Sachiko Ijuuin
Sachiko ijuuin

Gender Female
Instrument recorder
Voice Actors

Sachiko Ijuuin is a classmate of HazukiAiko and Onpu. In 3rd and 4th grade, she was in the former class 1. She also is a good friend of Hana.

She is character of the day during "Even a Good Child Worries" and appears in "Flute File! ~An Honor Student's Secret~".



Sachiko is a model student. Because both of her parents are teachers, she always tries to be a good child, though severely restricting herself in the process.

She is very helpful, nice and intelligent. She seems to be very popular.


Sachiko has long, brown hair and greenish eyes. She is light-skinned.

She wears a white blouse and above that, a light-green slipover. Her skirt is a knee-length, dark-green and red kilt. Her socks are white and her shoes are brown.