Ryota and the Midnight Monster
Japanese Title りょうたと真夜中のかいじゅう

Ryōta to Mayonaka no Kaijū

Dub Title Of Monsters and Witchlings
Season Season 1
Episode No. 38
Air Date October 24, 1999 (JP)

May 2, 2008 (US)

Next Episode Doremi's Boyfriend is a Junior High Student?!
Previous Episode There's a lot of Witch Frogs!


Doremi is flying around during a late night as she notices a bunch of weird occurrences going on. Then as she approaches a tall monster that has rose out from the sea, she begins to panic and tries to fly away from it.


After one too many screw ups as classmate gives up his passion. Will the ojamajo be able to restore it and teach him a healthy balance between things we like and the things we need to do? 


The ojamajo are in the middle of math class when Seki-sensei is forced to punish a student because he isn't paying attention. Aiko and Hazuki try to awaken Doremi before she gets into trouble too, but she is not responding. As Aiko starts to shake her, a panicked Doremi jumps up and begins to scream and she is sent into the hallway alongside Ryota; who also got into trouble. 

After, she begins to discuss the Fall Show coming up. Everyone is to make something for it and she asks them if they may have any thought. Aiko and Onpu discuss it amongst themselves and Seki-sensei goes to check on the yelling coming from the hallway. She finds Ryota and Doremi screwing around, then punishes them by making them clean the gym room after school ends. 

Later on, Aiko and Hazuki come by to see if they may be finished, but they only find Ryota cleaning; because Doremi has worn herself out and cannot do anymore. They feel bad, so they lend Doremi a hand so that she can finish sooner. It's then Kimura and Kotake show up and the girls assume they came to help, but it turns out they have only come to tell Ryota that it's time for Soccer practice. He tells them that he can't today though, because he has other plans, but this doesn't sit well with either boy and they remind him of the upcoming soccer game. Ryota refuses to give up on his plans though, so they have no choice but to let him keep working. 

Later at the Maho-do, the girls have been working on their items for the Fall show. Doremi is in the middle of making her witch statue while Aiko has used craft items to make Jumbo Takoyaki, and Hazuki has been sewing together a very regal, glittery outfit.

Eventually the girls leave and Doremi discusses her object that she has been making. But they stop upon seeing Ryota dressed up in a silly costume, playing with a bunch of younger children. Aiko and Doremi get dragged into the game after the little boys insult them, and Hazuki goes to help Ryota by digging him out of the sand pit the boys put him in, then eventually they all start to play together. Soon Kotake and Kimura come by and while this angers Kimura, to find him goofing off, Kotake can't help but think it looks like fun. 

In due time, the girls and Ryota say goodbye to the little boys after they notice it is getting late, so he invites the ojamajo back to his place. They sit in his bedroom and play with one of his figurines until he and his mother return with some juice for everybody. They begin to discuss the monsters but his mother grows angry and takes off while complaining over how poorly he has done on his latest exams, as well as the fact he's becoming known to children as "Monster nii-chan", and that he also got hurt. Ryota feels a little annoyed, but Doremi points out that she did worst on the test. 

The following day at school, Aiko and Hazuki ask Onpu about what she did for the project, but she refuses to tell them now, much to the aggrivation of Aiko. Doremi decides to stay behind to finish her clay witch figurine, so Hazuki and Aiko decide to head over to the Maho-do. Kimura and Kotake suddenly run in and they try to get Ryota to come with them since the game will be starting soon. Ryota claims he will be showing up and Onpu comes by to inform him that she is working on filming Gazamadon 2 at the moment, then leaves after Ryota asks for a report on the movie sometime. 

At the Maho-do again, Aiko and Hazuki explain why Doremi isn't there and Majorika voices a lack of faith in Doremi over being able to make anything good. That is, until they reveal Doremi based her figurine off of her.

Back at school, Doremi happily compliments Ryota's work when a pissed off Kimura and Kotake show up and angrily yell at him, blaming him for making them lose after all of their hard work. He never showed up and after Doremi notices how upset Ryota is, she tries to force them to apologize just as Hazuki and Aiko are showing up. To everyone's surprise though, Ryota suddenly claims to despise monsters and destroys his object. Doremi tries to get him to stop but he refuses and runs out after he claims he hates them again, since it screwed everything up.

