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Gym class

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(The opening shot begins with Aiko examining the town of Misora while playing on a set of monkey bars.)

Aiko: Wow, this is my new town huh? *a small bus goes by before she begins to flip* Alright! I ain't gonna lose to Kantou people!

(After the theme song, Hazuki and Doremi are shown walking to school.)

Hazuki: Doremi-chan, Yesterday was really fun, wasn't it?

Doremi: It was the worst for me. *Hazuki turns to her* Everyone ate my share of the steak you didn't eat! *cries* Don't you think thats cruel?! *Hazuki begins to giggle* They're the worst family ever! *slouches down* Aah, I'm the unhappiest pretty girl in the whole world!

???: Ah, you over there, I can see your panties!

(Both Doremi and Hazuki take a moment before they gasp and cover there lower halves. A new kid runs by.)

???: You're pretty dumb, there's no way I could see 'em when your wearin' shorts. *Doremi does her usual angry reaction* What a weird reaction! Well then, see ya! *Runs from the two females*

Doremi: *very angry* Wait a sec! What was with that girl?

Hazuki: I've never seen her before...

(After the title card plays, the episode goes forward to class.)

Student with Kotake: So, lets do it at your house!

Kotake: *Looks to Doremi* Doremi I can see your panties!

Doremi: *Yells* I'm wearing shorts, there's no way you could see them, moron!

(Kotake nearly falls over before he is caught by Kimura.)

Kimura: You okay, Kotake?

Kotake: Yeah... *Hazuki, Kimura, and Kotake watch a peeved Doremi* Whats wrong with her?

Hazuki: Doremi-chan's not in a good mood today, So, I think it would be better if you didn't tease her.

Kotake: oh, really....

(Its then Seki-Sensei walks in.)

Seki-Sensei: Okay everyone, get back to your seats! *walks to the front of class*

Tamaki: Stand. *Everyone rises* Bow! *everyone bows*

Students: Good Morning!

Seki-Sensei: Morning.

Tamaki: Be seated! *everyone sits*

Seki-Sensei: Before we start class, I would like to introduce a new classmate.

Everyone: A transfer student? *looks to door*

Seki-Sensei: Come on in.

(The blue haired girl from earlier walks in now, much to Doremi's disappointment.)

Hazuki: Ah.. *adjust her glasses* Doremi-chan... Doremi-chan, Look!

Doremi: huh? *looks to see Aiko, then stands up to point* Ahh!

Aiko: Ah, you're in my class?

Seki-Sensei: Whats this? Friends already?

Doremi: Eh? No we're not *Shakes head before sitting* We just talked a little this morning.

Seki-Sensei: *Glances to Aiko* I see. Well then, can I have you do a little self-introduction.

Aiko: Sure. *Begins to write on the blackboard, spelling her name* My name's written with the kanji for Li'l sister and Tail, Senoo! Senoo Aiko! I moved here from place called Tengachaya in Osaka.

Sagawa: Hm, a real Kansai person, huh?

Aiko: *Annoyed face* Sounds weird when you say it like that. Instead of calling Kansai person, just call me Naniwa-Ko!

Sagawa: Oh, well, I'm sooo sorry about that, Puripuri~...

Other two SOS: Ya-y!

Aiko: Yuck....

Seki-Sensei: Look here, SOS Trio.... Don't interfere with her self-introduction!

Aiko: *calms down right away* SOS trio?

(The three males proceed to pose and introduce themselves)

Sagawa: The S is for Sagawa! *makes S shape*

Oten: The O is for Oten! *makes O shape*

Sugiyama: The S is for Sugiyama! *makes S shape*

All three: The three keepers of justice SOS trio! Nice to meet you!

Aiko: *grins* Is that right? I was thinkin' It was Sukuyounonai Oboke Sanbaka Trio!

(Everyone laughs, including the teacher)

Seki-Sensei: That's good!

SOS: Sensei!

Seki-Sensei: Sorry, sorry... Aiko, go on.

Aiko: Where was I again?

Seki-Sensei: You were saying you were from Tengachaya.

Aiko: Ah, thats right. Lets see... I ain't great at Studyn', But I love Gym Class! A hobby of mine is singin' really loud in the bath! Well, thats 'bout it. So its nice meetin' ya all. *Bows*

(The entire class claps except for a unhappy Doremi)

Seki-Sensei: lets see, your seat will be... That's right. The seat behind Doremi is open. So lets have you sit there.

Aiko: 'Kay!

(She sits down as Doremi glances back at her uneasily.)

Aiko: So your Doremi, huh? Your hairstyle's unique but ya got a funny name.

Doremi: *begins to get angry*

Hazuki: *leans over* Senoo-san...?

