Present from Mongolia
Shino's gift
Japanese Title モンゴルからのおくりもの

Monguru Kara no Okurimono

Dub Title Careful What You Witch For
Season Season 1
Episode № 31
Air Date September 5, 1999 (JP)

December 11, 2007 (US)

Screenplay Genki Yoshimura
Storyboard Takao Iwai
Episode Direction Takao Iwai
Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
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Previous Episode I want to meet the ghost!


Shino is walking along the long, grassy planes when she hears noise nearby. She turns to see her friend riding on a horse. He then takes something out of his pocket, a small horse doll. When she asks if it is for her and he nods. Allowing her to take it.


Shino receives a letter and gift from a friend in Mongolia, but she doesn't know what to send back to them. Will her classmates be able to help her find the perfect present? 


Pop is prepared to be given her 9th level exam the following evening and must stay away if she wants to be able to take it. While everyone else is confident she'll do fine, Doremi mocks her by claiming that as a child she wont be able to stay awake. But Majorika states that Pop is a lot more reliable then Doremi is. 

While heading into school, the girls complain over their fun-lacking summer; considering that while they did do a couple of fun things, most of it was spent working at the maho-do. In class, Tamaki shows off the purse she got when her family was off at Paris when Aiko comments on how expensive it looks. Tamaki claims that in order to get one they had to make a reservation at least half a year in advance, then mentions how her dad called through international lines in order to get it for her. As everyone laughs at Kotake's comment, Hazuki notices a student that keeps to herself and begins to talk with her over the picture she is looking at. 

Mongolia on the Map

 They are joined by Doremi and Aiko, and Shino explains that she spent her summer in Mongolia. She points out it's location on the map, but Hazuki is the only one able to understand this. She also shows them the postcard she was given and reads the letter to them. Everyone is very impressed by it, while Tamaki has become somewhat envious; going far enough to say that she learned how to speak foreign languages too, and even gets letters from friends in other places all the time.

Later outside, everyone has began to draw when Doremi mentions that she would like to live in another country. They notice how troubled Shino looks again and she decides to invite them back to her home, as well as Tamaki, who was very curious as to where or what she lived in. They come to a tall apartment complex and Shino explains it to them, causing Tamaki to joke about it until seeing the offense the ojamajo take to it. 

As they go inside, they see many strange and colorful house decorations, as well as many items they have never seen before. Doremi is able to recognize the picture of Mongolia nearby, as it matches the postcard. Tamaki happens to spot a small horse doll and Shino comments on how easy it is to find them, and mentions that she even had one until she got tired of it and threw it away. She reveals that this one came from her friend in Mongolia though. After Hazuki is about to realize that this may have been what Shino wished to discuss with them, she reveals her plan to send something back to her friend as thanks. But she has no idea what to send; other the knowing it has to be very special in return for him giving her his only toy.

She feels bad that he did this, and mentions that when he isn't riding horses or wrestling he likes to make his own toys. So Hazuki suggests to her that maybe she could make a special toy in return and send it to him. Tamaki believes something of high-class would be best, but Aiko points out that Shino may not even have to give her friend anything other then thanks for his care and friendship. 

After a while, Shino decides that she will just think it over some more and everyone leaves. The ojamajo decide that they want to try to help her better though, so they use magic to try to find out what Tamila would like. At first nothing happens and wonder if maybe the magic they needed was too strong to do anything for them. Hazuki points out that they are out of magic spheres though, so they rush to the Maho-dou to try to get some quick work done to make more. 

They spend the day making lots and lots of magical goods but come evening they have not been able to get any customers. Majorika returns, having left the shop to them seeing as they were working so hard, but she thinks something is wrong and calls them out on it. The ojamajo claim they had plans on maybe giving Majorika and Lala a gift and ask them what they would want, in hopes of getting inspiration. Lala voices that she would love to have a coupon for a beauty salon, but they know this isn't a good gift for Tamila. They even try to ask Oyajide but he does nothing to help. 

Late that night, Pop sees how upset Doremi looks and shows genuine concern until Doremi refuses to tell her what the problem is. Pop snaps at her about the test and then storms off for her own bedroom. Hazuki and Aiko also seem to be struggling trying to think up possible ideas on what to do regarding their lack of magic spheres. Their next exam is approaching, to make matters worse. 

Before Doremi leaves to go to the Maho-do, she tries to wake up Pop but it's of no use. Pop has tried so hard to stay awake but she ends up passing out instead. They go into the magic world and hesitantly approach, where Mota explains that they must use magic clay to make the items they want right now. So they don't need to use any magic. Lala suddenly suggests they go ahead and use magical stage to find out what they would want, but Majorika informs her that to know that magic like that is a very high level of magic. As the ojamajo realize Aiko was right about the magic, they are then informed of a time limit and have to hurry up and figure it out. Doremi has made magic spheres, while Hazuki made a cute brooch but neither pass.

Doremi asks for a hint and Aiko makes a statue of them, which they like but it's wrong too. Finally Hazuki realizes that maybe they want an item around them; so Aiko takes a bit of clay and shoves it into the hole of the nearby umbrella holder. But this ends up being incorrect too. Suddenly, Doremi gets an idea and assumes the vase needed some flowers. She puts the clay flower into the vase and to their surprise, they pass. But only because it was miss-identified as a back scratcher; the item they really wanted.

Magical upgrade

Mota and MotaMota upgrade the Ojamajo's certificates by adding a new level piece into it. She does at first attempt to tell them what the item really was, but eventually lets it go upon realizing it could screw everything up if she was to tell them she actually made a flower. 

