Seki-sensei's Got a Boyfriend!?
Yuki's concern
Japanese Title 関先生に恋人ができた!?

Seki-sensei ni Koibito ga Dekita!?

Season Sharp
Episode № 30 (81)
Air Date September 3, 2000
Screenplay Yumi Kageyama
Storyboard Takao Iwai
Episode Direction Takao Iwai
Animation Direction Hiroyuki Kawano
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Previous Episode Everyone Disappears During the Test of Courage!?

Opening Clip

Yuki-sensei is out one day in Misora City, having done some shopping when she happens to see Seki-sensei on a date with someone. This causes much grief in her and she accuses Seki of being a traitor while she begins to grow angry.


The ojamajo try to help Seki-sensei's romance bloom while trying to figure out if this man is really the right person for their teacher.


One day, the Ojamajo are outside of school. Doremi and Aiko are very unhappy that summer vacation has come to an end, while Hazuki asks them if they finished the summer homework. As expected, everyone did except for Doremi, who innocently forgot to do it. She asks to copy one of theirs, but when they inform her she has a day to go, Doremi feels much better and they head inside. At first it seems normal, until a very pretty Seki-sensei walks in, catching the attention of everyone. Though only the ojamajo comment on it.

They get right to work when she asks the class to write about what they all want to accomplish during this second semester. Everyone gets right to work but Doremi struggles to concentrate and shows the others upon seeing Seki-sensei trying to make sense of how to use the laptop she came in with. When school ends, the ojamajo prepare to leave when a few male classmates come by to discuss the changes Seki-sensei has made, having seen it too. After they take note of her laptop and Aiko questions if its possible anything happened over the summer break, Onpu is led to believe she has a boyfriend. They find this surprising, but it's the only theory they have for now and they quit discussing it....

Until they get to the Maho-do where a sad Doremi fears what may happen to the classroom if Seki-sensei was to marry and quit teaching them. However, Onpu points out that instead of fearing something like that, they should be there cheering her on instead. Majorika cuts the discussion short and critisizes them for standing around making conversation.

Eventually they leave work and begin to head home. Doremi complains about the math homework they were given until she happens to see Seki-sensei and a man inside of a cafe. The ojamajo stop to observe this scene, which involves Seki-sensei struggling to use the laptop from earlier. Although the mysterious male she is with helps her out until they share a momentary locked gaze...

The following day, the ojamajo decide to go ask Yuki-sensei about Seki's boyfriend. But upon telling her, she reacts in shock, revealing that she had no idea. She begins to aggresively claim she will get the truth, angry that she broke their promise. But when Seki-sensei walks into the room, the ojamajo quickly take off and attempt to eavesdrop. But this proves difficult so Doremi uses magic in order to sneak into the nurses office so that she can hear them.

Yuki quickly asks why Seki never bothered to tell her about her boyfriend and Seki quickly explains how the two of them happened to meet. Her grandfather's friend kept pushing her to see him, revealing his name is Kitagawa. She had a really nice time with him and mentions what he does for a living. She also explains how nice he is, which makes Yuki very happy for her. After Yuki asks if he may have considered marriage yet, Seki explains that he hasn't, but he doesn't mind if she keeps working as a teacher either. With this info leaked out, Doremi decides to take her leave and she informs them all of what she heard, so the girls decide they want to meet Kitagawa and learn more about him.

Come sunday, when Seki's next date is to be held, Majorika is trying to figure out why the ojamajo haven't shown up for work yet. Lala informs her that they wanted to go investigate something, so they wouldn't be in until later, if at all that day...

The ojamajo follow Seki and Kitagawa into the movie theater after Hazuki uses her magic to transform into an old lady in order to spy on them. She purposely spills her items onto him and instead of getting angry, he nicely tries to ask her if she is alright instead, which makes Hazuki call him a nice boyfriend while the other three watch from a distance. Once the movie ends, they leave to get something to eat. After Hazuki calls Seki in order to get her to seperate from him, Doremi transforms into Seki-sensei and goes to sit with him. Onpu distracts their teacher once she hangs up the phone and explains why she is there, in order to avoid suspicion. Then she asks why Seki is there, despite really knowing.

Doremi meanwhile, is very eager for some steak, but sadly sees that Seki-sensei has decided to order fried shrimp instead. After he sees "seki" drooling over his steak, Kitagawa offers him a piece and in exchange takes one of the shrimp. But before Doremi can even try it, Hazuki calls her to get her away, seeing as Onpu can't distract Seki-sensei forever...

But in her sadness, Doremi almost walks right in front of the real Seki, so Aiko pretends to be Onpu's mom in order to distract her and allow Doremi to make a clean escape. Doremi and the others believe that Kitagawa is a really good man, but they still have one more test left to see if he truly is or not. They find the two of them sitting at the park and they quickly drag Seki away after they try to see her boyfriend and find out why she is there.

Once they do, Onpu transforms herself in order to see if Kitagawa is a faithful man or not. She invites him to attend something with her, but he kindly refuses. So Onpu takes her leave once the others finish distracting Seki-sensei. They all decide that he is trustworthy enough and they leave to let the date finish...

As Kitagawa helps Seki with her laptop some more, he begins to inform her that he has to be leaving. His company called him yesterday to ask him to transfer to New York to continue working for them. He asks Seki to come with him and claims she could get a new teaching job there, but she admits that while she's really happy and likes him a lot, she really has to think it over first...

The following day, Seki is busy with the students in gym class when she sees that it's time for her to leave and see Kitagawa off as he boards the airplane. Yuki takes over for her and the ojamajo switch places with their yousei so that they can follow their teacher to the airport. She quickly arrives to find him but she informs him that she really wants to stay to see her students graduate first, so she can't go with him. Wordlessly he takes his leave as she sadly stays by herself for a moment, only to see that he sent her a text to explain that he will be there to meet her come graduation...

With this in mind, she comes outside as the ojamajo spy on her nearby and she watches the airplane as it takes off...  


  • Turn me into a small bug (Doremi)
  • Turn me into a cute old lady (Hazuki)
  • Turn me into seki-sensei (Doremi)
  • Turn me into Onpu-chan's mother (Aiko)
  • Turn me into a pretty girl (Onpu)


  • What happens with Yuki-sensei in this episode happened to Seki-sensei during "The Tap Disappeared at the Festival!".
  • This episode introduces the brand new eyecatch's of the season!