She chases after Ryota but soon gives up, realizing he does not want to be with anyone right now. Kotake and Kimura seem to feel badly about what has happened, but they say nothing. Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko go to the roof and try to think of a way to help Ryota, and soon Doremi suggests that they use magic to make him feel better; but Aiko reminds her that magic like this is forbidden, so they cant. Instead they decide to cast magical stage to recieve a true answer. At first they think nothing has happened, but hear a strange sound in the distance. They go to check Ryota's house and find that he is throwing away all of his Gazamadon items and are concerned that their magic had failed. But because it is so late, they decide to head home and call it a day. 

That night, Doremi is asleep but suddenly gets up when she notices some strange vibrations occuring. She notices a strange figure while worrying it may be an earthquake, then changes to fly outside and see for herself. She meets up with Aiko and Hazuki, who also felt and heard the strange noises, and as it turns out, Ryota had also heard and he decided to investigate for himself and trails after the large monster upon seeing its Gazamadon. The girls worry over his safety, but Hazuki stops Aiko and Doremi as Gazamadon places Ryota onto his head. Ryota is very happy to see him and they pass by a very nervous Kimura, who runs to hide; as well as Kotake who has just gone to the bathroom, but writes it off as a dream. 

Eventually, Gazamadon drops Ryota off by a lonely dock surrounded by the ocean and he slowly begins to descend into the waters while Ryota says goodbye to him and claims that he will always love Gazamadon. 

The following morning, Kimura and Kotake arrive to see Ryota trying to fix his Gazamadon statue. Both of them
feel badly for how they acted and they apologize after explaining to him about their dream, involving Gazamadon.

After Ryota apologizes for forgetting about the soccer game they had, the two boys offer to help him out. 

When it's time for the fall show, where Onpu reveals her most favorite thing, which is herself, and she used a standee of herself from Gazamadon 2. She then puts a flier of the movie onto Doremi's face before she is asked to give the other students some fliers; which she happens to have on hand.

It's then revealed that Majorika showed up to see what Doremi made, but Doremi doesn't really want her to see it just yet; which frustrates her a little. Aiko and Hazuki then comment on the happy situation and the episode comes to an end after it is revealed Ryota won the Fall Show!


  • Please help Ryota-kun somehow

Major Events

  • The school holds it's Fall Show
  • The work for Gazamadon 2 is currently going on. 

Dub Changes

  • Ryota is named Peter in the dub.
  • Seki-sensei yells at Ryota for thinking they were learning Match right now. In the dub Peter just got distracted and said he drew the tail too long on his drawing.
  • Paint Edit: The poster behind Seki-sensei was edited to say "Arts and Crafts Show".
  • Aiko thought of Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, and Oily Tofu. Hazuki points out they are all food. In the dub Mirabelle just talks about her Harmonica and drool.
  • Hazuki wonders if Doremi has finished cleaning and they go to check. In the dub, Reanne said she heard someone say Dorie was cleaning so they just had to go and see.
  • Scene Skip: At the Maho-do everybody is trying to figure out what Doremi made before they reveal what they made. Aiko made big takoyaki, Hazuki made a glittery outfit, and Doremi made a witch. Then the ojamajo go out for a walk. In the dub it shows what Peter had made, but now what the Ojamajo made.
  • Doremi was originally called an Odango Monster, then a sand spitting monster. Aiko is a clown monster. In the dub no names were kept.
  • Doremi thought the toy monster was cute, in the dub she calls it funny.
  • Ryota's mom threatened to take away everything he likes if he gets another bad test, in the dub she threatened to just take them away.
  • Onpu decides she will tell Ryota how filming goes later, in the dub Ellie just says that she had been cast in the sequel and had to go now.
  • Paint Edit: The ribbons were pink, purple, and red originally. In the dub they're all blue.


  • As Doremi hears a sound, her tap is missing the music note piece.
  • As the ojamajo see Gazamadon put Ryota onto his head, Doremi and Aiko are missing tap details.
  • While the ojamajo run by the beach area of Misora, notice that the inside of Doremi's mouth is dark red and lacks any trace of a tongue; which is normally present whenever a mouth is open. 
  • When the ojamajo watch Ryota and Gazamadon right after he looks out of his window, Hazuki lacks her tap details.


  • This episode reveals just how long Doremi has been into witches.


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