They begin to head back for home and Doremi complains over the item of choice Mota and MotaMota wanted, and Majorika claims that she would have instead asked for something expensive. It is then Hazuki recalls that she noticed the two test-givers trying to scratching their backs and Aiko points out that sometimes when someone is given a gift, you should get to know them first to try to determine the right present. If they can get to know Tamila better, they could figure out what he wants. 

The next morning, A very angry Pop bursts into Doremi's bedroom. She demands to know why Doremi didn't bother to wake her, and Doremi claims that she tried, but Pop refused to get up. It isn't her fault but Pop accuses her of lying, believing that Doremi did this on purpose. 

Doremi heads over to school soon after and the girls meet up with Shino again. She still has no idea what to give to Tamila, but the ojamajo have an idea this time so they ask to come back over to her place after school. 

By then, they begin to overlook everything again and reveal to Shino their plan of getting to know Tamila better. They ask Shino to tell them more about him and Mongolia, and they discuss the horse she got to ride on, and even the beautiful grassy hills they saw. When she was leaving, Tamila had come to see her off and presented her with the horse, which actually embaressed Shino, since she knew she would not treasure it nearly as much. He gave it to a friend he may never see it again and she wonders if she would be able to do the same thing he did. That is why she has to give him something that is precious to her. 

But concern arises, as she is unsure over whether or not her most precious thing is worthy of his own. As they begin to discuss it, Aiko notices the picture and comments on how the grass has become two alternate shades of green half-way through. Shino admits that it was bothering her too, until she recalled that Tamila has used most of his green coloring pencil. He couldn't add anymore, and because of that she has just thought of the perfect gift: her beloved, precious, twelve-pack of colored pencils. Everyone agrees that it would be a perfect gift, and it is extra-perfect because it is Shino's precious item.


  • Please tell us what Tamila-kun wants

Major Events

  • The ojamajo pass their next exams and earn their next certificate piece.
  • Pop misses her first chance to pass her level 9 exam. 

Dub Changes

  • Doremi is sure they'll pass the test. In the dub, Dorie simply laughed at the name.
  • Majorika calls Poppu brave and strong, in the dub Patina is just happy that Caitlin can handle it.
  • Pop says she is the type of person to work hard when she's given compliments. In the dub, Caitlin claims she will be the best witchling and eventually the best witch.
  • Paint Edit: Tamaki's purse has an A on it. In the dub it's been removed.
  • Kotake asks if Tamaki's dad knows French. In the dub, Todd instead asks how he could have missed that.
  • Shino Hanada is renamed Carie Wilson while her friend Tamila/Tamira is renamed Tomasha.
  • Scene Skip: A chibi Shino explains where Mongolia is on a map.
  • The originally letter was "How is Japan? I won a horseback riding race today." then when asked how someone says hello, Shino explains the word is "Sanbano". In the dub the letter said "It was fun seeing you this summer. Our goat Yama/Yanic had a baby a week after you left. It's very cute."
  • Tamaki claims to have known foreign languages from cards she gets, all the time. In the dub Josie just discusses Mongolia.
  • Doremi wonders if she made more friends if she would get postcards but Aiko informs her that if she only wants postcards she may not make too many friends, plus she would have to send them back. In the dub they just discuss postcards before Mirabelle points out that Dorie would miss her friends.
  • Tamaki thought Shino lived in a single house. In the dub Josie says a tent.
  • Paint Edit: The sign next to Tamaki was blanked in the dub.
  • Tamaki asks why the doll looks so old, while in the dub Josie just comments on it and it's name.
  • Shino said that the doll she recieved was Tamila's only toy, while in the dub, Carie talks about how much the toy reminds her of the horse she was with in the pictures. 
  • Scene Skip: The ojamajo change subject by asking for things they would want after Majorika stares at them. The dub skips right to Dorie's house.
  • Paint Edit: The objects on Pop's desk were blanked, like the back of a clock which said KK Hottoka, along with a block and pack of gum.
  • Scene Edit: Pop smacks Doremi. In the dub, right when her hand was about to make contact with Dorie's face, the screen flashed.
  • Aiko said the magic spheres aren't something they wanted, just a thing Doremi wants. In the dub Mirabelle said they didn't look like spell drops.
  • Aiko says by knowing someone better you can learn what they like and want. In the dub, all three of them think of something differently and speak.


  • At the end of the episode when the girls appear in bubbles along with Shino, Hazuki is shown randomly wearing an earring. 
  • Kotake's number is missing from his shirt as Tamaki responds to his comment and everyone laughs at him.
  • Througout the episode, Shino's necklace only has 4 beads. But during the intro and certain points she is shown with 5.
  • As Shino explains that she wants to give her friend a present, but she doesn't know what, the horse doll is missing its ears. This happens a few more times.
  • As she claims she tried to wake up Pop, notice Aiko's eyes are a dull tan-brown.
  • As the ojamajo arrive and approach Mota and Motamota, their taps are missing details. This happens again as Aiko sees the umbrella holder.
  • When the ojamajo were first seen trying to think, they all had pink clay. But as they each reveal their their creations it is their own unique clay color.
  • As Shino agrees to bring the ojamajo back to her place, her necklace beads are placed opposite.


  • Once again Pop uses her own color clay in this episode.
  • The scene of students walking near the middle-end of the episode is one of that shown often during season 1. The only difference is that Shino has been pasted into this one
  • A boy band poster can be seen in Aiko's bedroom during the episode. This may be the same band the ojamajo discussed during "A Lie is the beginning of Friendship".