pollon is an item an Apprentice Witch uses to cast magic. As she grows the wand will change with her, until she can cast magic without it. 

Ojamajo Doremi

The girls were shown with three different wands during this season. The original came in two different shapes, and around episode twenty-three the girls received upgraded wands that took new forms.  

In this season, the pollon had a part of the owners spell in it's name. 

Peperuto Pollon

Doremi's wand that resembled a sword or ribbon stick toy in it's design. The base Doremi held was pale pink with a fuchsia bottom and a fuchsia orb at the center with golden accenting. The orb keeps the Magic Spheres from falling out and can be used to insert them. The top part of the wand is the clear tube where the spheres rest. On the very top is a fuchsia orb held by a gold piece. Originally only Doremi had this wand but for unknown reasons. In the dub it was implied to be just an earlier model. 

Puwapuwa Pollon

This is Hazuki's original wand. Her's was made to resemble a thin, clear baton with a fuchsia orb on both ends held by a gold piece, with one end being opened to insert magic spheres. It is used by twirling, further supporting the inspiration behind it. She shared the design with Aiko.  

Poppun Pollon

Aiko's wand. It was the same style as Hazuki's and shared virtually no different than the name. 

Peppito Pollon

This is Pop's wand once she became a witch. It is the same as Doremi's original wand. 

Kururu Pollon

After the girls reached their Level Six witch apprentice stage they gained this stronger wand to rid of Majoruka and take back the Maho-do. For a girl to gain this upgrade, she must bring her most treasured musical instruement to the Witch Queen in order to fuse it with her previous wand. If an apprentice loses her status or stopped with magic, the items will return to their original states.

Each Kururu Pollon works the same way and does not differ. To use it the ojamajo just spins the top and casts her spell. The Kururu Pollon consists of a clear base where the user puts her hands. Magic Spheres fill it to a fuchsia orb attached to a gold base on the bottom. The upper part is white with gold accenting and has a big, translucent pink orb with magic spheres shaped like music notes that decorate the center. 

When the Ojamajos returned to witch apprenticeship in the Light Novel Series, they received their Kururu Pollons instead of their respective Peperuto, Puwapuwa and Poppun Pollons. The Witch Queen explained that the high-level magic of the Kururu Pollon would be better suited for the Ojamajo's intended uses and that Majorika had summoned their childhood instruments to be fused with their pollons in advance.



Picotto Pollon

This is the wand the Ojamajo gain to fit their floral-theme and upgrade their magical abilities. The base is pale pink with a dark fuchsia orb on the bottom to match the design below the main portion; which is a pale pink and yellow flower with a crystal sphere at the center. Sprouting from the pink flower is a fuchsia wand with a pale pink flower shape on top with a fuchsia music note on both sounds. 

For the user to cast magic she simple says her spell, then spins the top part. 

Wreath Pollon

When the girls were given their Pureleine forms they gained a stronger magic device. Their wand will only change to this in that alternate form however, and their magic is much stronger and it costs more to use. 

The wreath is a pink and gold circlet that the girl holds by it's pale pink center. The entire object spins when magic is cast. On each opposite end is a sphere with a music note slot, where the magic seed is put. 


Motto and Naisho

Sweet Pollon

Named for the Candy and Food theme of the season, the Sweet Pollon base is a pink striped rod shaped like a candy-cane with a small fuchsia sphere on the end of the handle. Right above the base is a pink piece with gold detailing and two small gold orbs on each side of it. Connected to this is a swirling translucent tube with pink on it. It is attached to a pink plastic bow with a big fuchsia sphere on the end. 

When used, magic will float through the spiral part up into the very top orb, which then lights up in the respective theme color of the user. 

Patissier Pollon

This special Pollon is used whenever the user is in patissier form. It keeps the same color scheme but it styled to resemble a grinder or spice shaker instruement. It is composed of a translucent object with a pink flower shape so far from the bottom. At each little ridge is a fuchsia sphere. At the top of the big translucent orb is a thin gold band. The user puts her hand on a pink base where a small translucent half-orb rests. The spinner is gold with a tiny pale pink orb on the end and matching colored stripes beneath the translucent orb.  

This Pollon is used to bless the people who buy their goods and is to be used right after the food finishes being baked. The magic comes from the bottom and resembles sprinkles or tiny crystals of sugar.



Jewelry Pollon

A shiny wand with a jewel matching the users theme color on the top and bottom. The wand is a translucent pale pink with a gold section in the middle that opens to reveal a spinning pink gem in the middle. It can be held with both hands or just one. 

Jewelry Gloves

These are used exclusively by Hana-chan. They are attached to the wrists of her white gloves and are relatively simple in design. They consists of a white base with pink trim and white pieces of material and pale yellow ribbon. A gold piece with pink above it resembles the top of her compact. Tiny pink flower bud-shapes are also visible. 

When using these, Hana-chan will spin her wrists around, then hold her hands out. 


Ojamajo Doremi 16


  • In Magical DoReMi, Pollons are renamed Wandalers and Wandawhirls.
  • Onpu and Momoko are the only witch apprentice whose first wand is unknown. In toys they are both shown with the Kururu Pollon. 
  • Pop is the only apprentice to not get an upgraded wand. 
  • Hana-chan was the only apprentice not to gain a wand at all. 
  • Season 1 is the only season where the wands were named to fit the users spell. 

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