Aiko: Hm. Ai-chan's fine.

Hazuki: Well then, Ai-chan. What you just said was rude to Doremi-chan.

Aiko: Really? Ah, I'm sorry. By the way, you're....?

Hazuki: Me? My name is Fujiwara Hazuki...

Aiko: Hazuki-chan. Haven't I met you somewhere before?

Hazuki: *surprised* You have, I was with Doremi-chan.

Aiko: Is that right? Doremi-chans impact was so great, I didn't remember. *See's how upset Hazuki is now* Whats wrong?

Hazuki: *crying* You mean I'm just in her shadow?

Aiko: Your clothes 'n' speech scream "Stuck-up Bookworm", That might be it.

Hazuki: Thats cruel...

Doremi: I think your going a bit too far!

Seki-Sensei: Be quiet over there! *Throws chalk*

(Doremi dodges it as Aiko catches the chalk, much to the amazement of everyone.)

Kotake: She caught Sensei's killer chalk...

SOS: Spectacular..

(Everyone in class claps)

Aiko: Thank you! *Makes peace sign*

(The episode then skips to Gym Class where everyone watches Aiko perform the vault.)

Seki-Sensei: Oh, even the boys couldn't clear that many~

Group of girls that run over: Ai-chan, that was amazing!

Tamaki: *annoyed* All that, just because she can clear a few vaulting boxes? *Hazuki and Doremi nod* Girls are truly great only when they're popular with the boys! *Doremi and Hazuki glance to her out of annoyance*

(Soon school ends and Aiko is seen talking with the SOS)

Sugiyama: oh, you were raised by your father?

Aiko: it was only difficult the first few months.

Oten: Senoo has the initial S, so we could let you into the SOS trio!

Aiko: if I got in, it wouldn't be trio anymore!

Oten: Really? *surprise*

Aiko: I can join if you kick Sagawa-kun out. *waits a moment* Just kidding!

Sagawa: Ahh, don't scare me like that, you bully!

Aiko: Your hopeless!

(Doremi and Hazuki are shown to be some feet behind them.)

Doremi: She sure did get popular quickly.

Hazuki: I hate that girl!

Doremi: Me too. She's so cheerful, but she can say things that hurt people with no problem!

Hazuki: And just saying whatever comes to mind isn't very good either...

(Both females glance to each other before Doremi decides to follow Aiko.)

Doremi: *Sneaking around, thinks* She just transferred here, and already she has shopping plans. *Crouches down* Silly me, why am I all flustered? *grins* nows the time for magic!

(After she transforms, Doremi summons her poron.)

Doremi: Ah, *holds up wand* there's only one Magic Sphere left. Well, I can get some refills later! Pirikapiri Lala Popolina Peperuto! Become a Butterfly! *Doremi falls to the ground* Why can't I fly? Ah, Whats this?! *sits up* I do look like a butterfly, but...what good does it do me if it's just a costume?! *notices Aiko and soon follows her*

Doremi: I shouldn't have used any magic...

(Seeing a dark shadow over her, Doremi looks to see the mean cat behind her.)

Doremi: Ahhh, A monster cat!

(As the cat chases Doremi, it suddenly comes to a stop before an angry shop keeper)

Shop Keeper: You thieving cat, you've come to get some fish again, haven't you?! *begins to attack the cat* Take this! and this! and this!

Aiko: Onee-chan, your strong!

Doremi: Onee-chan?

Aiko: Sorry! I called ya Onee-chan, you're actually a young wife?

Shop Keeper: You sure say nice things there! Young lady, what would you like?

Aiko: Two fresh Mackerels, please.

Shop Keeper: Coming right up! I'll give you some bags as extra.

Doremi: *annoyed* She's just a kid and yet she's using such obvious flattery...

Shop Keeper: Thanks for your patronage. *waves off Aiko*

(Doremi chases after aiko to see her get into a taxi)

Doremi: no way! She's just an elementary school kid, and she's taking a taxi home?! All right! *presses buttons on tap to summon her broom.* Fly Straight! *panics as broom continues flying in all random directions*

(After a while of flying Doremi runs straight into Aiko's door before reverting back to her normal form.)

Aiko: *opens the door to see Doremi* Doremi-chan?!

Doremi: H-hi there...

(The two girls go inside of Aiko's home)

Aiko: Doremi-chan, thanks for comin' over! I'm really happy! I'm gonna make some Takoyaki so just wait a bit!

Kouji: Aiko! We have a guest?

(A man suddenly approaches Aiko)

Aiko: Ah! Dad, I'll introduce you.

Doremi: Hello.

Kouji: Is that right?! Thanks so much for coming over to visit! Aiko I'll make the Takoyaki!

