The Mysterious Pretty Boy, Akatsuki-kun Appears!
Japanese Title 謎の美少年·暁くん登場!

Nazo no Bishōnen · Akatsuki-kun Toujou!

Season Sharp
Episode № 25 (76)
Air Date July 30, 2000
Screenplay Yoshimi Narita
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Akira Inagami
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Previous Episode Fried Bread Power is Scary!

Opening Clip

A starry-eyed Doremi stands in a huge flowery field dressed as a princess while someone rides around on a beautiful white Pegasus. He lands as she calls him her prince.


Doremi has finally met her perfect man. He's handsome, protective, charming, AND he likes her back! Is there more to this pretty boy then meets the eye though?


One early morning the ojamajo are having difficulty getting Hana-chan to stop crying. Hazuki offers her some honey as Lala explains Hana is cranky because they haven't been going on walks lately. Aiko thinks a small walk would be alright, but Majorika insists otherwise out of concern Oyajide will show up. They worry Hana will become even more fussy if they keep her locked up inside all day but Majorika believes in singles they aren't strong enough to keep up with Oyajide's power, they need to stay together at all times. Though the girls quickly point the flaws out in this idea...

As Doremi complains and begins to discuss the romantic summer she was hoping for, they notice a glowing coming through the magic world's portal and Majorin appears, asking them to prepare and come visit the Queen, who wishes to speak to them.

Upon arrival, the Witch Queen talks to the girls about the wizards plans involving Hana-chan. She asks Majorin to give the ojamajo their new phones, Patraine Calls. They work the same as their Kururin calls, but these can only by the royal patrain and as such, are stronger versions. After she reminds the girls how they work and asks them to protect Hana, they leave back to the Maho-do to show Majorika before they decide to practice using their calls to see how well they work.

Aiko happens to see Doremi nearby daydreaming about summer vacation and romance once again. Aiko scolds her when suddenly a customer comes in and Hana starts to cry. Doremi is instantly smitten by the strange boy as he goes on to compliment her for making Hana-chan stop crying.

Meanwhile outside, Oyajide is watching the shop. After he sees Onpu he eagerly decides to come inside to see her, only to be caught by everyone right away. He attempts to make a grab for Hana-chan when the mysterious boy manages to beat him up and send him out of the shop, scaring him off as they yell at him in front of a crowd of people.

As thanks for the help the girls offer some cookies to the mysterious boy, along with some tea. He claims to feel bad since he doesn't think he deserves the attention, though Doremi continues to stand by him while he compliments her. After he incidentally says her name, he introduces himself and claims he's heard the others address her by name. Akatsuki then asks for a bouquet of flowers, which he proceeds to give to Doremi before taking his leave. While Doremi is very smitten by Akatsuki, Aiko calls it cheesy.

As Akatsuki leaves, he is confronted by the beat up Oyajide, who accuses him of betrayal. Akatsuki assures him it's his plan to gain the groups trust. While criticizing Oyajide, Akatsuki takes his leave...

Later that night, Doremi is too busy thinking about Akatsuki to eat much of dinner and she heads to her bedroom while her parents wonder what the problem is. Pop tries to explain it to them, but they don't understand.

The following day, Doremi remains lifeless until Akatsuki appears again and explains that he has some business to attend to, that is, simply asking Doremi out on a date the following day. She claims to be free, only for Aiko to painfully remind her that it was her turn to watch Hana-chan tomorrow. However, Doremi believes it will be alright to bring Hana since it isn't very far from the Maho-do.

Meanwhile, Majorika is convincing Lala that this will be okay since Akatsuki is reliable and managed to rid Oyajide with ease, so with this in mind everyone agrees that it should be okay...

Come the next day, the two have arrived to the Fureai Ranch. Unknown to Doremi, Oyajide has disguised himself and is watching the two of them. Eventually, Doremi wants to feed the sheep and Akatsuki offers to hold Hana-chan for her, but as she goes to hand her to him, she starts to bawl so she decides against it and realizes that Hana is probably just hungry, so they decide to stop for lunch now.

After they eat, they happen to notice a Battle Rangers summer show going on nearby and Doremi goes over to check it out. Akatsuki is immediately hooked to how cool it looks as a stage woman announces that three lucky guests will receive a special limited edition Battle Ranger figure. Doremi happens to be one of the lucky guests, so she gives the prize to Akatsuki since he wanted it much more then her, which makes him very happy!

It's suddenly that Akatsuki sees something else and he flees so that Doremi will give chase. When she loses him, Oyajide surprises her by pouncing and grabbing a hold of Hana-chan, but Doremi quickly tries to use magic on the vines to help her out. She is then pinned to a tree by one of his roses!

Doremi yells at Oyajide as he tells her without the others she simply isn't strong enough. But this inspires Doremi to just call everyone using the royal patraine powers to stop him. So after unpinning herself, Doremi calls them and everyone transforms and together they cast a spell on Oyajide to take Hana back!

As Akatsuki watches the pitiful display, he uses his own magic to release Oyajide as Doremi can't see him. Hana-chan then uses her own magic to protect them from all of the falling wood pieces.

A little later Doremi reunites with Akatsuki, who claims he got lost. They leave to go back to the Maho-do while the two of them exchange farewells for the day. Doremi tries to follow him, only to see he's already gone when she runs into Hazuki instead. Hazuki claims she didn't see him and she's forced to forget about it for the time being since Majorika and Lala want to know what happened.

Nearby, a broken-legged, beaten up Oyajide berates Akatsuki, but he continues to insist their failure is because of Oyajide and he takes his leave. Oyajide angrily tells him to wait, but this pays little use in the end as he's ignored. 

That night Doremi is happily taking out the trash. Everyone comments on it when Doremi sees a star and makes her think about Akatsuki, causing her to toss the trash onto the others as the episode ends.


  • Vines, go catch Oyajide
  • A spell where tree branches grab Oyajide
  • A spell transforming Oyajide into a ball and is then hit by a huge bat


  • During Doremi's last image in the opening she seems to be wearing something at her shoulder area that wasn't shown in her previous close up.
  • In her second close up, she lacks her golden earrings.
  • When Hazuki brings in the honey her skirt lacks it's pleat lines.
  • As Akatsuki claims he got lost in the forest, part of his hair behind his head is colored yellow like the background.