The Ojamajo's Fight for Justice!?
Japanese Title おジャ魔女·正義の戦い!?

Ojamajo Seigi no Tatakai!?

Dub Title Morph Then A Feeling
Season Season 1
Episode № 42
Air Date November 28, 1999 (JP)

February 26, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Atsushi Maekawa
Storyboard Takao Iwai
Episode Direction Takao Iwai
Animation Direction Akira Inagami
Next Episode Papa, Fireworks, and Tearful Memories
Previous Episode Father and Son, the Move Towards Victory!


The Battler trio introduce themselves on by one while posing on a mysterious stage.


The ojamajo help fellow classmate, Kota Amano in a fight with the school bully after he accidentally gets Onpu in trouble. 


Doremi is in the middle of watching one of her favorite programs as an impatient Pop tries to get her to come
with her, since they need to get to the Maho-do. She approaches Doremi to yell at her; but become distracted after they spot that the Princess of the program is being played by Onpu.

Throughout class the next day, everyone watches while two students reenact the scenes from the episode that was on the previous night. Everyone is happy and having fun, but when Kota brings up that Onpu was the princess, attention is quick to be cast towards her. Doremi can't help but comment how cute Onpu was, but this causes Aiko and Hazuki suspiciously ask her about watching the show. She claims she was only imagining things; although they are not entirely convinced. 

At the end of the day while Onpu is at her shoe locker with some fans when a bully approaches and asks Onpu for a few autographs. Onpu is kind of annoyed but she quickly agrees to it anyway; but gets stopped when Kota shows up and reminds everyone that treating Onpu like an idol is against the school rules. But he starts to argue with the bullies, which causes the Vice Principal to come by. He scolds Onpu for what she had been doing and begins to drag her back to the office. Kota follows them and tries to tell the Vice Principal what occured, but he does not listen and pushes right past him instead.

As they go into the office, Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko approach for a better look. Inside, the vice principal voices his dissaproval over Onpu's idoling and states that school should be her only priority. In the middle of lecturing her, he gets a phone call and tells Onpu to stay put before leaving the room. Onpu agrees, then takes out her tap while claiming that she has no intention to stay here for much longer. 

Onpu's magic
The trio worry, but before they can stop her they are caught by Seki-sensei and Kota; who have shown up to see what is going on. Unknown to them all, Onpu is quick to sneak into the room and casts magic before changing back to normal; so that by the time the front door opens she is standing with the Vice Principal; who insists that Onpu is not in any trouble at all. He was only there to tell her how much of a wonderful student she is. 

As Onpu heads home, the ojamajo try to make her realize that she's still using forbidden magic. But Onpu could care less and she reveals to them the Magic Charm Majoruka made for her. But before the discussion gets any further, Kota shows up to ask Onpu if she is alright. She insists that she is, and they begin to discuss her role as the Princess on Battle Rangers instead. For a moment, Onpu seems to be honestly touched after realizing how much her role truly means to Kota, and as thanks she invites him to come with her to the stage where Battle Rangers is filmed, because she has work there to do now. 

Unknown to everyone though, Hashimoto had witnessed this... 

At the Maho-do the ojamajo are too gloomy to do any work at the time. Majorika questions them but Dela shows up, demanding the months bill as it is late. She proceeds to have a little cat and mouse with Majorika until Majorika finally tells her that she does not have any money. She is scolded by Dela, then claims that Majoruka has never been this rude or irresponsible. This worries Hazuki and she points out that this probably means that Onpu has a good supply of Magic Spheres on hand and could use a whole bunch of them whenever she wants.

At the stage, Onpu brings Battler Red to meet Kota before she takes him home that night. He thanks Onpu for being so nice to him, and Onpu insists that she didn't mind; because he actually appreciated her talent as an actor rather then her cuteness as an idol. Unknown to them however, Shimakura happened to walking her dog and saw them. So she takes this moment to eavesdrop, only to be confronted by Hashimoto when he happens to spot her. She is then asked to give Kota a note the next day, because she is in his class. 

The following day at school, she rushes into the classroom while gathering everyones attention. She informs them that a fight will be taking place at Misora Park between Hashimoto and Kota. Which everyone begins to question and critisize Hashimoto for being rude. They can't understand why someone a few grades older then them would even pick a fight with him. But without a second thought Kota accepts the challange.

As this goes on, Onpu tries to claim that Hashimoto is not a bad person, but Kota only promises to handle everything and protect Onpu. Everyone is able to see how much he is into this hero role, but Doremi is the only person who agrees with his passionate words while Hazuki points out that fighting is wrong.  


At home, Onpu arrives just as her mother is leaving to grab them something for dinner. Onpu is quite unhappy though because she hates peppers, but her mom does not mind and insists that Onpu should be so picky. So as she is getting into their van, Onpu uses her magic to make her mother change her mind so that they can go out to eat, instead. 

Later that day, Kota calls out Hashimoto for bringing partners to a one-on-one fight, then calls it unfair. Hashimoto suddenly points out that he also brought a long a lot of partners and Kota turns to see Kotake, Kimura, and the ojamajo there for support. He thanks them, but when Doremi gets into it, Hazuki and Aiko question her once again. It's then the fight begins. Things seem to be alright, but the ojamajo fear this may turn ugly and try to find a way to stop it by using magical stage. As they go to do this, Shimakura, who was spying on the entire event, goes to find a teacher for help before everyone gets really hurt.

