The Final Witch Apprentice Exam
Japanese Title 最後の見習い魔女試験

Saigo no Minarai Majo Shiken

Dub Title The Final Test
Season Season 1
Episode № 50
Air Date January 23, 2000 (JP)

April 22, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Atsushi Maekawa
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
Next Episode Goodbye Maho-Dou
Previous Episode I Want to Meet Papa! The Dream Places on the Overnight Express


A dark scene is shown as a shiny snowflake-like object floats around and slips into the Maho-do. Inside, multiple voices cackle while it shows three figures sitting on wooden rocking chairs. The mysterious figures are revealed to be Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko. They take off their hoods to reveal that they have become true, real witches!


The ojamajo must commit one good deed and recieve thanks for their final exam. Will they manage to pass and become true witches? 


One late evening, Lala awakens to find Majorika still awake. She asks her why she is still awake and they start to discuss how the girls have finally reached their last exam. After this, Majorika will no longer be a witch frog. Lala is quick to say they might not pass though; but Majorika claims that she has faith in them and knows they will.

At their homes, Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki struggle to fall asleep. All of them are very nervous and uneasy. 

The following day the girls are trying to work but find it difficult as they are all half-asleep. A customer grows flustered by their behavior, but Pop tries to apologize for what is going on as she checks out and leaves. On the upper-floor, Lala worriedly comments on how badly they are doing today, but Majorika could care-less; she's too concentrated on becoming a witch again. 

Eventually lunch comes and everyone sits down to eat. They start to feel a bit better, but it only lasts for a little while, and soon Dela, Mota, and Motamota appear out of Majorika's lunchbox. They explain that the girls are to take their final exam now but they are surprised; because they assumed they would just take it that evening. But it turns out that Dela was supposed to tell them that it was taking place today, in their world. 

They rush outside to close the shop and find Onpu waiting for them. She greets them and they change and head out back after she mentions that she gets to take her final exam with them. The witch explain that the girls will be responsible for using their magic to do a good deed for just one person, and they must recieve a thank you to pass. They only have until sun down and cannot use magic to simply force someone to thank them. The girls are then given the okay and Onpu right away decides to split up from the girls; which they agree to do as well in hopes of speeding up the process.

Doremi comes by an older man who has left his cap behind as he boards a bus. She uses her magic to bring it to him when he gets off of the bus and she changes back to normal to greet him and show him the cap, but he ends up making a joke involving magic; which causes Doremi to panic run off. Aiko happens to come by a woman who has accidentally released the baby carriage she was trying to push while holding a bunch of recently shopped items. Aiko stops the carriage but as she was not seen helping; she recieves no thanks other then unintelligable words from the baby. 

Meanwhile, Hazuki offers to help a woman who was trying to pick up all of the trash the park was littered with. The woman goes to watch her grandchild play for a while and Hazuki is able to finish and bag everything by the time she returns; and she even recieves a thanks from them. But her happiness is short lived, as she realizes she did not use her magic to do this task. 

Elsewhere, Onpu happens to come by a little boy making a fuss; crying over how he wants peropero candy. His mother refuses, so Onpu uses her magic to summon the lollipop and offers it to them; but his mom happens to inform her that he was on his way to the dentist at the time, which is why they can't accept it. This annoys Onpu and she ends up just having the lollipop for herself in the mean time, only to be swarmed by a bunch of little fans that are Pop's age. 

The girls continue to try to get their thank you throughout the day but it continues to go poorly. Hazuki accidentally sprays water on a fire that belonged to a man grilling fish, and Aiko was chasing after a little bird and happens to run into Doremi; who bangs right into a structural piece while chasing after it. 

She falls to the ground and changes to normal while sobbing over her scraped knee. But she calms down when a litle boy brings her a bandage and runs off after she thanks him. Unknown to her however, Shimakura is out walking her dog and happens to spot Doremi there. She hides to try to determine what Doremi is doing, and to her surprise she sees Aiko, still in witch attire land on the crowd and begin to chastise Doremi for being careless. Doremi transforms again and they then fly off. 

In seeing this Shimakura is quick to run for the nearest phonebooth and she calls Tamaki; who at the time is playing tennis. She finds this hard to believe until she witnesses Hazuki fly by, so she quickly begins to pass the message to the school's class representitive, who comments that he happened to see Onpu fly by. Eventually the message passes along to all of the students, and even some parents; although for a few people the message gets messed up due to a little bird pecking at the wires. 

Seeing as it is getting really late the girls regroup to reveal their failure so far. They are all down to just one magic sphere each and they are running out of time, so they decide to just fly back into the city. But before they can they spot a little fox in the nearby river. Doremi dives down and casts her magic to summon a hoard of jumping fish to save it; not even thinking about her last sphere. The girls reach her as Doremi begins to hold it and Hazuki decides to summon a fire, while Aiko summons a towel to dry the baby fox. Onpu thinks something may still be wrong, but when it comes to her she summons a baby bottle full of milk. 

