Pop's First Love? Her Beloved Jyunichi-Sensei!
Japanese Title ぽっぷの初恋?あこがれの順一先生!

Poppu no Hatsukoi? Akogare no Junichi-sensei!

Season Sharp
Episode № 14 (65)
Air Date May 7, 2000
Screenplay Yoshimi Narita
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Akira Inagami
Next Episode Mother's Day and the Drawing of Mother
Previous Episode Doremi Becomes a Bride?

Opening Clip

Pop runs along a long pathway while her friends run with her on the opposite side of the lake. She refuses to play with them when they ask, then she refuses to hang out with Kimitaka when he appears. Before she leaves, she stops to tell them that she prefers mature boys and jumps into the arms of a mysterious figure standing nearby while the sun sets behind them. 


Poppu is smitten by the new teacher at her school; but will love find a way when it comes to envious friends and a sister who also shares this crush? 


Haruka Harukaze yells at Doremi to get up, but it takes Doremi a pretty long while to make her way to the breakfast table; where everyone else is already eating. Pop critisizes how sleepy she looks, then starts to lecture her on the importance of being careless with anything hot after Doremi spills her drink on her lap. 

As the morning goes by, Doremi finds herself even more annoyed as Pop receives compliment after compliment. Pop doesn't seem to notice though and shows off her Class President Badge she has gotten, then she takes off for school. 

When she arrives she finds her friends arguing over her but is quickly able to diffuse it and they run into class. As this goes on, the teachers nearby chat about Pop and how adult-like she behaves and compliment her.

During class,  Kanako-sensei, the main teacher of the school introduces the new P.E. teacher, Jyunichi-sensei. He is quite flustered and accidentally smacks his forehead on the television nearby, and in the process Pop introduces herself to him and insists that he can ask her if he has any questions. He then picks her up and begins to nuzzle her, complimenting the surprised little girl; who seems to start enjoying it. 

Later on when P.E Class rolls along, they all begin to play a round of dodgeball until one of Pop's friends get hurt. Jyunichi isn't sure what to do until Pop helps him out, but when Kimitaka steals the tissue she got for Rie, Pop's friends make an attempt to help her by getting it back. But as it turns out, Pop finds it easier just to do it herself. But in her hurry she almost falls off of the jungle gym and is caught by Jyunichi. Who then makes Kimitaka return the hankerchief and makes him apologize before eeveryone runs off.

However, as Pop's friends realize she is not coming back, they watch as she comments on the maturity their new teacher has. With that it seems her crush has began. 

At Misora Elementary, Doremi angrily complains over being compared to Pop. She points out that Pop has been lecturing her so much lately, and gets frustrated when Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu can't help but side with Pop on these things, citing her to be both right, and responsible. Doremi makes an attempt to ask Onpu over her opinions about Pop, but suddenly realizes she forget her art supplies needed for their trip to the zoo that day. Luckily, Onpu always carries an extra set for anyone who might forget, so she offers Doremi the use of them for the day. 

Back at Sonatine Kindergarten, the children also leave for a trip. Pop uses this time to get to know Jyunichi-sensei by asking him some personal questions; such as his age. During this time, nobody is even the slightest aware over how annoyed Kimitak is getting, and eventually they reach the Fureal Zoo. But because there is some free time, their teacher lets them go and explore the area. But she tells them not to wander off too far away from the rest of the class.

Right away, Pop is asked by all of her friends to hang out with them. But she decides to be on her own instead, so that she can pick some flowers to give to Jyunichi. At this time Kanako happens to see how tired Jyunichi-sensei is and she offers to let him go and take a break, but he claims to be fine and continues watching over everyone. He is partially concerned that the children do not like him, but Kanako insists that she is sure that isn't true; further confirmed when a student comes by to ask him to play with them.

When Pop witnesses this, she sadly runs to hide and tries to determine how she can give him the flower necklace she made for him. She then gets the idea to use magic, so she transforms and summons an elephant to distract everyone enough to give them some alone time. They run off to see the baby elephant and in this time Pop gives Jyunichi the present. He accepts it right away and Pop begins to fawn over him while Kimitaka has a discussion with his friends about this. In the process they decide that they need revenge and watch as Pop and Jyunichi feed a horse some hay.

After Pop realizes she needs to use the restroom, she asks Jyunichi-sensei to wait for her and runs off. The boys come by to hand their teacher a note, then run away. But he is unable to understand it until Kanako comes by to read it for him. It says that the boys will be waiting for him by the sheep, so they can only assume that they want him to come and play with him. 

On the hill nearby the Ojamajo are working on their art projects. After she sees how further the other three are however, she becomes frustrated and storms off, still angry over earlier. She walks around to try to find some inspiration, then happens to see Pop and in the process accidentally bumps into Jyunichi-sensei. She then introduces herself as Pop's older sister and seems to have become as smitten as Pop has. 

Due to this the sisters begin to argue over him, but he calms them down and leaves after realizing the time. The girls decide to see what's going on and are surprised to see Kimitaka angrily yelling. He then falls backwards, causing a riot inside the sheep pen and eventually they are all chased around inside until they are able to get out of the fence and shut the door. 

However, it isn't enough to keep the sheep away and they hop over it and resume chasing everyone just as Aiko, Hazuki, and Onpu run by, having found Doremi. Everyone transorms into their apprentice forms and try to stop the huge mess by luring them into the fence. Doremi summons grass for them to eat, but they just ignore it and Pop informs them that the sheep just ate recently. 

As the chaos continues, Kanako-sensei and Jyunichi-sensei get all of the children to safety and have them stay by the bunnies. They tell them to stay there while the girls try to cast Magical Stage and transform into puppies.

Eventually everything is fixed, but the boys are all hiding in a big bush nearby; ashamed for what has happened since they know they will be in tons of trouble. But Jyunichi-sensei is just happy to see they are okay, which makes the boys apologizes for the mess they incidentally caused. 

At school, Seki-sensei yells at Doremi over her turned in art assignment because she believes Doremi hardly tried; despite Doremi's claims, so as punishment she makes her run outside ten laps before school ends. 

Then at the Maho-do, Majorika yells at everyone for using magic in the open so carelessly, but the girls claim they had no other choice. Doremi then ignores the rest of her yelling and asks Pop about Jyunichi-sensei, but Pop refuses, causing them to bicker again. Having had enough, Majorika snaps at them, but to her surprise the sisters return the yell and cause her to quiet down. 


  • Come out, Elephant
  • Come out, delicious grass
  • Make a path for Jyunichi-sensei
  • Make the sheep go back into their pen


  • As Doremi asks Onpu what she thinks about Pop, the very little bit of hair at the bottom of her head is a very pale pink.
  • When Doremi laments over forgetting her art supplies, notice the coloring differences between Aiko's chair and Onpu's. Aiko's looks to be black/very dark brown while Onpu's look dark purple.