The Misanthropist Majo Don and The Promise of The Herb
Japanese Title 人間嫌いのマジョドンとやくそくのハーブ

Ningen-girai no Majodon to Yakusoku no Hābu

Season Sharp
Episode № 21 (72)
Air Date July 2, 2000
Screenplay Akatsuki Yamatoya
Storyboard Naoyuki Itou
Episode Direction Naoyuki Itou
Animation Direction Chuuji Nakajima
Next Episode The Wizard's Trap - Oyajide Returns
Previous Episode I Can Meet Mom! Aiko's Tearful Reunion

Opening Clip

The ojamajo angrily protest the high cost of baby products with angrily made signs. They refuse to pay for such unreasonable prices, only to back down when a scary witch threatens to raise the prices even further!


The ojamajo are sent on a seemingly easy task to retrieve a special herb from a stingy, cold witch who hates humans!


Hana-chan has just passed her next exam and the ojamajo are quite thrilled. But as they go on to say how easy it was, Majoheart claims that maybe Hana-chan's success isn't because of them, which angers Doremi, so she gives them a little task to do. As they head to a brand new location, the other three tease Doremi since this was clearly a trick. Majoheart needed someone to do something for her and because of Doremi's anger, they were picked to do it. They aren't really angry or anything though, since it's only a little errand.

The girls decide to take a little while to explore the witch world in the mean time, since it isn't a test. They come to a cake shop and things only become awkward until the girls see Dela and they begin to make talk with her. She explains that the witches inside of this joint are those who are in charge of buying and selling magical goods throughout the witch world. Majodon is their boss and everyone is kind of frightened of her. Dela decides to take her leave but makes a note for the girls that has advice on it. For when the girls need help.

They then take their leave and are given a WHOLE bunch of magic seeds that resemble the magic spheres as change. Eventually the girls arrive to a very dark and tall building and go inside. They come by Majodon and explain why they came, after she makes them some tea really quick. They explain that they were to pick up some magical lavender she keeps in her backyard.

However... Majodon shows them the price for the lavender, then adds on a price for the team spent with her and their chat. The prices are too outrageous, so the girls decide to just leave until Hazuki remembers the letter Dela gave them. Because of this, Majodon accepts the magic seeds they have in their bag and they leave while calling her a scrooge.

Majodon begins to think of the past when the humans and witches could be together. She was to marry her boyfriend, Salvatore. But she points out that it wouldn't work out, since witches have a much longer life span then humans do, she'd have to give up being a witch if she was to marry him. So she asks to think it over first. He allows this while promising to wait forever...

Eventually she worried or waited until it finally hit her. She had to be with him!

Majodon flew back to the human world and tried to find Salvatore. But by the time she did she realizes he's already with another woman...

Majodon confronts Salvatore and asks for an answer regarding this and he explains that she never said anything, or even sent a letter in all this time. He thought she simply moved on after ten years, much to Majodon's shock. She leaves in tears as he asks her to understand while wondering why their promise meant nothing to him...

It's then Majodon realizes Majoheart is nearby. Majoheart has come by to make a bet involving the ojamajo, much to Majodon's surprise since she was one of the witch who was very supportive regarding seperating the two worlds. Majoheart's bet is that the ojamajo will return, while Majodon doesn't think they will because they are just humans. Majoheart takes her leave after she uses her grandmother's heirloom as payment for the bet.

As the ojamajo are angrily flying away they realize that maybe they were a little bit rash, especially since they had been put there to retrieve something anyway. So they head back and ask if they could pay for the lavender a different way. So she asks them to clean her house. The girls agree and ask her to watch Hana-chan for them while they do it. Eventually the ojamajo finish their work and ask for what they need to do next. Without Majodon saying anything they also do her laundry, hang it up, cook dinner for her, and go outside to tend to her garden. Majodon questions Doremi when she doesn't use magic to fetch some water and soon they finish every single possible task, and are a little dirty as a result, but they don't mind at all!

Majodon questions the ojamajo about this and they explain that they did it because they wanted to, and they promised Majoheart that they would get the lavender. This is enough to make Majodon start to laugh before she hands the girls a key to the lavender while telling them she doesn't ever want to see them again. She also gives them the object Mahoheart put up for the bet.

After they thank Majodon, the girls take their leave to go find Majoheart. The girls try to find the lavender when Onpu sees Hana-chan approaching a door covered in big vines. But suddenly Hana's magic summons a bunch of pretty flowers!

Unknown the girls the door begins to slowly open. A strange man shows up and runs down a long, dark hallway in a strange new world, speaking to a mysterious figure who has been watching the ojamajo...


  • Come out, watering jug


  • When Majoheart claims what Doremi says doesn't mean anything, Onpu's hat is dark colored like her glove and boots.
  • As Onpu says how easily Doremi was fooled, the back part of her hair lacks any shading. In the scene right after, Hazuki is lacking her ponytail.
  • When the ojamajo follow the waitress witch, Hana-chan's pigtail looks to be rather weirdly shaped and longer then it should be.
  • When Majodon asks for time to think, there's a space in her mouth that vanishes while Salvatore speaks.
  • After Onpu mentions their concern of an impossible task, notice Majodon lacks her gloves. It happens again when the ojamajo mention they have finished in the montage following it.
  • As Doremi catches the keys, in the very corner were a part of her hair should be seen, it's colored a dull shade of pink.