The girls feel much better now that they have helped the baby fox, and soon it's mother appears. The baby leaves with her, but stops to make a cute sound towards the girls as thanks. They then go back towards the sky and realize that now that the sun has completely set; they failed. 

Doremi points out that they can always try again though, and Onpu points out that they did the right thing despite failing the exam. But to their surprise, the girls are joined by Mota and MotaMota, who reveal that they have all passed. The reveal that the baby fox had said thank-you to the girls since they saved it and took care of it until it's mother could find it. Although it was not human, it did thank them; so technically they are allowed to pass.  

With that, the girls, yousei, Majorika, and Majoruka head out to the witch world. The Queen gives them their final certification sphere; which transforms their little containers until a strange, unique-shaped crystal. She informs the girls that they will be witches from this day on and she congradulates them for all of their hard work, and tells them to continue to work in order to grow their crystal Balls. Majorika is very happy by the turn of events and decides to give the girls some witch outfits as gifts for passing. 

Back in their world, Miho Segawa is heading home when she happens to run into Shimakura. She tries to ask some information while their classmates all head out to the Maho-do.

Haruka is also called from Reiko and she is informed that Doremi was kidnapped. As more students begin to form, the parents are all forming together out of fear their daughters were kidnapped by someone and are being held prisoner at the Maho-do. Pop tries to find out what is going on, but when Haruka refuses to tell her, Pop chases after her mother in hopes of getting everyone to leave. 

As this goes on the girls are on their way back to the Maho-do; still with high spirits. Doremi and the others are also happy that Onpu didn't cast a forbidden spell in order to make herself pass the exam, and Onpu mentions that she feels pretty nice about this; causing all of their moods to be even more uplifted.  

By now the students, classmates, and parents have reached the maho-do. Pop silently prays that they have returned by now and are normal, but the parents manage to get inside. They don't see anything strange, and do not see their daighters either; causing Pop to panic and try to convince them that everything is fine, but this doesn't work. Haruka and the adults happen to come by a mysterious door in the nearby hallway and Pop again tries to block them from seeing anything, but the door happens to start opening and the girls are seen slowly reaching the ground.

As they stand there, they happen to spot their parents and friends just staring at them with shock... 


  • Let the hat appear where that old man gets off
  • Stop that baby carriage
  • Lollipop, come out
  • Save that fox
  • Come out, fire
  • Come out, towel
  • Milk, come out

Major Events

  • The ojamajo pass their final exams and become witches. 
  • The ojamajo gain their crystal balls.
  • The ojamajo are discovered to be witches by friends and family. 
  • Mota and MotaMota come into the human world for the first noted time in the series. 

Dub Edits

  • Pop tells the woman to come back to the shop sometime. In the dub, Caitlyn asks her to forgive the others due to just being trainees.
  • Pop asks why this is the only test given during the day. In the dub, she's upset because she can't take her own exam and calls it discrimination.
  • Onpu splits up from the others, saying she'll be going ahead. In the dub Ellie wishes them luck.
  • Skipped Line: Majorika enjoys her lunch after the girls leave, and claims that it was interupted because of them. 
  • Paint Edit: the newspaper
  • Skipped Line: While Doremi backs away, she asks herself about recieving thanks. In the dub she only nervously laughed.
  • Paint Edit: The markings on the cans and items Hazuki picks up had kanji and stickers on them. In the dub, mostly everything was edited out.
  • The woman who had been cleaning the park earlier decided to go and watch her grandchild play. In the dub she just mentions wanting to feed the ducks with her daughter.
  • Paint Edit: The trashcan symbols
  • Paint Edit: The heavy weight that falls on Hazuki's head had a 3T (three ton) printed on it. In the dub the 3T is erased.
  • Paint Edit: Dentist sign
  • Scene Skip: A montage of the ojamajo's failed attempts. Hazuki putting out a fire someone used for girlling and Aiko chasing a bird. Then Doremi runs into a big archway and falls down and a child offers her a bandage. 
  • Scene Skip: Kotake got the message mixed up due to a bird pecking the phone line outside. Then the SOS make alien jokes while Baaya goes on attack mode but is forced to stop by Aiko's dad and Hazuki's mom.
  • Aiko mentions how tiny her crystal ball looks in comparison to Majorika's. Mirabelle instead comments on how they kind of look like beans.


  • As Doremi spots a man rubbing his head, her tap is missing all of its details.
  • At one point as Lala turns on her little sleeping hammock; part of her antennae sticks through it. 
  • While the girls say goodbye to the little fox, they all lack tap details. 
  • As they are in the sky and worry they failed their exam, they all lack tap details other then Doremi. This lasts for the entire scene.
    • At the witch world, this also happens. But when Doremi is shown to get the last certificate sphere her tap details are missing. But Hazuki gains hers. By the time the girls begin to observe their new crystal balls, they all have them again. 
  • As the girls embrace each other, they lack tap details again.
  • When Doremi speaks to Onpu while they fly home, the girls all lack their tap details except for Onpu. For Doremi it lasts until Pop tries to stop everyone from seeing what is behind the door.


  • Pero Pero is a word used to describe Swirled objects or items.