Aiko: It's okay. I'm sure you're tire, Dad, I'll make it.

Kouji: I WANT to make it. I was worried ya might be gettin' bullied, since ya just transferred. But instead, ya made a friend that came over to play! I'm really happy!

Aiko: How Dumb! I'd pound 'em before they could bully me!

Kouji: I guess thats true.

(Both Aiko and Kouji share a laugh)

Doremi *thought*: Seems like a nice Family!

Aiko: Well then, I'll get the laundry!

Kouji: Okay.

Aiko: *Aiko peaks from around a corner* Doremi-chan, Dad's takoyaki's the best in the world! Just you wait!

(Shortly after Kouji brings out the tray of Takoyaki)

Kouji: Here ya go. Now, go ahead and eat all ya like!

Doremi: Sure.

Aiko, Doremi: *both pick up Takoyaki* Itadakimasu!

Doremi: Its the super-best ever!

Aiko: Doremi-chan, you're speaking in Osaka-ben too!

Doremi: Yep!

(Both girls share a laugh before noticing that Kouji has fallen asleep)

Aiko: Jeez Dad... You just got to show off your good points, and now you've gone and wrecked it. Doremi-chan, lets go eat outside.

Doremi: Sure.

(The two girls go outside and sit by the river)

Aiko: Sorry we gotta eat out here.

Doremi: Don't worry, the wind feels good. So it's a great place.

Aiko: My dad's workin' as a Taxi Driver.

Doremi *thought*: So thats why she was riding a taxi...

Aiko: We just moved here, so he's probably tired after a hard day. I'm sorry.

Doremi: You don't need to apologize, he's a really good dad.

Aiko: Really? thanks!

Doremi: Is your mom working too?

Aiko: I don't have a mom.

Doremi: Sorry...

Aiko: I don't mind, I don't mind! Mom left after fightin' with my dad when I was four. *Sees a sad Doremi* Wipe that face off! It's completely okay with me to have no mom, Dad's here for me! You don't need to feel pity!

Doremi: I know, but I admire you.

Aiko: What?

Doremi: Your great, Ai-chan. I don't do anything to help out around the house!

Aiko: I'm just doin' it 'cause there's nobody else to!

Doremi: But that's great!

Aiko: You think so? Should I be proud?

(the two girls share a laugh once more as it shows Kouji sleeping as he asks, "Where would you like to go?")

(The following Morning, Aiko is joined by Doremi and Hazuki)

Doremi: Ai-chan, good morning!

Aiko: Ah 'morning, Doremi-chan, Hazuki-chan!

Hazuki: I heard about you from Doremi-chan. It looks like I was mistaken about you. I'm sorry.

Aiko: Me too! It looks like I went a bit too far yesterday. Sorry.

Hazuki: It's okay. I'd like to meet your dad too. I heard he's very nice!

Doremi: You can meet him at Parents' day, the day after tomorrow.

Hazuki: That's right!

Aiko: Dad aint comin'.

Doremi: Eh? Why not?

Aiko: He's got work.

Hazuki: My mom has work too, but she's going to take time off to come.

Doremi: That's right! I'm sure if you told him he would come.

Aiko: Dad's a taxi driver, he can't take time off that easily. He didn't come even once when we lived in Osaka, either. If I tell Seki-sensei about it, she won't mind.

(The girls then resume walking)

Doremi: *thinking*: Since I'm friends with Ai-chan now, maybe I can do something for her with magic...

????: Well then, if there were two of her dad, that would work, right?

Doremi: That's it! If I can make two fo Ai-chan's dad, one of them can come to Parents' Day! I see, that's how I can do it!

Majorika: Hey, say again. You're out of magic spheres, how do you think you're going to use magic?

Doremi: Ahh, I forgot! *runs back to Majorika* Hey, hey, hey, gimme some magic spheres! Gimme!

Majorika: No way! I told you, you can't just have magic spheres for free!

Doremi: Stingy!

Lala: Majorika, if she doesn't use magic, she'll never improve.

Majorika: Ah, that's true.

Lala: If you want to change back fast, you'd best give her some magic spheres.

Majorika: I guess I'll have too...

(Lala then puts the magic spheres into the pollon)

Lala: Use them wisely...

Majorika: Really... I'll make you work very hard this weekened to make up for this... *stares in shock upon seeing the door swinging shut*

Lala: She left already.

Majorika: you little ojamajo!

(Later when its pouring rain, Aiko gives her dad his lunch)

Aiko: Here's your lunch

Kouji: Then, I'm off.

Aiko: Ah, Dad...

Kouji: What is it?

Aiko: Nothing, nevermind. Have a good day! Be careful.

