Papaya Brothers
Name パパイヤ兄弟 Papaiya kyodai
Gender Male
Debut Hazuki-chan is kidnapped!
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroki Takahashi (Aniki)

Harunori Miyata (Otouto)

The Papaya Brothers are two characters of the day who make star in Episode 19 of the original season of Ojamajo Doremi.

They are a comedy troope struggling to get popular and well-known. Generally they are good guys, but they aren't very bright and go about things the wrong way.



The Papaya Brothers are very fun-loving, goofy brothers. They really hold their dream of becoming famous comedians high up on a pedistal and seem to be oblivious to the fact that they're not very funny, so their humor only appeals to a limited few. After they kidnapped Hazuki and got to know her, she helped them realize there has to be another way to achieve their dreams and they decide from that point on, they will no longer commit thievery and work hard to achieve their dreams!

Papaya Brother Aniki seems to be the leader of the brothers, due to his dominate nature to get things done. He usually also gets the ideas for everything they do and forces Otouto to do as he says as a result. Otouto has revealed that Aniki is a great chef, to the point of making even instant foods taste great! However, Aniki seems to be a little bit judgemental regarding rich people, such as claiming Hazuki wouldn't like such plain food. Despite her claims that she did.

However, Aniki does really care for Otouto. He also seems to fluster easily whenever someone compliments him.

Meanwhile, Otouto is the more meek and dominated brother in the duo. He goes along with whatever Aniki says and seems to really look up to him and care about his older brother. While both brothers aren't very smart, given his not-so serious attitude about everything, and the way he often jokes around, it's possible Otouto isn't as smart as Aniki.


The Papaya brothers appearances are very drastically different from one-another. Aniki, the other brother has slightly tanned skin and is very tall with the body of a teenager or young adult and is pretty skinny. He seems to generally be handsome, but has big ears and usually always covers his eyes with a small pair of sunglasses. Which he will remove once in a while. His hair is short and a deep brown-reddish color. 

He wears a long, blue-purple shirt with a white ring around the neck. Along with a faded red jacket with pale tan-yellow markings decorating it making it resemble a sports jacket with elbow length sleeves. He wears plain dark blue jeans.

Otouto, the shorter brother also has tanned skin but his facial features bigger and his ears smaller. His hair is an odd shade of brown and seen worn in a messy, bushy-like manner. Overall he has the facial appearance of a monkey. Along with a lanky, though short body. He wears a grayish jacket and pants, along with dark brown shoes.

For their acts the Papaya brothers wear striped outfits with plain white shoes. Aniki's outfit is pale yellow and green, while Otouto's is red and pale yellow with a blue bow-tie. 


"We're not popular yet, so sue me!"


  • The Papaya brothers names are never spoken throughout the episode. So they are given names based on their place in the family. Aniki is a term for older brothers while otouto can be used for younger brothers.