The Herb from the North and the Precious Memories
Japanese Title 北国のハーブと大切な思い出

Kitaguni no Herb to Taisetsu na Omoide

Season Sharp
Episode № 27 (78)
Air Date August 13, 2000
Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Yoshihiro Oka
Episode Direction Yoshihiro Oka
Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
Next Episode Health Examination Full of Hidden Dangers
Previous Episode Kanae-chan's Diet Plan

Opening Clip

Haruka, Doremi, and Pop pack up their most treasured/needed items as Haruka explains that the three of them are leaving. Keisuke doesn't understand what's going on and tries to plead with them to explain it to him while they leave...


The ojamajo go to Hokkaido in search of a herb with Majoririka. But along the way Doremi happens to see her father with a woman. Is something going on or is she reading more into it?


The ojamajo are sitting around one day at the Maho-do when Aiko points out someone flying towards them, it's Majoririka!

After they manage to get her to stop, she begins a visit with them and plays with Hana-chan until she begins to scratch herself. They inform Majoririka that she's gained a sweat rash from the warm weather, so she keeps trying to scratch at it. Majoririka tells the ojamajo that Magical Marigolds usually clear up a witches rash and mentions that they could get some at Hokkaido. So the girls, and Majoririka each go from house to house to get permission to allow the ojamamjo to travel so far away. Doremi believes it will be fine since their dad is doing some work at Hitan anyway, though Haruka hesitates until Doremi and Pop manage to convince her otherwise.

And so, that very day everyone is on the Maho-do bus and heading out towards Hokkaido. Near sunset the van gets onto a big boat that will drop them off in the Hokkaido region and eventually they come by the country side filled with lilacs and soon a giant forest area, their destination!

Majorika notices a sign nearby, so she and Lala choose to go and check out the many hotsprings this land has around it. She invites Majoririka, but she claims she can't yet since she's the only one who knows where the marigolds are. Majorika is a little concerned, but the girls claim they will be okay and they let their yousei go along with Majorika so that they can relax too.

As the girls go out and begin to realize how hard it may be to locate the marigolds, they quickly cast magical stage in hopes of finding them faster.... unfortuantly, magical stage just summons a bear!

The bear proceeds to chase after the girls and no matter what they try, nothing works. As they realize they have reached a cliff, Aiko tries to use magic to rid of the bear. The girls move so that the bear falls off of the cliff and Hazuki uses magic to keep the bear safe from harm. As they continue along the way, Doremi happens to spot their father, so she and Pop watch as he comforts a woman he is fishing with after he brings up someone and it begins to make her cry. As he tries to comfort her, all of the girls confront Keisuke and Pop threatens to tell their mother on him. Keisuke tries to tell them there is an explanation for it but nobody listens until he yells at them to quiet down so that he can explain Eiko's (the girl) fiance had passed away a month ago due to sickness.

Eiko introduces herself to Pop and Doremi as Eiko Kataoka. She had wanted to come see the river with her late husband to be and she asked Keisuke to be her guide as she no longer had someone to help her out. Everyone calms down but Doremi is a little upset that keisuke lied to them. But Keisuke informs them that their mother is easily jealous so he had to lie.

Meanwhile, Haruka is hanging out at a Kareoke building with a bunch of people and she plans to sing one of Keisuke's favorite songs while two men subtly flirt with her.

Everyone is invited to join a group of fishermen while Hazuki keeps trying to figure out how their magic went wrong, since nothing they experience happens to have anything to do with marigolds. Everyone else begins to overlook the pictures Eiko has been working on and the grownups discuss how much of a great man Eiko's late-husband to be used to be. But sadly the good mood begins to decrease once more while Eiko explains they had gotten a three day leave from the hospital to come here. The first day he was happy having fun fishing, but by day two he just didn't have the energy anymore. As the two of them were sitting together, he passed away while explaining that he had wished to live happily with Eiko, and also wished to catch the giant fish he once caught but escaped before he could real it in...

The ojamajo feel really bad and they want to help try to bring his dream to life, but it's so late in the day that they don't think there's anytime to get the Sardine now. With a bit of magic from Hana-chan and Majoririka, they manage to bring some fish to the lake and they even momentarily transform Keisuke into the ex-fiance of Eiko's. The sardine they catch happens to be the sardine Atsushi wanted to catch, but when everyone tells her she could take it back in sake of his memory, she refuses and asks them to release it instead...

Keisuke suddenly asks the girls why they have come to Hokkaido, causing everyone to panic upon remembering they never got the marigolds they needed. But Eiko points out she's seen them before and she brings the entire group to the golden flower field where the marigolds await. But with everyone there they can't use a poron to look for the magical marigolds. So Majoririka summons "the bear" again to scare everyone away, revealing it to be Doremi in a costume!

Doremi quickly locates the magic marigold and on the maho-do bus, Majoririka puts the mixture on Hana-chan and everyone happily cheers. Then they all see Eiko off while Keisuke tells her that for Atsushi's sake, she should be happy...

Doremi and Pop happily talk to their dad and comment on how cool he looked today. Doremi asks him to bring them all fishing again next time, which he happily accepts.


  • Tell us where the wild magical marigolds are
  • Time, stop
  • Save bear-chan


  • During the opening when the Harukaze women go to turn away, part of Pop's bangs become very light, almost white in color.
  • Fafa makes no appearances in this episode, despite the fact everyone else's fairy's do.