(Doremi then appears in front of Aiko's dad)

Doremi: Ai-chan's dad!

Kouji: Ah, if it isn't Doremi-chan! *Walks with Doremi* Parents' Day huh?

Doremi: I figured it would be hard for Ai-chan to tell you since you have to work...

Kouji: If she'd told me before, I could've tried trading shifts to get the day off, but... I just started working for this company... It's just not possible for me to come. *Sees Doremi slumped over* Sorry after you told me... Can you tell Aiko that I'll definitely come next time?

Doremi: Sure.

Kouji: See you then. *Seperates from Doremi*

Doremi: As I thought! I'll just have to use some magic! *transforms* Pirikapiri Lala Popolina Peperuto! Make Ai-chan's dad into two!

(Doremi then casts magic on Aiko's dad, making a sub-par clone appear)

Clone: *As he and Doremi hide behind a pole* Why is there another one of me?

Doremi: *shocked* Ah! He's not speaking Osaka-ben! Failed again... *after a moment* This isn't the time to be depressed! Listen, you're Ai-chan's father, so you have to talk in Osaka-ben!

Clone: *using weird/strange words* I understand completely.

Doremi: Maybe you shouldn't talk too much... Parents' Day stars at one in the afternoon, so make sure you aren't late!

(Later at School)

Hazuki: *whispers to Doremi* Looks like Ai-chan's dad didn't come after all...

Doremi: *whispers* It's okay. He'll definitely come. *Thought* And I told him not to be late...

Seki-sensei: Who wants to do the next problem? *Sees Sugiyama trying to contact his mom* Sugiyama! I can understand that you like your mom, but don't look back during class!

Sugiyama: *mumbles* I'm scared...

Sugiyama's mother: Whatever you do, don't get it wrong!

(Doremi then turns to see a disappointed Aiko)

Doremi: geez... What is he doing?!

(meanwhile the clone is searching for Doremi)

Clone: doesn't look like this one either...

(Skips to Aiko's dad)

Kouji: Thanks! *looks to see the time* I might still be able to make it...

Hazuki: *to Doremi* Class will be over in just two minutes!

Doremi: That's strange...

Seki-sensei: So then the last problem will be...

Kouji: *suddenly runs into the room* Sorry for bein' late! Yo!

Aiko: Dad, I didn't even tell ya, why're ya here?

Kouji: I heard from Doremi-chan.

Aiko: Doremi-chan! That was unnecessary!

Doremi: *pokes fingers* was that bad?

Aiko: Of course it was! Dad just started workin' at the company, he'll get fired for skippin' work!

Kouji: Dummy! Whatcha gettin' mad for? Doremi-chan was just thinkin' of you when she told me.

Aiko: Even with that... This is the first time you've come to school, Dad... *starts crying, hugs her dad* I'm really happy!

Kouji: You dummy, whatcha cryin' for?

(Everybody claps for Aiko and her dad as Seki-sensei resumes class)

Seki-sensei: Well then, for the new face in our class, will you do the last problem? Senoo Aiko!

Aiko: Ah, yes! *Aiko runs up to the chalkboard, then attempts the math problem*

Doremi: Ai-chan, Fight!

Seki-sensei: What's wrong Senoo?

Aiko: *Aiko turns while rubbing the back of her head* It's kinda hard, I don't know.

Kouji: You big dummy! We get all fired up and ya can't solve the problem?

Aiko: I can't help it, I'm your daughter!

(Everybody then laughs as class ends)

Kouji: next Parents' Day try not to embaress me so much!

Aiko: Gotcha, now hurry up and get back to work!

Kouji: See you next time Doremi-chan.

Doremi: *whispers* Mister, your Osaka-ben was pretty good there!

Hazuki: Is there something wrong with Osaka-ben?

Doremi: It's nothing! Just talking to myself. See you mister!

  • A mysterious voice calls for Doremi and the three girls turn to see Aiko's dad*

Clone: you didn't tell me which class it was in, so I didn't get to see it! *leans over* I'm completely exhausted from running around the school.

Aiko: There are two dads?! And why is he speaking Tokyo-ben?

Doremi: *realizes that the real dad was just there* Ahh, then the one that was just here was the real one?!

(In a puff of smoke the Clone vanishes)

Aiko: He dissappeared! What just happened?

Hazuki: Could it have been...?

  • Both girls turn to look at Doremi*

Doremi: What you just saw was an illusion! Don't worry about it, don't worry!

Hazuki: it was your doing after all, Doremi-chan! Doremi-chan, you- *grabbed my Doremi*

Doremi: Ahhhh! Don't say it! *imagination spot* What should I do? If she finds out I'm a witch... I'll turn into a magic frog!

(The episode comes to an end as Doremi panics)