Takeshi Hasebe

Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Mayumi Yamaguchi
Takeshi Hasebe is a classmate of DoremiMomoko and since Dokkan, of Hana. In 3rd and 4th grade, he was in the former class 1.

He is the character of the day during "Do you like Your Beautiful Mother? Or Hate Her?".

He has an ambiguous relationship with a friend and classmate, Mutsumi Kudo.

His mother owns a noodle restaurant. His father died.


Takeshi had a confrontation with Yada, but later became a good friend. He is also Mutsumi's old friend.

Takeshi is very strong. He gets mad early and starts easily a fight.


Takeshi has dark violet, spiked, short hair. He has lilac eyes and is light-skinned.

He wears a llilac long shirt with a greenish jacket above. His trousers are beige and his shoes are black.



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