The Health Examination's Yellow Cards!
Eh yellow card
Japanese Title 健康診断でイエローカード!

Kenkōshinda de Ierō Kādo!

Season Sharp
Episode № 12 (63)
Air Date April 23, 2000
Screenplay Reiko Yoshida
Storyboard Akinori Yabe
Episode Direction Akinori Yabe
Animation Direction Chuuji Nakajima
Next Episode Doremi Becomes a Bride?
Previous Episode Hazuki-chan Learns how to Dance!?

Opening Clip

In a dark, dreary looking place the girls chase after Hana-chan. Only to be stopped by Majoheart, who hands them a yellow card.


The girls learn of the dreaded Yellow Card system as they prepare for Hana-chan's next exam. Will the girls be able to pass the test; especially after already being given three of them?


One late evening at the Maho-do, the ojamajo are busily preparing for Hana-chan's next exam. They feed her, change her, and pack up her items before they head out to leave. Majorika warns the girls to always take when Majoheart says seriously to them, then insists that she stays behind.

The girls quickly arrive to see their other witches and friends. They help Mota and Motamota when they can't figure out what their own babies want, then comment on how much Hana has grown since they last saw her. Majoheart comes by to tell them how fast a baby will grow during the first few months after they are born, but when Doremi shows surprise in hearing this, MajoHeart yells at the girls. 

Everyone is brought to a brand new room, where two big shapes are located; one a circle, and the other a big X. MajoHeart explains that this will be a Yes or No test, and the parent must decide which shape to stand on depending on the question. She first asks them if the temperature of a babies bath should be forty-two C, and the girls know this is wrong so they quickly run to the X. But Hana-chan gets distracted and causes them to choose the wrong answer. 

Doremi is pretty cranky at this, but the girls think they will be fine since it was just a single question. For their next question, they are asked about sterilizing a baby bottle; which they happen to get wrong. Majopi comes to them and explains that a bottle should be boiled for 10 minutes, but a pacifier only needs 3 minutes. So they move onto the final question, which they also fail; but only because they stopped to tend to Hana-chan's needs before hand. 

MajoHeart proceeds to scold everyone after this, and Majopi hands the girls their first Yellow Card. She explains that it is a warning to them, then MajoHeart leads everyone into another new room. She explains that for this test, they have to bath the baby and dress them within the time limit. Everyone assumes this will be beyond easy, but they all begin to run around after Majopi points out that they only have ten minutes and starts the timer. 

Just as the time is running out, Hana suddenly sneezes. Everyone is told not to move, but they feel the need to help her out and rub her nose. Majopi calls this cheating though, and hands them another Yellow Card. They then go on to say that if they were to earn just one more, they will fail the exam. 

Everyone is taken to the final area, where they will simply have to walk with the baby. The mothers have to follow the road and touch all three checkpoints, then come back. While most of the witches decide to just fly off, the ojamajo decide they will just walk along the path, since they figured Hana-chan will prefer this and it makes sense; being a walking test. Onpu soon sees the very first checkpoint and as it is too high, Doremi casts magic to let them reach it. But it turns out it's a ghost/demon; much to everyone's shock. 

As they panic, Aiko quickly casts a spell to make it cute and allow them to pass on. When Mota and Motamota come by and have to deal with the strange demon, they simply use magic to cover their babies eyes and ears so that they can't see or hear it. 

Upon reaching the second spot, Hazuki uses her magic to tend to this by summoning a giant toothbrush. She explains how important it is to brush teeth to Hana-chan, and brushes the box's sharp, metal teeth.

At checkpoint three, they are surrounded by a monster tree. After Doremi compares them to Majoheart, Onpu uses her magic to make the trees dance. It does not work too long however, so they flee and hurry back to the finish line; stopping as they spot a poor little baby duck. The girls have no idea what to do, since they cannot afford a final Yellow Card, but when they see how sad it looks they decide they have to help it.

They have the others go ahead and cast magical stage, then guide it back to it's mother; who is very happy to be reunited with her baby. The ducks leave to go swim in the lake, while the girls try to show Hana, only to realize that she has fallen asleep. With this in mind, they sadly realize they will have recieved a third yellow card for being so late and stopping to help the little duck. But despite this, they feel really good about everything they did and stay to rest for a while longer. 

Back at the starting location, the winning couple recieve their prize of potted magic herbs while the ojamajo are given the last card. Mota and Motamota rudely call them out on this and claims they are not fit to be mothers, which Majoheart agrees with. But Surumeko informs Majoheart that the girls are actually very good mothers for her. Majoheart decides that she will not pass or fail the girls, however, if they can pass their next exam she will also allow them to pass this one. Surumeko also gives them the magical herbs she was given for passing the exam and the girls thank her before making a promise to do better next time. 


  • Magical hand, come out.
  • Turn cute, demon
  • Come out, big toothbrush
  • Dance happily
  • Please find the duck's mother


  • When Majopi gives the ojamajo their first yellow card, watch Doremi's skirt. The side facing the audience is messed up in terms of color. But when she lowers the card, some of them are colored right. 
  • Notice how flat Hazuki's tap looks when Aiko admits it was her fault they were yelled at during the second test. 
  • As the girls decide to walk for the third path, notice how the little magic pieces in Doremi's tap are small dots; instead of being the musical note shapes. 
  • When Hazuki summons the giant toothbrush and she explains the importance of brushing teeth; notice how short the pieces of her skirt appear to be.