So Long, Oyajiide
Oyajide Arm
Japanese Title さよならオヤジーデ

Sayonara Oyajīde

Season Sharp
Episode № 5 (56)
Air Date March 5, 2000
Screenplay Reiko Yoshida
Storyboard Yoshihiro Oka
Episode Direction Yoshihiro Oka
Animation Direction Hiroyuki Kawano
Next Episode Lies and Truth in Flower Language
Previous Episode Doremi Fails as a Mom!?

Opening Clip

A man stands in a dark area while the girls observe him. They soon find themselves rather irked by Oyajide's true form and he starts to pose. 


The ojamajos offer to help someone close to Seki-sensei while trying to locate the final cursed cards.


The girls are busy at work putting away potting soil and dirt into the plants as Doremi observes Hana. They discuss the growth of a baby when Seki-sensei comes inside to ask for some fertilizer. She mentions that the all girls school she graduated from has a garden of ivy that surrounds the chapel as it's symbol; but lately all of the plants have begun to wilt. She was hoping that some really good fertilizer would fix everything. She makes her purchase and realizes that with as much as she bought, she will need to make Multiple Trips. However the girls decide to help her out since they didn't have much else to do at the moment. But before they go, Doremi tells Pop to watch after the shop and Hana for them. As they are preparing, they are joined by Onpu and soon leave. 

While heading over Seki-sensei begins to discuss some old times she has had; such as running up the steep hill when she was late, their uniforms, and so on until they arrive to find the wilting shrubbery. The Sister who has taught Seki-sensei joins the girls and greets them all. Seki-sensei introduces everyone, then explains how the girls help out at the Gardening Maho-Dou and she brought them along to lend a hand. Seki-sensei goes on to mention how important it is to help this school as a graduating student from it. For a moment the Sister criticizes Seki-sensei by pointing out how violent she was as a school girl; however, she is very happy to see her blunt honesty as an adult. 

Everyone begins to get to work and they discuss Seki-sensei's life as a school girl some more. She brings up how the inspiration of being a teacher came from the Sister who taught her. She had helped her a lot growing up; whether it was personal or school-related. 

Eventually the evening bells begin to signal that it is time to go. The girls are glad they were able to finish the work in time and take off while discussing it some more.

The following morning, the ojamajo seem to be very tired and worn out from all of the heavy-lifting they had to do. Onpu notices the Sister from Karen Girls' Academy and the girls decide to ask how the flowers and ivy is growing and grow alarmed after she tells them everything got worse. The girls are unable to determine what could have caused this; but they feel badly since they put all of that hard work into fixing it. The Sister assures them that they have no need to feel upset though, then goes along to greet a student passing by before resuming; saying that while the ivy may have wilted, as long as the school stands everything will be fine. 

Back at the Maho-do, the yousei are trying to play with Hana while the girls mope. They begin to hear strange sounds from the upstairs and spot a packed box where it is coming from. Majorika informs them that it was left behind from the remodel and Lala decides to check for everyone to see what is inside, and to their surprise they happen to find the Pureleine Computer.

Er... 1

They bring it back to the main area before turning it on, and once they do they are greeted by an irrate Oyajide. He scolds them for forgetting about him and Doremi threatens to just shut him off until he reminds them of the cursed cards. He points out that one may be at the School so with a little bit of convincing the girls decide to bring him along.

After they reach the school they ask the Sister to search it entirely in order to see if they can find reason for the dying plant life. She gives it and the girls search everything they can find; be it a nook, cranny, room, building, or hallway. But they find nothing and head out to take a break; where they accuse Oyajide of being a liar. 

The Sister comes by to speak with the girls and starts to discuss how the ivy began to wilt exactly three years back. She was hoping they would have had it restored before the graduating students of this year left; so that they could see it as it usually was. She thanks the girls for trying and they decide to take off since it's getting late again. 

Later on in the evening they reunite back at the school; now in witch form. They re-search the entirety of the school and try to use their magic in hopes of fixing any problems or issues but right after their magic seems to work, it returns back to it's dying state. However, they are unaware of this and take off; thinking it was fixed. 

When they return the next morning they are very shocked to find that it has just reverted back to it's dying state. They head right back to the Maho-do and worry that there may have in fact been a cursed card. Oyajide claims that this is a result from being so mean and doubtful of him and he attempts to find comfort in Onpu, who points out that it would be suspicious for him to want to go to an all girls school. He is shocked, but he claims that he would never be angry with her. 

Hana-chan begins to play with the keys of the keyboard and to everyones surprise, something bursts from the computer screen: Oyajide. 

The girls are very surprised since they still had a decent amount of Cursed Cards to find, but Majorika is sure it is just due to Hana-chan's magic. Oyajide grows frustrated by their reaction to him and states how much cooler his true form is; so he plans to take off and locate the rest himself so that he can show them. Doremi and the others go to put Hana-chan back into her traveling bed/carrier so that they can go back to the school to check for the cursed card one final time, but they are shocked to turn back around and find Oyajide flirting with a very confused Onpu. 

Some hours pass and the girls wind up with no results again. Hazuki suddenly gets an idea and points out to the others that everything seems to be wilting from the center; so maybe a cursed card is located near the school, not necessarily in it. They send Oyajide into a nearby area to check, then eventually they have him dig a big hole. By this time Seki-sensei and the Sister return with a snack of rice balls for the girls and they tell them that they are free to go once they finish since it's getting late again. The girls can't help but feel bad again and they start to wonder if maybe the bell holds the card. 

Cursed Cards

192 in total

After they finish, the girls wait a while before transforming and fly up to the top of the giant bell toward. Oyajide senses something and they try to use Magical Stage to try to remove whatever it is. Four Cards suddenly form and Oyajide is able to catch them all and insert them into the computer. The girls realize that this is all of them and a huge puff of smoke suddenly goes off. 

By the time it evaporates, nobody is there. But a figure can be seen running in the distance. The girls decide to pay the Witch Queen a visit afterwards however, in order to tell her that they no longer have a need for the Pureleine Computer. The Queen isn't very concerned with Oyajide being gone, and she thanks the girls before taking it back. 

The following day, all of the graduate students are leaving the school while the ojamajo and Seki-sensei watch. They feel very happy to see how peaceful and delighted the Sister appears, then they decide to return to work at the Maho-do. 

There, Doremi playfully scolds Hana for releasing Oyajide. They start to wonder where he is or what he is doing at the time when a very strange man walks into the shop to request some roses. The girls find themselves weirded out by him, and they happen to notice that he has dropped a card on the floor while he makes his exit. Hazuki picks it up and reveals to them that it belongs to Member 7 of Onpu's fan club; which was Oyajide's number also. The man is quick to grab the card and flee, so the girls give chase to see if it was him, but by the time they get off of the property he is gone. The episode comes to an end as the girls burst into laughter and Oyajide, in human form is shown posing. 


  • Let the ivy turn greens
  • Have the flowers in the garden bloom
  • Make the trees around the school well again
  • Make the grass green again
  • Come out, cursed card

Major Events

  • Oyajide is freed from the Pureleine computer and regains his normal form. 
  • The girls collect their final Cursed Cards. 
  • Karen Girls' Academy appears for the first time. 


  • Doremi: Now it's not Karen Girls' Academy, but the Wilted Girls' Academy.


  • Doremi: Why is a pretty girl like me doing manual labor?


  • The dirt on Doremi's nose vanishes after she comments on Hana-chan getting bigger.