Name さやか Sayaka
Gender Female
Debut Majorika goes to Kindergarten
Voice Actors
Japanese Jun Mizuki

Sayaka is a classmate of Pop Harukaze as well as one of her best friends, along with Kumiko and Rie.



Sayaka has fair skin and pale, coffee brown eyes and hair. Her hair is pulled into pigtails with a single curled strand at the very tip to match the strands of hair before her ears. Each pigtail is worn with a violet bow to match her ruffled, violet dress. The collar and buttons are white.


Sayaka is mostly a shy and gentle girl. She is known to also be fearful and anxious at times, however she is usually helped through these phases thanks to her best friend; Pop.


  • Sayaka is one of the shortest girls in class.
  • In Motto Ep. 36, Sayaka has a hatred of yogurt.


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