Robbie Benex
Name ロビーベネックス Robī Benekkusu
Gender Male
Debut Hurry, Urgent! Final Clue!
Voice Actors
Japanese Yamato Tenjin

Robbie Benex is a descendant of Majotourbillon and the grandson of Roy Benex. He has the special ability to which allows him to communicate with animals.





  • He is one of the few human characters in the series to discover the Ojamajo's identities.
    • The reason why the Ojamajos didn't turn into Witch Frogs was became Robbie is related to a witch.
  • It was revealed that each individual born in the Benex family would have a special power. For example, Robbie's grandfather had the ability to communicate with plants, and his Great-Grandfather could briefly freeze time.


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