Name Changes

Type Original Magical Doremi
Name Baaya Ms. Suki

Paint Edits

Dialogue Changes

Original Magical Doremi
Aiko tells Dela she is number 1 in hopes of flattering her. Mirabelle tells her she is the smartest lady in the Lunaverse.
Majoruka wished to eat Revolving Sushi. Cheesecake.
Majoruka comments that she enjoys the atmosphere after the lights go out. Petunia deems it to be romantic.
Amazed by Baaya's loudness, Aiko thinks she is awesome. Mirabelle complains to have a headache.
Doremi's Mom reveals buying the charm because it was cheap. Doremi takes it and tells her this is why she's hurt. Dorie's mom bought it to improve her luck, but Dorie calls it tacky.

Skipped/Changed Scenes

Original Magical Doremi
Majorika wonders if maybe the "Original" Maho-do is doing better because of the name. She starts to wonder the results if she would have changed its name.
After the girls collaspe on the ground they found themselves back in the shop.
Hazuki worriedly fears they will be old women by the time they are able to get the chance to get back into the Maho-do. The dub cut to the girls eating cookies, leaving the old lady thought out of the dub.

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