"Mr. Vice Principal and I will visit the store you're helping at later."

Opening Clip

The group stand in a circle, holding their yousei in their crystal balls while discussing how they can no longer work at the Maho-Do. Then beginning to worry about their apprentice witch status, the girls quickly embrace each other while panicking.


With proof that the girls may be breaking the law, the school staff decides to stop by the Maho-Do to find out what they really do there. 


Someone takes pictures of random things at the Maho-Do. These include the weather vein, the inside of the shop, girls walking out of the shop, various items, Aiko closing a door, Hazuki at the cash register, the wall, a shot of all three girls, and various customers.

Later on that day, the girls are on their way to school when Hazuki mentions how happy Doremi seems to be. Doremi explains that it's because now that they have gotten their fairy and learned new magic, they can continue to work and improve.

At school, one of their classmates, Shimakura is showing pictures she had recently taken. When asked why she took them, she claims they were for a report she is doing on the journalist team when a girl happens to see Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko in some pictures. Tamaki comes by and snatches them before confirming it is the trio- who have just walked int othe room at that instance. Everyone stops and stares at them before Tamaki walks by with a smug expression, carrying the pictures and leaving them confused. They are then confronted by Nanako and Kanae, who ask about what they saw.

During Study Hall, Seki-Sensei calls for the girls and tells them that they have to see the principal. This causes the girls curiousity to grow further as they walk down a corridor and ask her what is going on. She stops to explain what they saw and Doremi remembers seeing Tamaki holding pictures before she feverishly tries to deny it. Hazuki hurriedly comes up with a excuse while Aiko adds that they don't even get paid for the work they do, and they continue to head to the Principals office.

There, they try to claim that it isn't real work, and Seki-sensei tries to help them as she recalls what they said. Hazuki includes the fact that the grandma is ill, so they are only helping out until she feels better. While the Principal doesn't see any harm in that, the Vice Principal is very uncertain and doesn't believe them. However, the girls aren't doing anything wrong after all, which they can agree upon.

Meanwhile, with the eacher gone the boys have started to play with a ball as the girls get together to chat about the ojamajo. Tamaki seems pleased but all the other girls are unsure and upset by what happened, so they try to avoid and ignore her as one of the boys throws the ball and hits her. She threatens to tell on them and throws it back, with Kotake catching it and calling her a blabbermouth. She teasingly asks him if she's on the girls' side, causing him to get flustered.


Once they return to class, the girls are surrounded by many students who ask if they're okay. The girls confirm that they will be fine and how it's been cleared up, and while Kotake expresses relief to himself- Tamaki silently fumes.

After school the girls eagerly take off, happy they won't need to keep working at the Maho-do a secret any longer as Tamaki and Shimakura watch. Tamaki convinces Shimakura that while she'd rather not waste her time going after the ojamajo, she has to anyway because she knows there's something off. She ignores Shimakura's refusal to avoid continuing this.

Before the girls are able to take off from the school property, Seki-sensei suddenly calls them over to inform them that she and the Vice Principal will be stopping by the Maho-Do in order to check things out and make sure they aren't lying. They panic and quickly try to hurry up and get away before she can realize something is off, and while she finds their behavior a little strange, she is distracted when she finds Tamaki nearby. She scolds her for what she did and claims that Tamaki should have spoken to her first instead of going directly to the Principal. After she leaves, both girls end up blaming each other for getting into trouble, then quickly shift blame to Doremi.

Hurriedly running to the store, the girls hope to inform Majorika of the news but they find a letter in her place. Apparently she won a trip to the hot springs from a recent lottery, so she took Lala and decided to leave the shop in their care. The girls worry even further until they notice the nearby flower pot starting to shake. Dela appears and begins to sing- only for her to get stuck as she was trying to pull herself out, causing her to fall off of the table. Suddenly getting a plan, the girls quickly try to dress her up while explaining it and what happened. Dela initially refuses until they convince her that if they were to be exposed she would be losing a fair amount of money. She hesitantly agrees but demands they pay extra.

Now that they have found the place, Seki-Sensei and the Vice Principal
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stand outside the Maho-Do. They observe the outside and remark upon it, then they head inside to find the trio waiting for them.

They greet them and allow them to look around and explore while explaining the shop in further detail. Aiko even tries to convince Seki-sensei to buy a ring that will help her meet the guy she's destined to be with and she appears to be convinced- only to snap out of it and tell Aiko not to lie to adults, causing them all to share a laugh.

The vice principal comes across Dela, the "Grandma" that owns the shop. But the girls explain that she has a cold and can't really speak in order to avoid contaminating others. After some questions they decide its enough when the women suddenly gets up and runs into the nearby room. As Aiko explains she has to use the bathroom a lot, Hazuki and Doremi rush after her to ask why she did that when they were almost let off of the hook. Dela explains how she has other customers to see, and she must take off now; but in the process she accidentally takes the clothing items with her and goes down the nearby drain.

Great job!
With this in mind, Hazuki transforms Doremi into the Grandma while Aiko is trying to keep the adults from going to look inside. Doremi, as the grandma rushes out and is asked where Doremi went, causing Hazuki to claim that she's in the restroom now before quietly informing Aiko of what really happened.

While Seki-sensei is suspicious, she tells them that all they need now is a signature from the grandmother to let them know that this isn't a part-time job, then they can leave. Suddenly, Doremi notices the magic is beginning to fade and with no other choice she runs out of the room and they decide to turn Hazuki into grandma. However, Doremi messes up and instead turns Hazki into a old man, followed by a heavy weight man.

Aiko joins them to find out what is wrong, then changes into a witch to turn Doremi and Hazuki both into Grandma in order to take turns. After the slip is signed the magic begins to fade again and she runs back to the bathroom. This time Seki-sensei sends the vice principal outside to wait for her, and after he leaves she opens the door, causing the girls to fall out of the room. She points out her suspicions and they confess the truth once she promises not to tell anybody; because she already called their parents and the girls are startled to find them there by the door.

The adults are shown around and Seki-sensei explains everything to them before asking if the girls can continue to work there. They agree, all happy to see they are kindly donating their time to help others, as well as because of their responsibility, which makes them proud. As everyone cheers and shares a laugh, Majorika and Lala return to see this and wonder what they missed.

Major Events

  • Characters introduced: Principal, Vice Principal, Shimakura.
  • The girls earn permission to work officially in the Maho-Do. 


  • Hazuki: Doremi-chan, since you passed the level 9 exam you've been really happy.
  • Doremi: Yep, now we can continue our practice.
  • Aiko: Maho-Do earned quite a bit of money as well.
  • Hazuki: Everyday is so much fun.

  • Doremi: We can still work at the shop!
  • Aiko: And with permission we can work more openly.
  • Hazuki: And continue our magic practice.

  • Pop: Doremi! what about your snack?! Doremi doesn't want her snack? Maybe there'll be a freak snowstorm...

Dub changes

Dub Changes


  • In the opening clip, as the girls embrace, Doremi's hand is drawn weirdly.
  • When Nanako is confirming the pictures have Doremi and Co. in them, it looks like half of her body is missing from the frame.
  • As Kotake claims not to care about Doremi and the others, his right eye's coloration is messed up.


  • This is the second time an onsen symbol appears in the series, this time being orange and over Majorika's head.