Saichela Hearth is a full born witch, born on March 3rd. She is currently eight years old and lives in Raintown, since she was six.

Saichela was made by ErzeanChatten as part of Ojamajo DaReNiMo.


  • Likes: cats, magic
  • Dislikes: Mondays, being woke up, cat-haters
  • Favorite foods:
  • Hate foods:


Saichela is a fair skinned girl with light blue-purple eyes. She has very long, deep purple colored hair, streaked with lighter purple. It consists of a few bangs to one side of her head, four small buns, and curly pigtails with a little bit of hair worn down. She wears a blue headband with a purple violet.

Saichela's outfit consists of a blue top with a dark purple tank top over it, matching bracelets, a white pleat skirt, hair clips, gold necklace, and a pair of blue socks with purple shoes. 

Witch Information

Saichela is a violet themed witch. Due to being full-blooded, she didn't deal with the same struggles that most apprentice did.

She also has her own unique outfit, and her instrument was the guitar.


  • Magic: Poipawiwi Loli Lali Paiwilippo Woi
  • Transform:
  • Magical Stage:

Her crystal ball is a purple star, and she has a fairy named Sasa. Sasa is a light lilac themed fairy with a simplified version of Saichela's hair and also has a hair clip like her. They share a similar personality.



Saichela was born from a violet flower in the witch world. Her and her mother left the witch world around the time she became six for a city known as Raintown.



  • Saichela is called "Sai" by some.
  • Originally Saichela had a normal ojamajo uniform. One resembling Onpu Segawa's.


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