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Pop Harukaze



Kanji 春風 ぽっぷ Harukaze Poppu
Dub Name Caitlin Goodwyn
Gender Female
Blood Type B
Birthday Sept 9th, 1994
Instrument Trumpet
Favorite Food Pudding
Theme Color Red
Voice Actors
Japanese Sawa Ishige
English Liza Jacqueline

Poppu Harukaze ([English] Caitlin Goodwyn), or Pop, is Doremi's little sister and like most younger siblings, is pretty rude and bitter towards her older sister. At first have a very hard relationship stemming from years of sibling jealousy for one-another. Poppu is also the fourth Ojamajo to appear in the series.


One day Pop had been in the middle of a tea party with Majorika (plush-chan) when she suddenly got up and ran from the yard. Surprised by such an event, Pop got up and trailed her to the Maho-do, arriving just in time to see Doremi and the others come back. Upon discovering them, Majorika saw no other option then to make her become an apprentice too. Pop is very mature and well respected by others. She has many boundries on her though, due to being so little and it takes her a while to realize that she should enjoy being a child while she can.


Pop is a fair skinned girl with eyes resembling Doremi's but with a red hue. She has dark pink hair with bangs shaped like Doremi's that fan outward, matching the hair on the bottom of her head. Her hair is worn up in thick, wing-shaped pigtails.

Originally Pop wore the kindergarten school uniform, which conistsed of a tea-rose sweater with white accents, a berry colored skirt, pale pink socks, and light teal shoes with big purple orbs at the tongue of both shoes. While in class she wore a gold pin on the collar of her shirt. Later in the series, Pop switched to a unique outfit. She kept her skirt and socks, while the shoes gained straps on them and lost the orbs. Her top became teal-blue with puffed sleeves and white accents.

At the beach, Pop wears a pink-red bathing suit and some floaty accessories. For bed she wears a big and loose, pale yellow shirt with purple spots. For winter she usually puts on a cutesy scarf and a big jacket.

(For other outfits, visit Pop Harukaze (other outfits) )


At first, Pop appears to be an annoying, know-it-all little sister pretending to be older then she really is. But according to everyone else, she is an adorable and smart child with a responsible head on her shoulders. She seems to be perfect or very lucky, but she always gives 110% in everything she does, even it may be something simple like chores, and while Pop has a lot of talent, she lacks it in the creative scale. Doing as poorly as Doremi does whenever it comes to crafts or drawing.

However, everyone does also know that Pop is still a very young girl. She is mature for her age and very responsible, but it doesn't stop others from worrying over her if she was to do something new or difficult. Pop is also limited, such as having a curfew or an early bedtime, and this aggrivates her so much that she is not above acting childish or pouting about it. While she may be a child at heart, she is still very dependable and willing to do whatever she can to provide help.

Pop's most well-known characteristic though is her relationship with Doremi. She acts rude and condenscending towards her, but everyone else sees it as an apparently jealous mentality. Pop feels that Doremi is given a lot more attention and freedom then she deserves, causing her to complain or critisize things others would see as minor. While Doremi just writes Pop off as an over-achieving kiss up.

However, Pop does deeply love her sister. But after years of envy built up, as well as the fact that as a toddler, Doremi often wanted nothing to do with Pop, it made her only grow to resent her troublesome older sister. Throughout the series, Pop begins to lighten up on Doremi and is more willing to listen to her or go to her for comfort. She really appreciates Doremi being around, even if she may not show it all of the time. Doremi is also able to encourage Pop in times of need, and in a strange way, Admires her little sister.

As a Ojamajo

Pop flying

Flying through the witch world

Poppu's reason for becoming an apprentice witch was much like how Doremi's very own. After buying Majorika from the others, then thinking she lost her and died, Pop began to visit the Maho-do frequently to examine the work done there. One day she came just as the three were returning from the witch world and to make her remain silent, Pop was given a chance to become a witch apprentice.

Pop accepted and was also very happy to see Majorika alive and well. As a witch, Pop seemed much more competent then Doremi. But like Doremi, she didn't really think about her first few spells and caused problems. Such as when she tried to scare the classes bully, Kimitaka. Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki helped but Doremi then lectured Poppu for messing up the way she did. Since then, Pop has trained carefully.

She was very slow when it came to upgrading due to the exams taking place at night, and her just being a child, her body cannot handle staying up so late. Due to this, Pop did not get her Crystal ball until the very final episode of the series. But she has partaken in Magical Stage a few times.

Her spells are as followed:

  • Transforming: Pretty Witch Poppucchi!
  • Spell: Pipito Purito Puritan Peperuto!
  • Magical Stage: Pipito Purito, Brightly!

Pop's crystal ball is a four-leaf clover.

Ojamajo Doremi 16

Pop is now in 5th grade (meaning she is around the age Doremi and the others were when the series ended) and she is now taught by Seki-Sensei. Pop plans to attend Karen Girls Academy to become a pianist after graduation.

Despite how close the two of them had become at the end of the series, this seems to have taken a few steps backwards again. Possibly due to there being a huge age difference again as Doremi is now a teenager and Pop isn't quite yet. They often taunt and tease one-another, which tends to frustrate the other one. However, Pop is not nearly as bratty as she was.

Not too much of her personality has been revealed, though it was mentioned she was very excited to be entering a new school term.

