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Hazuki and Aiko panic

Everyone's a Witch so there's nothing to Fear!

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(Doremi in the intro has a flashback to when Hazuki was about to accuse her of being a witch)

Doremi: What do I do?!

Majorika: *slides by* Told you so...

Lala: Guess your gonna be stuck a witch frog forever

Doremi: *as a witch frog* I'm the unluckiest pretty girl in the whole world!

(After the intro)

Hazuki: Doremi-chan?

Aiko: What's goin' on?

Doremi: Shut up up and follow me!

Hazuki: Follow you where?

Doremi: I probably can't...

Aiko: Whats going on? Your acting weird..

Doremi: Anyway, at this rate I'll... *pushes Aiko and Hazuki* Probably become a magic frog!

Aiko, Hazuki: A what?

Doremi: Just follow me!

(Eventually they reach the Magic Shop)

Aiko: Makihatayama Rika's House of Magic.

Hazuki: I didn't know such a shop exsisted...

Doremi: So, no matter what, you'll stay here?

Aiki: What's goin' on?

Doremi: don't worry, don't worry! *runs inside* Be quiet and wait, okay?

Aiko: What's goin' on...?

(And so, Doremi begins to explain...)

Majorika; Whaaat?!

Lala: you've been discovered?

Doremi: At this rate I'll become a magic frog! No way no way!

Majorika: Shut up you idiot! Who saw you?

Doremi: My friends Hazuki-chan and Ai-chan, I brought them to the store. But its okay, they're outside...

(Doremi, Majorika, and Lala then turn around to see Aiko and Hazuki spying on them)

Majorika: *dives into a nearby pot* You shouldn't have brought them!

(Both Hazuki and Aiko come inside)

Aiko: Doremi-chan!

Hazuki: What was that just now?

Doremi: Whatever are you talking about?

Aiko: No point in hiding them. A tadpole-looking creature and a winged-person!

Lala: They thought you were a tadpole *peeks out, then yanked back in*

Majorika: Stay hidden!

Lala: There's no use in hiding, they found out already. *flies over to the three girls*

Majorika: Oh well...

Aiko: Weird friends you have...

Doremi: She's a fairy, Lala.

Hazuki: You know a fairy, so Doremi-chan, you must really be... *Doremi panics* Doremi-chan, you are a... *Doremi panics worse* Doremi-chan's a witch!

Doremi: Aaaaa! I've been completely unmasked!

(Doremi panics severly until realizing she didn't change...)

Doremi: So I'm a magic frog now.

Aiko: Why are ya crouchin' like that?

Doremi: What? *searches self*

Majorika: Your not a magic frog.

Doremi: Why?

Lala: Your not a witch yet, your a witch apprentice.

????: Apprentice?

Aiko: It was your magic that made my dad suddenly disappear!

Doremi: Well kinda. But, I'm happy I didn't turn into a magic frog. Lucky, Lucky!

Majorika: Idiot! *Yells so loudly it knocks Doremi over* Its your fault you were discovered!

(Hazuki and Aiko crawl over for a closer look at Majorika)

Aiko: Doremi-chan...

Hazuki: This person is...

Doremi: She's a witch, Majorika.

Aiko: A witch?

Hazuki: You don't look like a witch at all.

Majorika: Well excuse me!

Doremi: I found out she was a witch, so she turned her into a magic frog.

Hazuki: Well, I found out about Doremi-chan, so...

Majorika, Lala: Stop it! *try to shush Hazuki*

Majorika: This time, she'll turn into a magic frog for sure!

Hazuki: Ah, I'm sorry...

Doremi: Hazuki-chan...

Lala: But, what now?

Majorika: These to know about Doremi's secret now.

Hazuki: I won't tell...

Aiko: Yep! It'd be horrible for Doremi-chan to turn into something like that.

Majorika: No! The truth may come out at any time.

Doremi: don't worry. It won't happen!

Majorika: Shut up! If Doremi turns into a magic frog, it'll be impossible for me to turn back. If thats the case...

Doremi: *panicked* Don't tell me you'll use magic on them...

Hazuki, Aiko: *screaming* No way!

Majorika: *calmly* who said I would do that? I'm gonna make you apprentices too.

Lala: Having two more apprentices is good.

Aiko: *still clinging to Hazuki* So I'll be a witch someday?

Majorika: Right. However, you mustn't let anyone find out about your secret, okay?

Doremi: Ai-chan, Let's be witches together! If you become one, you can cast anything and it will come true!

Hazuki: *thinking* Anything. So I can get anything I desire?

Aiko: *thinking* Maybe with this Dad will finally be able to relax. *outloud* Alright! I'm gonna be a witch apprentice!

Hazuki: Me too.

Doremi: Alrighty! Then we're all gonna be witch apprentice friends!

(Majorika then has Lala fetch the special box storing the apprentice taps inside)

Majorika: Well, there are apprentice items in this, so get one out.

(Aiko reaches in and pulls one out)

Majorika: next

Hazuki: Okay. *Pulls out her tap* I caught one.

Majorika: Doremi!

Doremi: leave it to me! *Doremi then proceeds to transform into her witch apprentice uniform* First, press the middle button! You have to put it on before the music ends. *points* Well then, Let's see you two try it!

Aiko, Hazuki: okay, Sempai

Doremi: Sempai? *excited* Sounds good! Say it again, one more time!

Aiko, Hazuki: Sempai!

Doremi: *makes fist* This is bliss!

Majorika: *scolding* Don't get big-headed, you ojamajo!

Aiko: *blank* Ojamajo?


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