The Road to being a level 6 Witch is Hard
Japanese Title 6級魔女への道は遠い!?

Roku-kyū Majo he no Michi wa Tōi!?

Dub Title We Need A Wandawhirl
Season Season 1
Episode № 22
Air Date July 4, 1999 (JP)

February 25, 2006 (US)

Screenplay Reiko Yoshida
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
Next Episode Big Change! The Ojamajo's Test
Previous Episode Majoruka's Goods are full of danger!


As each girl appears she starts moping while all together they realize how much harder everything is becoming and worry they may not have too many options left. After being silent the entire time, Doremi finally yells while they vanish from the screen.


The Ojamajo may have saved everyone from the bad spells inside Majoruka's charms but they still need to find a way to take back the Maho-do!


Majorika is trying to figure out why Majoruka has so much business and begins to think that it has something to do with the name. Lala informs her that it isn't why, but it's because of her beautiful employees, as well as the fact she's always having a sale. The ojamajo are trying to make a lot of charms to sell but it isn't good enough for Majorika, even though Doremi points out that the entire mess is her fault to begin with.

It's then Dela shows up to offer the Ojamajo some news and Magic Spheres. However, nobody is really in the mood and they snap at her, so she threatens not to tell them anything until they beg her. So, Dela informs them that a very special exam is being held in the Witch World and anyone who passes it will be leveled up. The ojamajo consider passing, but Majorika convinces them to try anyway. If they can beat this exam then they will gain stronger wands and become level six witches.

But there's still a problem. To get into the witch world, they will have to go through the portal behind the door in the Maho-do. Which they are no longer allowed to enter. So they begin to devise a plan and send Majoruka a letter from a revolving sushi joint, in order to get everyone to leave. But after Doremi realizes how long they had to wait, they peek inside to find
Majoruka has simply used her magic to make a revolving sushi machine.

Next Hazuki attempts to try by short circuiting the power in hopes of running in while they can't see anything. But Majoruka uses her magic again to summon a bunch of candles. Aiko then attempts to flood the Original Maho-do, but Majoruka changes it into bubbles. Seeing how bad the girls are doing, Majorika suddenly tells them that Majoruka hates butterflies so they use magic to send one into the shop.

But nothing happens, until a giant butterfly appears out of the roof top.

Lala's Shock
Once again Majorika appears, but this time just tells the girls to give up since their level seven magic is too weak to beat a real witch. Everyone retreats and Lala stays back to keep an eye out on things at the Original Maho-do.

Once everyone decides to go to sleep in the shop she witnesses some surprising things. Like the male sleeping upside down, and the woman curled up on the floor with a curly tail. She then freaks out after seeing Lala in her cat form, so she quickly runs back. Lala is quick to report everything and Doremi realizes just what is going on and they head back outside, now that she has an idea. The ojamajo cast magical stage in order to rid of the workers. Distracting them with a fly and some cheese, which changes them back to their normal animal forms.

When Majoruka gets up to investigate all of the noise, she sees everyone in the Maho-do, where Doremi reveals that she recorded the entire event and threatens to show everyone if Majoruka won't let them through the portal. Angry about what happened, Majoruka allows them inside. But when the girls reach the exams booth they find Mota and Motamota leaving and they inform the girls that the test is finished and they missed it. Since it's morning, they take their leave. So with no other choice the girls are forced to head back to the Maho-do bus.

Later at the Harukaze household, Haruka reveals the prizes from the shopping district she won. Pop is happy but she warns their mother to be careful so she doesn't hurt her back again. She seems fine, but a moment later her back gives out on her and she is forced to go to bed early. During dinner, Doremi and Pop complain about how small dinner is, but Keisuke claims that tomorrow they can have Sashimi so he hopes his daughters can just deal with it for the time being.

The following day, a cranky Doremi complains about all of the house work she was forced to do previously because of her mom's injury. In class she finds an equally worn out Aiko and Hazuki, who have also dealt with some troubling problems back at home.
Doremi peace!
Once school ends, Hazuki reveals to them that she can't go to the maho-do because she wants to make sure Baaya doesn't hurt herself trying to bake Hazuki a cake.