Poppu seems to look the same as she did as a little child, though her hair seems to have spread out to fit her newly aged body and shrunk somewhat. She was only shown in one image so far and wore a school uniform.

Her past

When they were little, Pop often followed Doremi around. But Doremi didn't like Pop and tried to do many things to her. Which often ended up with her crying. She was very curious and really did look up to Doremi then.

But because of Doremi's treatement of her, it may be the reason she grew up hateful towards Doremi.

Her family

Doremi Harukaze: The heroine and main character, protagonist of Ojamajo Doremi. A klutz who falls in love very easily and is bad at school. A loyal friend to anyone in need

Haruka Harukaze: Their mother, a housewife who shops and excersises in her spare time. Often compliments Poppu and eventually does teach her piano, beginning in Motto.

Keisuke Harukaze is a writer who loves to go fish. Due to his hate of house work though, their parents are often arguing or getting into fights (none of which he wins, however.) A lot of times Pop is seen on his lap.

Her love life

Poppu has many friends, who she considers "Boyfriends" Due to them, being boys. They act as if they all may harbor feelings for her however, following her around and always willing to defend Pop from harm. Whenever she has to pick just one, they often fight for said spot. Trying to make her favor him. This may because they are children however and are too young to experience real love.

In a episode of Sharp, she gained a crush on a new assitant teacher. He thought she was very adorable but it was revealed in the end that he harbored feelings for the teacher. So Pop gracefully backed down..

Kimitaka, a bully in her class has harbored minor feelings towards Pop, although he bullied her and the rest of the class on multiple occasions. But not much was able to develope between the two since he moved away during Dokkan.

Relations with the other Ojamajo

  • Doremi: She and Doremi bicker, argue, and fight over just about everything at first. But eventually did develope a nice bond.
  • Hazuki: At first, Pop assumed Doremi paid Hazuki to be her friend. Hazuki thinks Pop is a very mature young girl, and very cute.
  • Aiko: Aiko likes to tease Doremi about how mature Pop is in comparison to herself.
  • Onpu: Poppu really likes Onpu and is most-likely a fan of hers. Onpu hung out a few times with Pop during the first season.
  • Momoko: Not much interaction has gone on between them. Other then when Momoko realized that Hana-chan and Pop switched bodies and began to panic when Pop (in Hana-chan's body) showed up.
  • Hana-chan: She and Hana-chan are very close. Though they both feel jealousy towards one-another for how their roles in life play out.

In the dub

Much like Doremi, Pop's main feature in the first season was took to the extreme. She is much more childish, snobby, and rude to everyone who isn't an adult. While the original Pop didn't seem too rude to Hazuki or Aiko. She was also scolded some of the time for what she said, unlike Poppu. She still liked Onpu/Ellie however, and her voice was much more high-pitch.

Her name was changed to Caitlin Goodwyn.

Other Voice Actors and Names

  • France: Bibi, voiced by Fily Keita
  • Germany: Bibi, voiced by Andrea Imme
  • Hong Kong: Cheunfeng Boubou, voiced by Leui Bikna
  • Italy: Bibi, voiced by Sabrina Bonfitto
  • Korea: Do Ttomi, voiced by Oh Jooyeon until season 4 when she was voiced by Han Sinjeong
  • Mexico: Bibi, voiced by Alondra Hidalgo
  • Portugal: Bibi, voiced by Marta Madeira
  • Spain: Poppu, voiced by Pepa Agudo
  • Taiwan: Chunfeng Paopao, voiced by Lei Biwen.
  • English Dub: Caitlin Goodwyn, voiced by Liza Jacqueline

Character Songs



  • Pop's color scheme is an invert of Doremi's. While Doremi's hair is red and her theme is pink, Pop has pink hair with a red theme. 
  • At the end of the series, Pop is one year younger then Doremi was when the series began. In Doremi 16, she is the age that Doremi was when the series originally ended. 
  • Pop recieves a 200 yen allowance. 
  • Despite never gaining the new uniforms. In a special short cartoon (Lets cooking) Pop was seen in the motto pattisier uniform. The only difference was that it lacked the intercom piece, and the sleeves resembled a T-shirt.
  • In a single episode of the first season, Pop had a different VA.
  • Poppu is a lot like Chibi Moon/Chibiusa, from Sailormoon.
  1. Both act like the younger sibling: Pop really is Doremi's little sister. While Chibiusa plays this role but is really Sailor Moon's future daughter.
  2. Both have pink hair and red eyes
  3. Both of them like the color Red
  4. Both disrespect the older person they are related to.
  5. Both of them had problems with their special abilities
  6. Both have red and pink color schemes.
  • Pop's name comes from the noise of something bursting, "Pop!" Her last name translates as "Spring Wind" (Haru = Spring, Kaze = Wind.)
  • Pop has accidentally peed herself twice, though the second time it was Hana-chan, who was in her body.
  • In one TCG card Pop was erroriously given a pink shirt instead of her mint blouse she wears later on in the series. 
  • Although Pop's instrument is the trumpet, it seems odd that she did not also have the piano as her wand-instrument. She is very passionate towards the Piano, but was never seen playing a trumpet or even holding one. 
  • During an Ojamajo Doremi convention during September 2011, a special birthday video for Pop was shown. 


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