Theme Color Pale Orange
Owner Hazuki Fujiwara
Debut Aim for the level 9 Witch Exam!
Voice Actors
Japanese Jun Mizuki

Rere is one of the Fairies that appears in Ojamajo Doremi. She belongs to Hazuki Fujiwara.


Rere was born after Hazuki passed her 9th exam, alongside Mimi after Aiko Senoo passed. Curious about the brand new world around her, Rere quickly learned everything that was taught to her by Lala.


Rere is a pale skinned yousei with bright orange-brown eyes worn behind a pair of thin glasses. Her hair is light, dull orange worn in four big, rounded points to resemble Hazuki's hair bow. She has two single bangs. Her outfit is pastel orange with a pale orange-tan collar.


Rere is a quiet Yousei who generally keeps out of the way and helps Hazuki however she can. She is very calm natured and gentle with others, and enjoys spending her time listening to Hazuki when she plays her violin or just wants advice.

Ojamajo Doremi 16/17/18/19

It is said that the fairies stayed back in the Witch World to watch over the badly behaved Hana-chan.

However, they did appear later in the novel.


  • In one of the novels it was revealed that Rere can transform into a persian cat.
  • In some parts of the world, she is renamed "Mimi".


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