Name りえ Rie
Gender Female
Debut Majorika goes to Kindergarten
Voice Actors
Japanese Miwa Matsumoto

Rie is a classmate of Pop Harukaze as well as one of her best friends, along with Kumiko and Sayaka. She is also close friends with Tomomi.



Rie has long brown hair worn with a thick, pale orange headband. Her brown eyes match. Originally she wore the Sonatine Academy uniform.

Later in the series, Rie kept her appearance but gained a new color scheme. Her eyes became light purple, while her hair turned mauve with a white headband. She was shown wearing a pale orange dress over a white shirt, pale peach socks, and purple shoes.


As one of Pop's closest friends, she is usually seen hanging around with her. She does not appear as often as the others do however, and she is shown having other friends besides them. She is overly-cautious and seems to be sensitive.



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