The Road to being a level 6 Witch is Hard
Japanese Title 6級魔女への道は遠い!?

Roku-kyū Majo he no Michi wa Tōi!?

Dub Title We Need A Wandawhirl
Season Season 1
Episode № 22
Air Date July 4, 1999 (JP)

February 25, 2006 (US)

Screenplay Reiko Yoshida
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
Next Episode Big Change! The Ojamajo's Test
Previous Episode Majoruka's Goods are full of danger!


The trio mope over how hard everything is now, and they worry that they can't succeed. Having been silent the entire time, Doremi suddenly yells out and they vanish.


After saving everyone the girls focus on taking back the Maho-do while protecting their loved ones from Majoruka's evil charms. But in order to achieve this they need to take their exams to become stronger; but how could they possibly do that when the only way to the Witch World is through the shop?!


Majorika is trying to figure out why Majoruka has so much business and begins to think that it has something to do with the changed name. Lala is pretty sure that it isn't it- but her beautiful employees and often sales. The girls are trying their best but it isn't good enough for Majorika when it gives them such little business in comparison.

Doremi points out that the entire mess was her fault to begin with and they are joined by Dela, who has some good news and Magic Spheres for them. But after they suddenly snap at her, she threatens not to help them until being begged. She informs everyone that a special exam is being held in the Witch World soon, and anybody who can pass it will gain a level. The girls consider passing it not in the mood, but Majorika manages to convince them to try by reminding them that they will become strong, level six witch apprentice.

But there is still a problem: to get into the witch world, they will have to go through the portal behind the door in the Maho-do. Which they are no longer allowed to enter.

With that the girls attempt to devise a plan to get inside, and they
send Majoruka a letter involving a new revolving sushi restaurant and wait outside for everyone to leave. But when nothing happens they look inside to find that Majoruka has simply used her magic to make a revolving sushi machine so that they wouldn't need to leave. Hazuki takes her turn next and attempts to short circuit the shop so that they could just run in without being seen- but Majoruka thought ahead and uses her magic to summon a bunch of lit candles and compliments the mood it sets. Aiko then attempts to flood the shop but Majoruka changes the water into bubbles.

It's then Majorika remembers something and she informs the girls of how much Majoruka detests butterflies. With their magic the girls attempt to summon one; only for Majoruka to turn it back on them by summoning a large, scary butterfly that flies out of the roof and scares the girls away.

By now Majorika suggests the girls give up as they aren't strong enough to fight Majoruka like this. They head back to the bus but Lala decides to stay behind and do a little snooping, sneaking into the shop in her cat
Lala's Shock
form when she believes everyone has gone to bed. She is alarmed to find that the male worker is sleeping upside down from the ceiling, and the woman worker is curled up on the floor and has a long curled tail. After she suddenly wakes up she panics seeing the cat formed Lala, and she quickly takes off to report her findings.

Inspired by this Doremi has a good idea and the girls return to the shop. The girls cast magical stage and ask for help to get rid of the workers, causing a fly and some cheese to appear, distracting the two and making them return into their normal forms. By the time Majoruka gets up to investigate, she is shocked to see the Ojamajo, Lala, Majorika, and their fairies there, and after Doremi reveals that she recorded everything they witnessed she threatens to show other people unless she lets them into the Witch World. Seeing no choice, Majoruka lets them inside.

The girls hurriedly rush to the location of the exams where they find Mota and Motamota leaving. They inform the girls that the test is finished and they missed it, and since it is now morning they are free to leave. Feeling defeat, the girls have no choice but to return to home for the time being.

Later at the Harukaze household, Haruka reveals the prizes from the shopping district she won; a set of watermelons. Pop is happy but she warns their mother to be careful so she doesn't hurt her back again, and while Haruka insists she is fine, her back suddenly gives out and she is forced to take things easily in bed. This causes Doremi to worry, and during dinner the girls begin to complain over the meager meal their father prepared. Keisuke claims that tomorrow they can have Sashimi to make up for how last-minute this was, and asks them to try to deal with it for now.