After they transform into the Majo Rangers, Aiko and Hazuki begin to panic and react accordingly. Though Doremi is entirely serious for once and she manages to just stop Hashimoto from hurting Kota! The ojamajo introduce themselves, leaving their true identities ambigous. Though Hazuki and Aiko are still embaressed...

When Hazuki suggests they should leave from the embaressement, Doremi scolds her for not addressing her as Pink. Hashimoto then pounces and begins to beat them up until Kota yells at them to stop fighting. As Hashimoto explains he is angry at Kota for stealing away Onpu from him and the fan club, Kota then questions this when Hashimota accuses him of going on a date with her. He denies this and instead explains what really happened and that he isn't into Onpu like everyone else is. He appreciates her other side, her princess role from battle ranger. Kota changes the subject to ask why he's always asking for Onpu's autograph.

To which Hashimoto explains that after he got the one for his little sister, he promised her friends he could get one for them too. But since Onpu is always so busy he can only get them at school. Kota then smiles before offering to give him Onpu's photograph and promises to run copies of it to give to Hashimoto's little sisters friends. As thanks for such a nice gesture, Hashimoto offers to give him the battle ranger plastic model. His family runs a toy shop so he can give him one. As the boys share a laugh, the ojamajo flee the area as Shimakura and Seki-sensei show up to stop the fight.

A little bit later, it's revealed that the ojamajo are laying in a heap on the other side of the hill as the other students and Seki-sensei approach to check on them. They claim to be fine and okay, and the episode comes to an end...


  • Vice Principal, please forgive me.
  • Have mama take me out to eat
  • Stop their fighting

Major Events

  • It is learned in this episode that Onpu hates Peppers. 
  • Onpu is revealed to play the role of the Princess on Battle Rangers. 

Dub Edits

  • Kota Amano is renamed Keith Lennon.
  • Hashimoto is named/called Jimbo.
  • Battler Red is called Robo Red in the dub.
  • After realizing Onpu is the princess in the series, Doremi calls her cute. In the dub, Dorie only got excited because Ellie knows Robo Red.
  • Doremi calls Onpu cute again when speaking to Onpu. In the dub she claims it to be the best episode.
  • Aiko and Hazuki ask Doremi if she watches the series and she claims she only imagined it. In the dub they just mention that she got to the shop late and Dorie claims it to just be a dream.
  • Kota calls the Vice Principal scary. In the dub Keith could barely say a full sentence due to being dizzy.
  • Paint Edit: Onpu's autographs were edited to say Ellie on them. The sign outside was also blanked.
  • The ojamajo feel bad for Onpu since the vice principals lectures tend to go on and on. In the dub they didn't even know what had been going on.
  • Onpu pops into the room while the vice principal is on the phone to hear him discuss a meeting. In the dub he says, "So I says to him I says, if you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen."
  • Onpu tells the ojamajo they should magic for what they need. In the dub she simply claims they worry too much.
  • Amano calls Onpu cute, in the dub he just says she makes an awesome Princess.
  • Doremi calls Onpu cute a third time. In the dub Dorie says she nearly cried when Ellie was carried off by Robo Red.
  • The cars angle/view was flipped to fit American roads/driving.
  • Doremi is worried because they hadn't finished their conversation. In the dub Mirabelle just says she's very stubborn.
  • Paint Edit: Outside the filming studio there's a building that says No. 3. In the dub, the No. is painted off.
  • Originally Kotake, Kimura, and Onpu talk about Hashimoto's rude behavior. In the dub, Todd said he was stupid to try to fight him while Ellie also calls fighting stupid, but it's okay since it's for her honor.
  • Onpu claims Hashimoto isn't a bad person and asks Amano to be gentle with him. In the dub, she claims she just doesn't want her fan to get hurt.
  • Onpu tells her mom she doesn't like peppers and while her mom knows, she tells her to stop being picky. In the dub Ellie's mom tells her they are having a casserole for dinner while Ellie asks why they can't just have something better like fast food, but her mom said they had did that the previous night.
  • Doremi tells Hazuki to call her Majo Ranger Pink. In the dub she instead just asks for Reanne to clarify what she said.
  • Doremi thinks a Hero Club sounds interesting. In the dub they throw suspition that Jimbo has a crush on Ellie and Dorie calls it cute.
  • Hashimoto explains that he asks for Onpu's autographs because he gets them for his little sisters friends. In the dub he tells the same story, but he also has a crush on her.
  • Hashimoto mentions his family runs a toy shop, in the dub it's a comic store.


  • At one point Aiko's music note symbol has a pink background and white coloring. It should be white background with her blue coloring on the note.
  • As Kota thanks Kotake and Kimura for help, then an long-view shot is shown. Notice his pose is different.
  • As Kotake is shown in his shot of the fight, his 8 is missing from his shirt.
  • Before the ojamajo go into hiding near the end of the episode, notice all of them have pink music notes on their belts.


  • Onpu's role as the princess of battle rangers comes up again three seasons later, during Dokkan!