Reiko Fujiwara is the mother of Hazuki the wife of Akira. The two of them met when he asked to use her house for a drama in production at the time, due to enjoying the setting and the two of them instantly fell in love.

Originally Reika fell in love with a writer named Sauragi, but after she was shown a notebook from the man's mother, she learned that he had been just using her and she had suffered from depression a while afterwards due to this.



Reiko is a wealthy woman who is usually quiet and sensative. Obviously where Hazuki gets it...

She's very gentle and due to this, she cries very easily. If Hazuki tries to be honest with her feelings about something she'll instantly burst into tears at the mere thought of an unhappy Hazuki. It's unknown if she was always like this however, it may have had something to do with her ex-boyfriend as she seemed to a normal, happy girl in her younger days.

She loves to dress up in fancy or cute clothing and as such she tries to make Hazuki do the same. She thinks Hazuki likes the outfits she buys for her. But eventually she begins to let Hazuki think for herself when Hazuki finally admits to not liking how badly she feels when trying to only please her mother. This is proved during the final Dokkan episode when she is seen finding a cute outfit for Hazuki, but then Hazuki finds a better one.

Her special, most cherished object is an old doll named Lily that she had growing up. She didn't have dolls like the other girls, but was made of love and soon she befriended the other girls despite.


Reiko Fujiwara has light brown, almost orange colored hair and eyes. Her bangs are like Hazuki's very own but pulled back with them being held in the center. She wears her hair pulled back in a ponytail and has a few loose strands curled from the side. She wears a light purple dress with buttons going up the center and a light folded-down neck, and a mint belt and white slip on shoes.

As a child, her hair remained the same way, but held back with a blue bow. Her outfit consisted of a white teeshirt and dark blue tanktop like dress. It was very similiar to Onpu's first two seasons dress.

As a teenager her hair was spread/flowered out, but still pulled back with a bow. She wore a school uniform. A little bit older now, she was only seen in a school uniform in a simple flashback on her way to school. Her hair was now down, but still worn back with a light colored bow.

During a new years festival, Reiko wore a pink and dark pink kimono under a puffy lilac coat-like top, to match her plain white socks and lilac sandals.


Hazuki - As stated above, her and Hazuki are very much alike. Both females are soft spokemon and easy to cry when hurt or offended. She is very protective of Hazuki and tries to do what is best for her, although she is unaware Hazuki often doesn't like these things.

Akira - Not much is shown of their relationship but they do love each other. He met her when filming a drama at her place after asking to use it for some scenes.

Baya - The "Nanny" of the Fujiwara's. She was with Reiko since she was a child, the one being who made the doll for her. She is very close to Baya and considers her as a mother figure.


  • As a child Reiko's outfit resembled Onpu's main outfit through the first two seasons.
  • Out of all the mothers, Reiko is the most girliest of the five. She also is the one who gets the most emotional.
  • Besides Onpu's mother, Reiko is the other adult female mostly shown as a child.