The next day, Doremi is in a cranky mood with all the house work she had been forced to do due to her mothers injury. In class she finds an equally worn out Aiko and Hazuki, who have also dealt with some troubling problems back at home.
Doremi peace!

Once school ends, Hazuki reveals to them that she can't go to the maho-do today, because she wants to make sure Baaya doesn't hurt herself. She had offered to bake a cake for her, but after what recently happened she wants to keep an eye on her. Equally concerned, Aiko and Doremi agree to join her instead.

They are greeted very loudly despite Hazuki's protests that it isn't necessary while Baaya is like this, but she refuses and runs to the kitchen to pull out the burnt remnants of the cake she was working on. She apologizes for ruining it, ignoring Hazuki's attempts to calm her down as Doremi decides to cast magic to help her out a little. After Hazuki leads Baaya to another room Doremi makes the cake in edible condition, and as they show her Aiko quickly casts a spell to cut the grass in the Fujiwara's large yard.

Afterwards Baaya suddenly passes out, and Hazuki reveals that she also used magic to assist her, so now all three of them are down to two spheres. At this point they are beginning to feel hopeless over ever getting the shop back, when suddenly Hazuki sees a frightening sight; Baaya is trying to clean a high window in a dangerous location. The girls panic when she suddenly slips, and with no choice they cast Magical Stage in order to save her. But due to this action they have no remaining magic spheres.

They take Baaya to her bedroom and discuss this new issue until she awakens to apologize for not being able to do her work for the family. Hazuki and the girls tell her it's okay though, and inform her that for the time being she needs to avoid moving around so much and rest. It's then Baaya mentions a good luck charm she bought recently, and the girls are horrified when they recognize it as one of Majoruka's again. She explains that the neighbors house keeper gave it to her, and how initially she did a lot more work while holding it- but for some reason it's made her very tired.

Doremi and Aiko begin to realize that their parents must have also gotten their hands on these charms, which would explain why their parents are
suddenly getting sick and hurt too. Hazuki pleadingly asks Baaya to throw the charm away, and after she agrees, the girls rush back for home in order to do the same.

While their parents are confused, the girls manage to get the job done. Unfortunately business isn't going so well and the "Original Maho-do" is doing better than ever before. The girls feel lost by this point when it seems they can't get a break no matter what they do, and now they don't even have anymore Magic Spheres to take the exam.


  • (Doremi made a revolving sushi letter)
  • (Hazuki turned out the lights)
  • (Aiko flooded the Maho-do)
  • Show your true selves, employees
  • Turn into a delicious cake
  • Help Baaya

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • At the beginning of the episode, one of the SALE signs is backwards.
  • When Doremi asks Dela to tell them whatever news she has, her eye is pure black.
  • When Lala points out there is a problem, the right antennae isn't connected to her. 
  • The burnt cake was only partially ruined when shown, but after Baaya takes it out of the oven and sets it down, it is completely covered.
  • As Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki peak into the Maho-do, the beads are missing from their taps and wands.
    • Also note that Doremi's tap is a different shade of pink while theirs are normal.
  • The spheres also go missing when the ojamajo get away from the window after Majoruka reveals she found them.
    • While Hazuki's legs are crossed during this part is a skin-tone gap that should be the sceneries color.
  • After Aiko casts her rain spell the groups tap beads go missing, as well as from their poron.
    • Also note Doremi's tap matches her dress rather than its normal lighter color.
    • This also happens when the girls wait for the butterfly, after returning from the witch world, and after she remarks on how they can't take the exam.
  • When Doremi tells Hazuki not to worry about the fact she just has 2 spheres left, she's missing the beads on her tap.
    • Her gloves also go missing momentarily during this scene, and during the scene when she says they must save Baaya. 
  • When the ojamajo comment on how they used more magic spheres during magical stage, the end of Aiko's wand is the same color of her glove.
  • When Aiko tells Baaya to rest, one of her buttons of her strap is green colored, instead of yellow.
  • After Lala sneaks out of the Maho-dou and the ojamajo are shown moping their clay items change design/shape between shots.
    • When Doremi stands up in the same scene, her tap lacks detail. 
  • When the girls lay down in the shop after they return from the witch world, their taps lack detail.