Tetsuya Kotake
Dub Name Todd Washington
Gender Male
Debut I'm Doremi! Becoming a Witch Apprentice!
Voice Actors
Japanese Kumiko Yokote
English Kayzie Rogers

Tetsuya Kotake is a classmate and long time semi-friend of Doremi's. Generally a nice friend, he loves nothing more then to pick on Doremi and tease her whenever he gets a chance, even giving her the nickname "Dojimi".

Kotake is friends with most of the boys in his classes, and he is heavily part of the Soccer world in the series.


Kotake is a very bold and brash young man. Generally he seems to be nice and maybe even a little bit kind, but around the other guys he masks this due to being seen as a leader by most of them.

Around Doremi, Kotake always takes any chances he can to tease her. This can be explained by his crush on her, as it's common for younger boys to pick on the girls they like due to simply not knowing how to express these feelings and not wanting anything to do with said girl, in hopes of keeping their feelings private. As the series goes on, Kotake matures somewhat and his teasings begin to lessen until he finally admits he has a crush on Doremi in Dokkan.


Kotake is a fair-tan skinned boy about average height with deep blue eyes and dark blue-black colored hair that is very spiked along the top, while his bangs are very short cut. Kotake wears a white shirt with purple sleeves and neck, along with a magenta 9 printed on it. He also wears plain jeans, red and white tennis shoes, a purple belt around his waist, and a plain wrist watch.

Other Outfits

  • School Soccer uniform
  • For bed time Kotake wears powder blue pajama pants and T-shirt with darker blue lining and buttons.
  • School sports uniforms
  • School gym uniform


Ojamajo Doremi 16

In the current Ojamajo Doremi series, Ojamajo Doremi 16, it's revealed that it was indeed Kotake that Doremi confessed to in the final episode of Dokkan. However, it's also revealed that Kotake refused Doremi's feelings when she told him and this severly strained their relationship. Resulting in Doremi acting coldly towards him, and butchering her hair. However, as the novel goes on, Kotake seems to be growing closer to Doremi again and it's implied he did still have feelings for her. He plans to bring Doremi to the special Soccer event if the schools team does good enough to attend.

Besides growing older, Kotake mostly seems to still look the same. It's revealed by Doremi that a lot of girls have a crush on him now, due to how much he has matured and grown up. So it can be said that he is viewed as being very handsome now.

Magical Doremi

Kotake Tetsuya was renamed Todd Washington in the dub. He still teases Doremi and acts like a flat-out jerk in this series, harboring no feelings for her at all.

He calls her "Dopey" as a nickname.


  • Earlier on in the series, Kotake had an idol crush on Onpu.
  • At one point in Doremi 16, Doremi claims Kotake had been shorter then her at some point during childhood.


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