Concerned for Baaya, as well as Aiko's curiousity, the girls decide to come with Hazuki to make sure everything will be okay. They are greeted very loudly, though Hazuki insists that Baaya doesn't need to greet her while she's not feeling well, only for Baaya to run into the kitchen and remove the burnt cake from the oven. She apologizes for ruining it, though nobody seems to be upset other then herself.

Hazuki tries to tell Baaya to take it easy, but since she wont listen, Doremi decides to use magic in order to help her. After Hazuki takes her to another room, Doremi uses her magic to make the cake edible. They then show her before Aiko uses her magic to cut the grass in the yard after Baaya passes out and by the time they can hide again, Hazuki reveals she was forced to use magic as well, so everyone is down to only two spheres. They all begin to lose hope in ever getting back the Maho-do when Hazuki notices Baaya trying to clean a high window in a dangerous spot and she falls. With no choice the girls cast Magical Stage to save her - but because of this, they don't have any more Magic Spheres left.

They take Baaya to her bedroom and discuss this problem but Baaya starts awakening. She apologizes for not being able to do her work but Hazuki and the ojamajo inform her it's alright and for right now she just needs to rest and not move around so much. When Baaya mentions a good luck charm she bought recently, the ojamajo go to check it out and in disbelief realize it belongs to Majoruka.

The neighbors house keeper gave it to her and Baaya mentions that she did a lot more work with it, but she's also been feeling extra tired.  Doremi and Aiko begin to realize that maybe their parents also got more of Majoruka's charms, since it would explain why they were getting sick or hurt. So after Hazuki asks Baaya to throw the charm away, Doremi and Aiko proceed to rush home in order to do the same.

Unfortunately, At the Maho-do, business is still as normal as ever. If not, better. The girls still have no idea what to do since it seems no matter what, they just can't win: they have no more Magic Spheres and don't have any other chances to take the exam they need now. Even if they did, they wouldn't have any magic to use for it.


  • (Doremi made a revolving sushi letter)
  • (Hazuki turned out the lights)
  • (Aiko flooded the Maho-do)
  • Show your true selves, employees
  • Turn into a delicious cake
  • Help Baaya

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • At the beginning of the episode, one of the SALE signs is backwards
  • When Doremia asks Dela to tell them whatever news she has, Her eye is pure black.
  • When Lala points out there is a problem, the right curl part of her hair isn't connected like it should be. 
  • The burnt mess on the cake wasn't fully covering the cake when it's first shown. But when Baaya takes it out and sets it on the floor it is.
  • As Doremi peaks into the Maho-do, her beads are missing from her tap and wand. The same happens to Aiko and Hazuki. Also note that Doremi's tap is a different shade of pink then Aiko and Hazuki's.
  • The spheres also go missing when the ojamajo get away from the window after Majoruka reveals she found them out. Also note Hazuki's crossed legs, a gap between them is skin colored while it should be dark.
  • After Aiko makes rain form in the Maho-do, the ojamajo are missing their tap beads again, as well as wands. Also note Doremi's tap being the same color as her dress, not the pale pink it should be.
  • The same above happens again when the ojamajo wait for the butterfly, and after they return from the magical world. 
  • When Doremi tells Hazuki not to worry about the fact she just has 2 spheres left, she's missing the beads on her tap.
    • right before then, notice that she is also not wearing her glove. 
  • As Doremi comments that they wont be able to take the exam, her tap is the same color of her dress.
  • When the ojamajo comment on how they used more magic spheres during magical stage, the end of Aiko's wand is the same color of her glove, not a dark pink like it should be.
  • When Aiko tells Baaya to just rest, the button attached to the strap hanging down is green, not yellow like it should be.
  • As Hazuki says they need to save Baaya, she's not shown with her gloves on.
  • After Lala sneaks out of the Maho-dou and the ojamajo are shown moping, notice how different the clay items on the table changes between shots.
    • When Doremi stands up in the same scene, her tap lacks detail. 
  • When the girls lay down in the shop after they return from the witch world, their taps lack detail.