PDVD 085h

Gender Female
Theme Color Lavender
Debut Doremi Becomes a Mom!?
Voice Actors
Japanese Rumi Shishido

Roro is Onpu Segawa's Fairy. She was hinted at throughout Season 1, and made her first appearance after the girls regained their magic abilities in Sharp.



Roro is a pale skinned fairy with blushed cheeks and eyes with a unique shape to resemble Onpu's. Her lavender hair frames her face with a split in her bangs and a curl on the side, reminiscent of Onpu's pigtail. She wears a pale purple dress with lilac collar.


Roro possesses Onpu's cute and charming personality. She is very helpful and smart, capable of communication and having many useful skills. She appears to have a mature side and usually refrains from joining the others at times, although she is fairly playful.

Ojamajo Doremi 16/17/18/19

In the first novel it is revealed that she and the others remained in the Witch World to watch over the then-badly behaved Hana-chan.


  • Roro was renamed FaFa in the Portugues and Spanish verions of the Anime. 
    • In other translations she was also named Lulu.
  • In one of the novels it was revealed that Roro can transform into a siamese cat.
  • Like he does with Onpu, Ojayide was shown being attracted to Roro after the fairies were tasked with helping him.