sharp
Episode № 9 (60)
Air Date April 2, 2000
Screenplay Reiko Yoshida
Storyboard Takuya Igarashi

Hideki Hiroshima

Episode Direction Takuya Igarashi

Hideki Hiroshima

Animation Direction Toshie Kawamura
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Opening Clip

An elderly figure speaks to the resting baby on her lap. She expresses her wish that it grows up to be very helpful, but tells it that it must never forget her. 


After Hana-chan it fit to start eating Magic Herbs the girls go out to search for them. On the way they come across a kind elderly woman who seems to have a personal relationship with Majorika.


One day, the ojamajo are feeding Hana-chan while Onpu moves some potted plants. As they discuss how much more she is able to drink, Majorika points out that it may be the time for her to start being given the special magic herbs; which happen to be Lavender and Mint. Dela appears to offer them the many plants on a tray she brought with her, to see if they would like any while they are on sale. The girls don't really trust her however, but they decide to since it is for Hana. But Onpu asks if they could get the magic herbs elsewhere, and Majorika recalls that there is one witch at Izu Plateau who takes care of such herbs. So the girls decide it would be much cheaper to just go and get them, rather then buy them. 


They decide to bring Hana-chan along with them and go out to observe the bus they plan to use. They explain to Onpu who they took temporary residence inside of it while Majoruka held ownership of the shop sometime before Onpu found her.

They use their magic to transform it, while Majorika casts her own spell to make a doll to drive the bus. Onpu also uses her magic to summon a special babysit for Hana, while Aiko uses her magic to summon a microphone so that they can have some karaoke while on the bus trip. Before they go, Majorika shows the girls a banner and mentiosn to them that they should try to do some business while on the road; which annoys the girls, although they choose not to argue and take off soon after. 

While Aiko and Doremi sing, Hana-chan wakes up and begins to cry. They all check on her to see that she needs to be changed, so they decide to pull over at the nearest rest stop ahead. There, the girls go to change Hana while Onpu stays with the bus. By the time they return though, they find that Majorika used Onpu to attract a huge crowd to their "traveling shop", and they take off a while later after Onpu manages to sell most of the plants. In this time Majorika counts the money and the girls grow annoyed once more, until she informs them that they are close to their destintation.  The girls get off of the bus and accuse Majorika of lying to them after they come to a Herb House. They believe she only wanted the extra money by using Onpu, but Majorika claims that she was telling them the truth. They begin to bicker until an elderly woman steps out of the house and attempts to greet them; only to stumble out while Majorika hides. When she sees this, she is quick to try to help the woman, who instead lands on top of her. 

The clumsy woman apologizes and mentions to have always been this way before addressing Majorika as a "Magical Caterpillar". But after Majorika informs her that she is a Magic Frog, the woman fears she will also become once since the girls caught her, but Majorika is quick to stop her by mentioning their apprentice status. With that, the woman brings them inside and introduces herself as Majoririka while giving them all some tea. Doremi thinks the name sounds a lot like Majorika's own, but Majorika quickly points out they need to feed Hana to change the subject. The woman offers to feed her and mentions that she doesn't mind since she's taken care of a magic baby before, and Majorika takes this chance to explain why they came there. However, Majoririka explains that a hot spring was found beneath the garden so it has since become a vacation home. 

The girls are disappointed by the news but the woman suggests that they can all go and relax in the Hot Springs before they leave. But to their surprise, it is actually far from a Hot Springs; it's a jungle surrounding a small heated pool. So the girls decide to just clean the room a bit, which surprises Majoririka. She comes into the room but ends up slipping and landing on Majorika once again. 

After they finish everyone prepares to head inside, but suddenly Hana-chan starts to hiccup; causing many strange things to start to appear, such as flowers, bananas, duck toys. Everyone is concerned until Majoririka explains that magical babies tend to get magical hiccups from time to time, and Majorika reveals that if they can find some mint, they can make something to cure the hiccups. Majoririka transforms into her witch attire to go and look, but the girls offer to go instead out of fear she will just hurt herself. They show her their magic phones they can use to keep in touch, and they take off as she summons a green crystal ball to keep an eye on the girls in order to give them directions. 

At one point she hangs up to think about the directions, oblivious to the many dangers Majorika is able to keep her from being inflicted by. But when one of the items is about to hit her, Lala calls out to her, causing Majoririka to realize that this frog in front of her is really Majorika. She sees that Majorika, her daughter has also caught the magical hiccups now and takes off to search for the mint herself; leaving Hana-chan behind.

Majorika is quick to call the girls and asks Doremi and Aiko to keep her mother safe from harm, but Majoririka is very stubborn and refuses to stop to listen to them. She has to do this or else she is sure they will never find the mint. But suddenly she comes close to falling into the ocean and the girls quickly cast Magical Stage to save her. 

By the time they get back to her, Majoririka suddenly reveals that she has remembered where the plant is: behind a Japanese Bun Shop Sign. 

Glowing Mix
The girls go behind the giant sign and much to their surprise, there are all of the herbs they need. Majorika tells Doremi to move her poron by the plant, and if it was to glow the girls can tell if they found a magical plant.

After they gather some they head back and Majoririka makes a mixture for Hana-chan. At first Hana hesitates and does not want to try it, but she is soon convinced to try the gooey substance and perks up when she realizes her hiccups are gone; which also cheers up the girls. 

Majoririka then offers the herb substance to a reluctant Majorika, and while she sucks on the stick given to her the girls ask why she never told them about Majoririka before. Majorika sadly mentions how she didn't want her mother to see her like this, since she worked so hard to raise her. But Majoririka tells her that no matter what happens to Majorika, or no matter what she looks like, she would always love her because she is her daughter. She begins to comfort Majorika afterwards and shows the girls a picture of Majorika as a baby. 

When Doremi notices a photo tucked behind this one, she pulls it out to see that Majoririka fell off of her chair while holding Majorika. Which makes the girls tease Majorika and ask how she turned out to be so greedy and cold; but this makes her yell at them, only to smile right after and look up to Majoririka.

A flashback then plays while the episode comes to an end.


  • Turn this into a gardening bus
  • Make the sign new too
  • Come out, Hana-chan's child seat
  • Come out, microphone
  • Save grandma Ririka


  • Majoririka: Oh yeah, I think this will work.
  • Doremi: What is it?
  • Majoririka: Um... bento.
  • Doremi: bento?
  • Majoririka: No, it's mantou.
  • Majorika: It's mint.


  • As the ojamajo study the bus, notice that the bottom of Aiko's hair is colored like the highlight of her hair; rather then being darker then the base color.
    • In the scene right before this, Aiko's tap is perfectly circular; when it should be flower-shaped for the sharp apprentice uniform.
  • When the ojamajo are shown close up to observe the new bus, Hazuki's earrings are brown.
  • After the red flowers sprout in the hot springs room, the middle of Aiko's shirt is the same color as her jumper, not green as it should be.
  • As Hazuki smiles at Hana-chan after her hiccups stop, notice that her sleeves have become the color of her vest, when it should be white. 
  • As the girls notice the sign being put onto the bus, Hana-chan's little pom pom is white, instead of pink. 
  • When Majorika kicks the alarm clock, her lips are green like her body. 
  • After the girls return with the magic herbs, for the rest of the episode Hana-chan's main portion of her hat is light green, when it should be solid white like it was throughout the episode. 


  • The song Aiko and Doremi chose to sing while riding on the bus is this seasons theme song .