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This page is for alternative fashions worn by Pop Harukaze. For information on the character, her normal outfits, and images/pictures please visit her page

Dresses/Fancy Attire

  • A sea foam dress with magenta sections with pink detailing and lines and white ruffles adorning it. The straps of the dress were shaped like X's, and there was a thin bow at her chest. Wore matching shoes.
  • A yellow kimono with white and red-orange flower print and dark red sash around the waist.



  • A red dress with white neck and red socks. Wore her basic shoes and red hair ribbons. Seen on a CD.


  • White and red baseball uniform for an episode of Naisho.
  • Blue school swimming uniform


  • A white blouse under a red jumper-dress with white polka-dot print. Along with red flats and white bloomers. This was her outfit shown in the manga.
  • In the special video made for Pop's birthday during a Ojamajo Doremi convention showing, Pop could be seen wearing a red top with pale red spots and black lining. Her hair seemed to look the same, though her winged pigtails were longer.


  • A modified Patissier costume for special a mini-cartoon.
  • Dark blue business woman top and skirt with heels.


  • Witch/Wizard uniform with lollipop wand used for a play. Consisted of a purple robe with pale coloring details, a star necklace and pointed shoes. Came with a purple and black witch hat with a star on the tip and a heart on it. 
  • A school uniform during Ojamajo Doremi 16/17.
  • A brown uniform with red skirt, may or may not be the same one listed above.
  • Baby - As a baby her hair lacked her bangs and the "wings" which didn't begin to form until later. She wore a pink one piece baby outfit.

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