Raising a Baby is a Lot of Trouble!
Baby Doremi
Japanese Title 赤ちゃん育ては、もうたいへん!

Akachan Sodate wa mō Taihen!

Season Sharp
Episode № 2 (53)
Air Date February 13, 2000
Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Naoyuki Itou
Episode Direction Naoyuki Itou
Animation Direction Chuuji Nakajima
Next Episode Don't Fall Asleep! Pop's Witch Apprentice Exam
Previous Episode Doremi Becomes a Mom!?

Opening Clip

Haruka holds a crying baby Doremi while sitting at her piano. She begins to use one of her hands to play the piano in hopes of calming her down. She watches as Doremi begins to quiet down and listens to the music play. 


Doremi and the others learn a lesson in responsibility during their first day of mothering...


Doremi and Pop are busy explaining the baby to their parents one morning at breakfast. Keisuke is beyond stunned and he worries they won't be able to handle the responsibility, but Haruka is sure it will be fine. With that said, the sisters get up and run right over to the Maho-do in order to start the day, but as they come in they are quickly silenced by Hazuki, Aiko, and Majorika. They finally got the baby to fall asleep and they need to be careful in order to avoid waking her up, so they attempt to discuss baby names in the mean time. Doremi offers the name "Hana", due to her birth from the flowers. But they begin to argue and Hana-chan begins to cry.

Doremi picks Hana-chan up and is able to make her feel better and drift back off to sleep. So they take her to the Green House with the Tree of Life growing inside of it, and lay her back down. After doing so, they show Pop the brand new apprentice uniform and poron and she calls them cool. But the sisters begin to bicker until leaves for a date with one of her boyfriends. 

It's then the girls hear a familiar voice and run outside to see Dela with a lot of gardening items; such as plants, pots, shovels, gloves, and other supplies. She explains that because of the Maho-dou transforming into a brand new shop, she will be giving them a special promotion while describing the magical properties lying within the flowers the girls will grow. With a wave of her hand she summons four special trees that grow Magical Seeds; but only if the owner can take good care of it. She then takes off and the girls begin to get everything situated and plant their special magic seed trees; including one for Onpu since she's busy at the time.

Doremi gets up to grab some water for their new trees, but unaware to them Hana-chan has awoken. As she cries, her magic causes the watering hose to suddenly spring up and go haywire; shooting water in all directions and spraying the girls. Hazuki is able to shut it off with her magic and they run inside to check on Hana after, where Majorika points out that she must have wet her diapers. She then claims to be too tired and has the girls deal with it, and she mentions that they need to still put away all of the brand new supplies too, which frustrates the trio.

But with no time to argue against it they quickly get to work and head to Hana-chan first. To their surprise, Doremi continues to do well, at least until she accidentally puts the diaper on backwards. She keeps attempting to straighten it while Aiko goes to check and see who is at the door. She is surprised to find Seki-sensei and Yuki-sensei, but invites them inside. She explains how they will be running a Garden Shop now, as Hazuki and Doremi come in holding Hana. They panic until Hazuki comes up with the idea to claim Hana is the owners grandchild, and they are only watching her while her parents away. When April rolls by and school begins, they will find someone else.

With that settled, Yuki-sensei goes on to mention that she may stop by sometime again, since she really likes to garden. But when Hana begins to cry again the adults decide to leave and they take off to let the girls get back to work. Aiko uses her magic to transfer all of their brand new tools and items and plants into the shop; but because of Hana's own magic all of the items begin to be tossed and thrown around all over the place, even beaming poor Hazuki in the face. 

When Hana calms down, everything begins to stop floating around, as if nothing happened. The girls have no idea what could be doing this, but they say nothing of it and resume work. But as Hana starts to cr y again they run out to try to find out what the problem is. They find Majorika and ask her about preparing milk, so she uses her items to summon the tools needed for making a baby milk. The girls feed Hana and continue to discuss how magically preparing items without love is not very good; and because of this, Hana bursts into tears again. 

It is then they begin to smell something fowl and realize Hana needs another diaper change. The girls immediately start to panic and try to determine what to do, but to their relief, Haruka has come by. Doremi brings her mother inside and asks her for help, to show them how to properly change a diaper and prepare milk. She gives them a few more tips while they tuck Hana-chan in for a nap and she wishes them luck before leaving. Having watched Haruka, the girls decide that they will not use magic to take care of Hana and resume work until closing time approaches. 

By the time she reaches home, Doremi is too tired for dinner; despite it being her favorite food of all; surprising Keisuke and Pop. Haruka explains that it makes a lot of sense though, since Doremi spent the entire day working and practicing on how to be a mother. She then goes to join Doremi as she soaks in the bath and asks to join her, and they begin to discuss raising children. Doremi asks her mother if she had a hard time raising her, and Haruka claims that she never got tired of it. In fact, Doremi saved her.

At Doremi's confusion, Haruka explains how an incident in the past caused her to temporarily quit playing the piano. With the injury she was forced to give up her childhood dreams and the shock and grief from this caused so much stress on her that she considered taking her life many times. The only thing to stop her was realizing that if she had, she would have also killed Doremi. So she could not bring herself to do it. 

They finish their bath and Haruka pulls Doremi's hair up into the Chignon-odango style before she continues to say that to become a mother, a woman learns through experience. It is not just about giving birth to the child. Doremi promises to give her very best effort then, then mentions how she suddenly feels hungry again. But to her shock, she goes to see that everyone else ate the steak she chose not to eat and ends up crying. 


  • Move the tools and the plants from the garden into the store.


  • Notice during the montage that while the girls struggle to hold the bag, Aiko is lacking half of her hair.
  • In the first shot as Doremi eats the toast, notice that when she is shown up close arguing with Pop, it is a lot lighter in color. 
  • After the girls are covered in water, notice in the shot before they go to see Hana, the water stains do not match the ones from the various shot. 
  • When the girls realize Hana-chan's diaper was on backwards; there is a strange line by her mouth. 
  • As Aiko talks with Haruka, notice that the big white spot in her right eye. It is a gray-blue color. 
  • Notice how strange the girls hands are when Haruka tests the milk on them. 
  • The bottom portion of Pop's hair is crudely drawn as Doremi begins to cry at the end of the episode. 


  • This is the first episode of the season to exclude someone from the apprentice group, this being Onpu.
    • This is also one of the first few episodes to exclude Onpu since her appearance last season.
  • The flower pots the girls pick to put their trees in match them:
    • Hazuki's is shaped like the bottom half of a violin.
    • Onpu's is shaped to resemble the object that holds her hair piece and has tiny music notes around the tim.
    • Aiko's resembles a thickened, stretched out split-curl.